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Équipe de recherche RENARD sur le transfert de connaissances
- Juin 2022 -
Voici les plus récentes publications recensées par la veille RENARD sur le transfert de connaissances en date du 28 juin 2022. Ces publications incluent une liste d'événements susceptibles de vous intéresser (les ajouts du mois sont mis en évidence). Pour consulter les publications, cliquez sur l'icône situé à gauche de la référence.

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 |  Armstrong, E., Yin, X., Razee, H., Pham, C. V., Sa-ngasoongsong, P., Tabu, I., … Ivers, R. (2022). Exploring Barriers to, and Enablers of, Evidence-Informed Hip Fracture Care in Five Low- Middle-Income Countries : China, India, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. Health Policy and Planning, czac043.

 |  Baixinho, C. L., Ferreira, Ó. R., Medeiros, M., & de Oliveira, E. S. F. (2022). Participation of Nursing Students in Evidence-Based Practice Projects : Results of Two Focus Groups. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(11), 6784.

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 |  Bartakova, J., Zúñiga, F., Guerbaai, R.-A., Basinska, K., Brunkert, T., Simon, M., … De Pietro, C. (2022). Health economic evaluation of a nurse-led care model from the nursing home perspective focusing on residents’ hospitalisations. BMC Geriatrics, 22(1), 496.

 |  Beachy, B., & Bauman, D. (2022). Clinician’s commentary to accompany “Implementing evidence-based practices in non-specialty mental health settings”. Families, Systems, & Health, 40(2), 283‑285.

 |  Boutcher, F., Berta, W. B., Urquhart, R., & Gagliardi, A. R. (2022). A qualitative descriptive study of the role of nurse, allied health and physician middle managers who function as knowledge brokers in hospitals. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing.
Briggs, S. M., Lipoff, J. B., & Collier, S. M. (2022). Using Implementation Science to Understand Teledermatology Implementation Early in the COVID-19 Pandemic : Cross-sectional Study. JMIR Dermatology, 5(2), e33833.

 |  Carlson, L. E., Karim, S., & Labelle, L. E. (2022). The ACTION Centre as a Model for Patient Engagement and Knowledge Translation in Integrative Oncology Practice, Training, and Research. Integrative Cancer Therapies, 21, 15347354221103276.

 |  Cavero, V., Toyama, M., Castro, H., Couto, M. T., Brandt, L., Quayle, J., … Diez-Canseco, F. (2022). Implementation and scalability of a digital intervention to reduce depressive symptoms in people with diabetes, hypertension or both in Brazil and Peru : A qualitative study of health system’s stakeholders’ perspectives. Discover Mental Health, 2(1), 12.

 |  Clavijo-Chamorro, M. Z., Romero-Zarallo, G., Gómez-Luque, A., López-Espuela, F., Sanz-Martos, S., & López-Medina, I. M. (2022). Leadership as a Facilitator of Evidence Implementation by Nurse Managers : A Metasynthesis. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 44(6), 567‑581.

 |  Courcy, I., Bureau, A., & Grenier, G. (2022). L’art visuel comme outil de pratique en mobilisation et transfert de connaissances: Revue francophone de recherche sur le transfert et l’utilisation des connaissances, 6(3).

 |  Evans, W. D., Gerard, R., Symington, L., Shaikh, H., & Agha, S. (2022). Implementation practice models for development in low- and middle-income countries : Systematic review of peer-reviewed literature. BMC Public Health, 22(1), 1157.

 |  Fillol, A., McSween-Cadieux, E., Ventelou, B., Larose, M.-P., Kamguem, U. B. N., Kadio, K., … Ridde, V. (2022). Quand le messager est plus important que le message : Étude expérimentale en Afrique francophone sur l’utilisation des connaissances. Revue francophone de recherche sur le transfert et l’utilisation des connaissances, 6(3).

 | Gafni-Lachter, L., & Ben-Sasson, A. (2022). Promoting Family-Centered Care : A Provider Training Effectiveness Study. The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 76(3), 7603205120.

 | Gaid, D., Ahmed, S., Alhasani, R., Thomas, A., & Bussières, A. (2021). Determinants that influence knowledge brokers’ and opinion leaders’ role to close knowledge practice gaps in rehabilitation : A realist review. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 27(4), 836‑846.

 |  Gatto, A. J., Elliott, T. J., Briganti, J. S., Stamper, M. J., Porter, N. D., Brown, A. M., … Dunsmore, J. C. (2022). Development and Feasibility of an Online Brief Emotion Regulation Training (BERT) Program for Emerging Adults. Frontiers in Public Health, 10.
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 |  Khalid, A. (20220613). Enhancing newcomer research and knowledge mobilization through a community-based knowledge engagement hub. International Perspectives in Psychology : Research, Practice, Consultation. Advance online publication.

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Mc Sween-Cadieux, E., Lane, J., Kadio, K., Ridde, V., & Dagenais, C. (2022). Un processus de transfert de connaissances pour favoriser l’utilisation des résultats d’évaluation. Dans L. Rey, J.-S. Quesnel, & V. Sauvain, L’évaluation en contexte de développement : Enjeux, approches et pratiques (pp. 441‑462). Montréal, Canada: Éditions JFD.

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 |  Thomassin, K., Sosa-Hernandez, L., & Reaume, C. (2022). The effectiveness of knowledge mobilization on parent emotion beliefs is moderated by parent gender, dysregulation, and family expressiveness. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science / Revue canadienne des sciences du comportement.

 |  Vanstone, J. R., Patel, S., Degelman, M. L., Abubakari, I. W., McCann, S., Parker, R., & Ross, T. (2022). Development and implementation of a clinician report to reduce unnecessary urine drug screen testing in the ED : A quality improvement initiative. Emergency Medicine Journal, 39(6), 471‑478.

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 |  Wolfenden, L., Hawe, P., Rychetnik, L., Sutherland, R., Barnes, C., Yoong, S., … Wiggers, J. (2022). A call to action : More collaborative implementation research is needed to prevent chronic disease. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.

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 |  Yamokoski, C., Barron, S., Fowler, J., Fast, E., & Flores, H. (2022). Barriers and Facilitators to the Implementation of Intensive Treatments for PTSD : Early Lessons Learned From the Field. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice.
- Événements -

 |  KT Canada Summer Institute 2022 : "Opportunities to advance KT science". (2022, 16 juin-21 juillet). En ligne.

 |  15th Academic International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities—AICSSH 2022 (2022, 18-20 juillet). Vancouver, Canada.

 |  24th International AIDS Conference—AIDS 2022 (2022, 29 juillet-2 août). Montréal, Canada.

 |  Congrès International d’Épidémiologie 2022—Épidémiologie et santé publique : Union des forces en francophonie (2022, 18-20 août). Québec, Canada.

 |  International Conference on Practice Facilitation. (2022, 8-9 septembre). Savannah, Georgia.

Journée nationale en transfert des connaissances en ETMISS-SM. (2022, 29 septembre). Conférence virtuelle.

 |  KTIS | Knowledge Transfer International Symposium. (2022, 12-13 octobre). Conférence virtuelle.


 |  5e Symposium sur le transfert de connaissances en éducation. (2023, 19 avril). Québec, Canada et en ligne.

 |  The Global Evidence Summit: "Using evidence. Improving lives." (2023, 2-6 octobre). Prague, Czech Republic.
Équipe de recherche RENARD sur le transfert de connaissances
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