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SKULLY AR-1 In Tahoe

Hi SKULLY Nation,

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. 

First, we want to acknowledge the recent scheduling change. We understand that this was not what you wanted to hear but based on the responses we've see, we know that you understand that it is our mission to provide you with the safest technology possible. We've added additional customer support agents to keep you apprised of your new delivery date. If you haven't received a call yet, you will soon. However, please reply to this email to reach us immediately. 


SKULLY AR-1 Boards

When we tried to transition from first-stage to mass production, we ran into DFM (design for manufacturing) issues with the electronics. It is in this ramp up we realized that a redesign of the main board was needed. We are proud to say that the new design is complete and the new boards have been delivered to the manufacturing facility. Components have been mounted to the boards and qualification testing will begin next week. After the testing, a handful of AR-1s will be built to run EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing and re-certify for FCC compliance. We are highly confident that this will solve all of the manufacturing issues we've encountered. Moreover, starting April 20th we will initiate a full-scale production run of the AR-1 at Flextronics. Many of these first production units will be used for final compliance and validation purposes; with an allocation of units to be delivered to customers upon all certification being granted.

We truly appreciate your patience and faith in SKULLY. We will keep you posted each step of the way.



Q: Why did you wait so long to tell us about the scheduling change?
A: We tried our damnedest to make the last delivery schedule to work. It reached a point in mid-March where we knew the delivery plan wouldn’t go as intended. We had to quickly re-examine the improvements needed in the AR-1 and how long each change would take. There needed to be an answer to everyone’s question, “When am I getting my helmet now”? With the help of the operations team, we've determined our final delivery schedule. We're very excited to get the AR-1 to you.


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