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Welcome to our
Visioning Process
Hope Springs United Church (HSUC) - we are now named, formed and growing together as a new Community of Faith – a new family!

It was just last March – a year ago now, that our separate boards of Alma, Bethany & Elora began our formal amalgamation journey – a journey that typically takes 1-2 years and we did it in 9 months!!

One of the recommendations from the Amalgamation Steering Team was to hire an outside consultant sometime during our first year of being together. Each of our previous boards gave their blessings – and Credence & Co. were hired.

The purpose of this outside support was and is, to engage in faith based conversations that celebrate, listen and identify where God is calling us as a congregation.

Why we are here and how we share God’s love in and around our communities will be explored.

We will together discern our strengths, challenges and hopes.

While we have very capable leadership within HSUC to facilitate this process, hiring outside our membership will enable all to be part of this important visioning.

Credence & Co is an impartial faith based consultant firm out of Kitchener who have been supporting leaders and transforming congregations with a proven track record and great success! Our two team leads, Betty Pries and Karen Eade have prepared a letter for our congregation that outlines the goals and process which we anticipate will take 8 months to complete.
See Betty & Karen's letter further along in this email
  • In this letter you will see 4 Sundays between now and September where Betty & Karen will be participating in our worship time, as well as facilitating conversation following worship. Please mark the following worship dates on your calendars: April 16th, May 28th, June 11th and September 17th.
  • Between April 16th–May 16th, there will be additional opportunity to meet in small Community Listening Groups. This will ensure all who feel called to gather and share have opportunity to do so.
  • From June to September will be an intentional time for prayer and discernment prior to collating the information gathered.
Our board has appointed a Reference Group from our congregation. This team will work with Betty and Karen to shape their work specifically for Hope Springs. The group is: Deb Noble, Christine Grose, Greg Smith-Young, Phil Irish.

Thank you for your ongoing prayerful and hopefully participatory support of this important process. Should you have any questions along the way, Betty and Karen have given you their contact information in the letter. The Reference Group is also available for conversation.
Dear Hope Springs United Church,

Hope Springs has appointed Credence to support your congregation with developing a common direction. With this letter, we are providing you with information about what to expect from our involvement. We look forward to working with you!

Goals: Hope Springs is initiating this process to hear from you, engage in faith-based conversations, delight in how God is shaping Hope Springs today, and to listen for God’s call for Hope Springs.

Reference Group: This Discernment Process is being supported by Hope Springs’ Reference Group (Deb Noble, Christine Grose, Greg Smith-Young, and Phil Irish).

What you can expect: Credence will join Hope Springs for worship on April 16, 2023 and will facilitate an interactive conversation with the congregation following worship. Following this date, you can expect the following:
  • The Reference Group and Credence will host Community Listening Group conversations regarding your congregation’s strengths, challenges and hopes.
  • Credence will lead a facilitated dialogue with the congregation on May 28 to consider together the feedback heard during Conmmunity Listening Groups. Credence will return on June 11 to deepen the conversation and to invite the congregation into a time of prayer and discernment.
  • The congregation will take time over the summer for prayer and discernment. Credence will meet with the congregation on September 17 to invite dialogue regarding emerging insights in the congregation and to discern next steps.
About Credence: The Credence team working with you includes Betty Pries and Karen Eade. Please read more about our team at You are also welcome to reach out to us via email at and

We look forward to working with you.
Betty Pries & Karen Eade
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