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December 30, 2020



Wow the month really has flown by. I always enjoy the holiday season and have enjoyed the lights and the Hallmark movies but I'm excited about the New Year so just as happy to have it looming beyond the horizon. I have a bunch of fun books coming your way in 2021 that I can't wait to share with you. As with most everything in life, series must have both beginnings and endings, so we will say goodbye to a couple of favorites in order to make room for new friends we've yet to meet. A list of series that will be coming to an end will be provided in the upcoming weeks. 

In addition to new books in some of your favorite series, as well as new series to enjoy, I'm working hard with a couple of different narrators to bring audio to at least a few of my series. Stay tuned for updates as to which audio books have been made available. 

KRL has a review and giveaway up this week. Be sure to check it out.

And as always, be sure to enter to win this weeks gift card giveaway. The entry form is provided toward the bottom of the newsletter. 

Remember rafflecopters are only live until the end of the day on Thursday. The winner is selected on Friday.


Elf Games

During a week long blizzard twelve of Santa's elves decided to play a game. Only nine of the twelve elves finished the game. Use the clues provided on December 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th to figure out which elf  ate too many Christmas cookies and ended up sick, which elf was found cheating and was kicked out, and which elf got bored and quit.



Tubby didn’t cheat and Snuggles didn’t quit
The elf sitting next to Sneezy didn’t quit or get sick from eating too many cookies
Neither Happy nor Jangles cheated
Giggles didn’t eat too many cookies

Use the clues provided all month to figure out which elf ate too many Christmas cookies and ended up sick, which elf was found cheating and was kicked out, and which elf got bored and quit. Enter your answer in the rafflecopter below in this format: (Name) got sick, (Name) cheated, and (Name) quit. Don't hit return until you have entered your entire answer or Rafflecopter will kick you out. 
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(Sale prices good in US and UK only)

Christmas Shorts is on sale for $.99 thru 1/5/2021
Holiday Hangover is on sale for $.99 thru 1/5/2021

Books on Presale

Preorder Finding Shelter Publishes 1/12/2021
Preorder Kiss 'N Tell Publishes 2/9/2021
Alaskan Alliance is on sale for $.99 thru 1/5/2021
Murder at Christmas is on sale for $.99 thru 1/5/2021

Books on Presale

Preorder Details in the Document 3/9/2021
Preorder Charmed Summer Publishes 4/06/2020
The Winner of the Gift Card from last week is Daniele Krug. The card has been ordered. Look for an email from Amazon.
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Upcoming Releases from Kathi Daley Books: 

Finding Shelter - Rescue Alaska #5
Release - January 12, 2021

Cottage on Gooseberry Bay - Boxes Set Books 1 - 3 
Release - January 26, 2021

Kiss 'N Tell - Gooseberry Bay #4
Release - February 9, 2021

Inn at Holiday Bay - Boxed Set Books 4 - 6
Release - February 16, 2021

Details in the Document - Holiday Bay #14
Release - March 9, 2021

Charmed Summer - Gooseberry Bay #5
Release - April 6

Inn at Holiday Bay - Boxed Set Books 7 - 9
Release - April 20, 2021

Inn at Holiday Bay - Boxed Set Books 10 - 12
Release - June 15, 2021



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