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November 17, 2021



I can't believe we are more than half way though November. I suppose it feels like the month has gone by so quickly since we were out of town for most of the first half of the month. But we're home now and settling in for the holiday season. I'm taking some time off over the holidays so I'm really looking forward to simply relaxing and spending time with family. 

Publishing update:
Gooseberry Bay: Santa Who? is at the editors and will be uploaded and made available in paperback and hardcover in a couple of weeks. A lot happens in this episode and we’ll finally get some real answers about Ainsley and Avery so you won’t want to miss this one. The Kindle version of the book publishes on December 14. The audio will be live around then as well.

Holiday Bay: Poison in the Pudding is live for Kindle, paperback, and hardcover. The audio is in review and should be live in a week or two.

This week  I am starting the main writing on Castaway Bay: Now and Then. I have some fun ideas for this one and am excited to get started. This book is available for preorder and will publish in Kindle format on January 25th. The audio will go live around the same time and the paperback and hardcover should publish a couple weeks prior.

I have two new books up for presale. Holiday Bay: Lantern in the Lighthouse will publish in February and Rescue Alaska: Finding Motive will publish in March.

For those of you asking about the next Zoe I moved it to July but I am still intending to do it. I decided to take some time off over the holidays so had to push Zoe out a bit in order to do that. I actually plan to get it up for presale in the next few weeks. I just need to work out a few details first.

Other items to look out for:
The new mini mystery for November has been posted. Clues will be provided November 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th so be sure to collect them all as you will need the clues from all four weeks to solve the puzzle.

Be sure to scan down the entire newsletter. There are important notices and links you won't want to miss.

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Just in time for Thanksgiving 
Available to read with Kindle Unliminted

Kindle -
Paperback -
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Audio - Coming Soon 
Petsgiving Feast
Ten friends decided to get together for a Petsgiving Feast. Each friend brought a different pet and each friend brought a dish to share. Fun was had with the exception of the friend who choked on a turkey bone, the friend who spilled gravy on the front of their shirt, and the friend who forgot to check the time and was late for work.

Use the clues provided all month to determine which friend choked, which spilled gravy, and which was late to work. A rafflecopter will be provided on November 24th for your answers.


Pets Brought:
Mini Pig
Gold Fish

Food Brought:
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie
Cherry Pie 


Jeff, who did not spill his gravy, brought his turtle and the rolls
The person who choked on the turkey bone did not bring a pie
Serena who did not spill her gravy brought a mini pig
Donna’s cat jumped up onto the table but Donna still avoided getting anything spilled on her clothing


We will be doing Thanksgiving themed giveaways on Kathi Daley Books Group page again this year. Ken and I will be traveling for much of the month so rather than a daily giveaway we are going to do giveaways every Wednesday in November. All you need to do to enter is hop on over to the group page and find the post with this graphic. Comment on the post letting us know what you are grateful for and every Thursday in November we'll choose one winner from all who comment to receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card (Gift cards sent from Amazon US in US currency) If you aren't a member of the group page here is the link to sign up: 

$.99 thru 11/23/2021
Click on the cover to access Amazon page
(Sale prices good in US and UK only)

Click on the cover to access the preorder page

We're doing Christmas Cards again this year. If you'd like to receive a Christmas Card from Kathi Daley Books email before December 10th. We will begin mailing cards the week after Thanksgiving.  

We will send cards internationally (please provide a complete address including country codes if international) 
The Winner of the Gift Card from last week is Delores Moreu. The card has been ordered. Look for an email from Amazon.
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Upcoming Releases from
Kathi Daley Books: 

Santa Who? - Gooseberry Bay # 8
Release - December 14, 2021

Now and Then - Castaway Bay #4
Release - January 25, 2022

Lantern in the Lighthouse - Holiday Bay #18
Release - February 22, 2022

Finding Motive - Rescue Alaska #6
Release - March 22, 2022


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