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The Women’s Caucus is an inclusive group of female scholars who seek to broaden their understanding and scholarship through theological and religious studies. We are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and just about everything between. The purpose of our newsletter is to inform, connect, and provide resources to women.
We are committed to sound research and scholarship. We also realize that not everyone reaches the same conclusion from information gathered. So please, be open. Get informed. Become connected. And enjoy the work that you’ve chosen, in this wonderful era of study as women.
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Meet our team, and you’ll understand how diverse we are in interests, education, work, and connections! We’re pleased to welcome your input or contributions @editor: Rosemarie Kowalski, PhD

The Women’s Caucus:

who we are

Our grass-roots constituency includes women members of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) and the Society for Biblical Leadership (SBL). The Women’s Caucus is dedicated to representing the concerns of women in the AAR/SBL by planning and executing programs at the Annual Meeting and encouraging local programs for women at the Regional Meetings. We aim to provide networking possibilities among women and wherever possible, foster a culture of collaboration and mentoring among women in Theology, Religious Studies, and “sister professions.” Read more.



regional, national, and international meetings
of interest to female scholars

Annual AAR / SBL Conference 2014
The National Meeting of the AAR and SBL is in San Diego, CA November 22-24, 2014.
The theme of the Women’s Caucus is Cultivating and Growing the Field.

The field of Gender and Religion continues to evolve and grow. The 2014 Women's Caucus will honor the roots of the movement while cultivating new directions, themes, and the global impact of feminist scholarship. In addition to the sessions below, we are working to preserve the archives of this historic organization and supporting efforts to film and record leading figureheads of feminist theologies.  More information on session topics and presenters.
Britain and Ireland School of Feminist Theology
Women: Alternate Economic & Political Visions
Summer School - 31 July to 4 August 2014
Noddfa, Pemmaenmawr, North Wales, UK
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 What She Wrote:

research and writing by female scholars

Please feel free to contact the authors or to request help from caucus participants for your own scholarship. We are also willing to share your in-process research, project topics, and links to your surveys and research collection.
Women at Work in the Deuteronomistic History by Mercedes L. García Bachmann, Society of Biblical Literature, 2013, $49.45 
Description: theology, historical anthropology, gender studies
The Deuteronomistic History includes a host of workers who harvest and glean, fetch water and cook, spin and weave, heal the sick and much more. The mostly anonymous women who performed this work...Read more. 
The Storyteller and the Garden of Eden by Ellen A. Robbins, Wipf & Stock Publisher, 2012, $16.20
Description: theology, feminist studies, political anthropology
Author note: “The idea for the book emerged from a course I teach at Johns Hopkins on the history of the interpretation of the Garden of Eden story. I began teaching the course in 2002, after 9/11, when the treatment of Afghan women was used as a pretext...Read More. 
Beyond Feminist Biblical Studies by Deryn Guest, Sheffield Phoenix Press Ltd, 2012, $63.00
Description: In today’s postfeminist, post-structuralist milieu, feminist biblical studies—despite its now well-established place in the discipline—can seem out on a limb, too narrowly concerned with the interests of women: women in the text, women in history, women readers. Its connections with studies in masculinities, with queer theories...Read more. 
Frontline Women: Negotiating Cross-cultural Issues in Ministry (revised edition) by Marguerite G. Kraft (Editor), William Carey Library, 2012, $15.60
Description: women’s issues, theology, anthropology, gender studies
A collection of writings on women’s issues from those who have had mission field experience. Each author has special interest and expertise in the area in which he or she has written. In the past we have failed to understand the significance of gender in mission work....Read More. 
Shaping the Future: Girls and Our Destiny by Phyllis Kilbourn (Editor), William Carey Library, 2008, $12.86
Description: Anthropology, theology, gender studies
A global overview of girl child issues stemming from gender discrimination and explores the root causes for this disparity...Read more. 

The Faith Lives of Women and Girls, ed. Nicola Slee, Fran Porter, Anne Phillips, Ashgate, 2013, £58.50
Description: Feminist Empirical Theology
Identifying, illuminating and enhancing understanding of key aspects of women and girls' faith lives, The Faith Lives of Women and Girls represents a significant body of original qualitative research from practitioners and researchers across the UK...Read more. 

Peer-reviewed articles
Was Ancient Israel a Patriarchal Society? by Carol L. Meyers (Journal of Biblical Literature) Volume 133, No. 1, 2014 p.8-27
Abstract: The term "patriarchy" denotes the social-science concept of male dominance. This concept was formulated by nineteenth-century anthropologists using classical literature, especially legal texts, in their attempts to understand the history of the family. Biblical scholars interested in Israelite family structures...Read more. 
Recent News Clips, Blogs, and Reviews

“Women at the Pulpit” by Zara Katz (NY Times): observations on current female preachers

“William Hague calls for an end to rape as a weapon of war (BBC): political rhetoric on behalf of women who live in areas of conflict
Response to the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife by Christian Askeland 

What She Does:

projects benefitting women around the world

Invest in women and girls: highlighting the roles of women in culture and community projects 

The Junia Project by Kate Wallace: blog with links, updates, and comments on church-based female scholarship

ESWTR – The European Society for Women in Theological Research
BISFT - Britain and Ireland School of Feminist Theology

WATER - Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics & Ritual

NWSA - National Women Studies Association
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