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January 22
, 2020



The Promise of Spring

I realize that most of us have been suffering through days on end of snow, ice, and frigid temperatures but remember spring is just around the corner. I've been working on books set in the spring and summer so at least I'm there mentally even if it is snowing as I write this. Enjoy the image of spring in the alps even if we aren't there quite yet.

I've been out of town but I am back this week so those of you who've contacted me for one reason or another and I've asked to email me after my return can go ahead and email me now. I know I owe a handful of people responses of one sort or another. My email is 

I have a new reader participation mystery for January. The clues will be provided on January 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29. Collect the clues from all five weeks in order to solve the mystery and determine which friend was not successful in his or her resolution to stick to a healthy diet and which was unsuccessful in his or her resolution to work out every day. There will be a rafflecopter provided on January 29th for your answer. One person will be selected from all those with the correct answer to receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

I have updated the publishing schedule so be sure to scan down to see what I have for the first quarter of 2020. And as always, be sure to enter to win this weeks gift card giveaway. The entry form is provided toward the bottom of the newsletter. 

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Beach Party 

A group of ten friends decided to take a winter break and head to a tropical location. The group wanted to look their best for their beach vacation, so the ten friends resolved to diet and engage in some sort of physical activity every single day between New Years Day and the vacation which was scheduled for mid-February. Use the clues provided to find out which friend blew his/her diet and which skipped out on exercise. 



The person who failed at their diet did not choose high protein
The person who failed at physical activity did not choose Ice skating
Kurt did not fail at either his diet or his commitment to activity 
Veronica stuck to her diet as did Gina 

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Curse of Hollister House is on sale for $.99 thru 1/28
Preorder Case of the Cupid Caper Publishes 2/11/2020
Preorder Proof in the Photo Publishes 3/10/2020
Letters in the Library is on sale for $.99 thru 1/28
Preorder Secret of Logan Pond Publishes 3/24/2020
Preorder The Puppy Project Publishes 2/25/2020
The Winner of the Gift Card from last week is Jeana Keller. The card has been ordered. Look for an email from Amazon.
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Upcoming Releases from Kathi Daley Books: 

The Case of the Cupid Caper - A Cat in the Attic #3
Release - February 11, 2020

The Puppy Project - A Tess and Tilly Cozy Mystery #9
Release - February 25

Proof in the Photo - Inn at Holiday Bay #9
Release - March 10

The Secret of Logan Pond - A Cat in the Attic #4
Release - March 24

Summerhouse Reunion - Island Trilogy #1 
Release - April 14

Finding Shelter - Rescue Alaska #5
Release - April 28



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