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Expecting Great not Good
We have a few SPECIAL GIFTS from Coconoma Season Dining and Enoshima Island Spa for our JI Japan Report Readers, compliments of Jarman International KK. Details can be found below!
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JI Japan Report Editor-in-Chief Lee Reeve
An Open Letter to Donald Trump:
Expecting Great not Good

Dear Mr. Trump, possibly our future Commander in Chief,

My name is Ruth Marie Jarman and I am a proud citizen of the United States of America living and working in Japan. I have family members who have served in our military, I am the granddaughter of John Henry Jarman II who represented the great State of Oklahoma in congress for 26 years, great niece of Leonard Mayo who worked with Presidents including Truman and JFK  to help children with disabilities, a direct descendant George Washington and early English pioneers on my father's side and Irish immigrants who came through Ellis Island on my mother's side. I am deeply concerned about diplomacy and nuclear safety after studying International Relations with a focus on nuclear weapons and arms control at Tufts University and an avid marketer and lover of business strategy and entrepreneurship. I decided to reach out to you via this open letter to provide you one other view on your approach and how I think you can make a change to better reflect who we are as a people.

Active in Japan over the last 28 years, I'm honored to represent us as best I can over here and I am lucky to be able to view the US from the outside in. I hope my perspective might give you some food for thought as you continue your run. Whether against or for your views, there are only two candidates left and irregardless of how I feel personally and how I will cast my vote, I want to clarify my position as a fellow CEO (albeit super small) as I feel staying quiet is not the right, or truly American, course of action.

You probably already know the difference between a “Good” company and a “Great” company. I've had the honor of working with CEOs over the years who pursued greatness as both a leader and as a company and I learned that the critical differences between good and great is having a long term view, inclusiveness and an active pursuit of differing opinions at the top echelons of management.

A good company is profitable and makes its investors happy. Stocks go up and everyone is satisfied, stocks go down and nameless investors sell. You have a hot product and investors flood in, you lose your edge as a manager and they are gone. “Good” managers keep the numbers rising no matter what. 

A great company is in the game for the long haul, makes stable profit and is able to keep employees engaged, loyal and innovative. Employees carry deep pride in the company’s virtue and goals. They emulate their leaders and try to live up to a high bar of win-win performance with plenty of room for social responsibility and best practice. 

Good leaders fix problems and lead with obstinate strength and focus. Great leaders solve problems, lead with sincerity and purposely put directors on their board who don't agree with them. They welcome challenges to their direction and questioning of their ideas. I have worked with both the good and the great.

I have also read your books and admire your art of the deal and sometimes cut throat strategy. But this is the style of a good leader who goes for it, is not afraid of burning bridges and will put aside virtue if it means keeping the investors, lenders, banks and other stakeholders happy.

It is this rebellious, straight talking, not too politically correct approach that resonates as fresh and new to many people in the US. Saying it like it is: choosing strong over diplomatic. I completely get that and many of us who are frustrated with the status quo welcome that refreshing candidness.

But, I am utterly convinced that a country cannot be run well by a good leader. A great country like the United States of America requires a great leader, one who views our status in the world in the long term, who seeks out and appreciates our varied and opposing opinions, one who brings everyone together in a warm atmosphere of acceptance; indivisible and united. A great leader who knows the whole country is on the same side, and on the same team. A 50 star team that includes and values every last person regardless of gender, race, age, religion, history, views, etc. 

Your words about our Muslim brothers and sisters, our team members of Mexican descent, women in general and how you have over-simplified the dialogue into an “us” and “them” is a divisiveness we cant abide by and one that we definitely don't identify with as a nation. Most of us come from a background of brave, sometimes starving immigrants or people who suffered the whips and shackles of slavery less than three hundred years ago. Despite the tragedies of slavery, war, terror, scandal and more, we’ve managed to come together. All people, irregardless of race, religion and creed held hands and prayed as towers fell, cover our hearts in unison as we sing our anthem, cheer our athletes on in international competition and wrap yellow ribbons around trees as we await the return of loved ones risking all for our country around the world. We are a united nation, the United States.

Pointing the finger at certain groups as the reason for our problems, inciting suspicion and fear of certain religions, and preying on those who feel left behind is not how a Great leader operates. That is the short term and easy way out. 

As a fellow businessperson, fellow American and fellow leader, I ask you to reconsider your strategy and turn your approach into one that includes all your fellow citizens and all the people you intend to lead. We watch your moves and listen carefully to your words. We will not give up hope that your leadership, whether as president or not, will do America proud with a display of the courageous virtue and high ideals upon which our country stands. A leadership that pursues liberty and justice for all. 

In utmost sincerity,

-Ruth Marie Jarman
H&R Group

Jarman International establish a "JI CORE 50"
group of professional monitors

These professionals will be offered opportunities for paid monitoring trips to various parts of Japan to experience local activities and then write about them and/or participate in discussions about how services could be improved for international visitors.

We will begin with three professional monitor opportunities this Fall (first one is on October 1 and 2) that involve tours to Tohoku and creating written content for a new website for Tohoku (basically writing a few articles). We also have a huge support Tohoku related event coming up in mid-February, where professional monitors will give feedback on how Tohoku should be better promoted to an international audience.

If you are interested in being a part of the JI Core of professional monitors and consultants (all of us will do this as a side job), please let us know. There will be several big opportunities ahead in 2017.

Working more closely with JapanToday
As we continue in our quest for better exposure for the content created by our JI Core 50 group, we are happy to announce that content created by this team will now be published on JapanToday! So now we have channels that include our newsletter, Deep Japan, and now Japan Today for the work you create. JI sees itself as an agent for positive change and the forward-thinking opening of Japan to the world. Join us as we go full blue ocean on getting the wonder of Japan "out there" and the fantastic parts of the world successfully inside this amazing country.

Update on our first E-book
Jarman International is also pleased to announce the publishing of its first E-book about Kusatsu Onsen. "Through the Year at Kusatsu Onsen" is by Petra Canan Trudell (a central member of the JI team) and was a collaborative project boasting contributions from Aron Kremer, Toru Watanabe, Andrew Shuttleworth, Alana Bonzi, Claire Ghyselen, and CEO Ruth Jarman. The project originated from the Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association wanting to share the beauty of Kusatsu year-round with the world and we thought telling the story of this beautiful place would be the answer.

See what you think by downloading the book for free here:

New Coconoma Season Dining Project 
headed by Aron Kremer 

Aron will be working closely with the chefs and service team at Coconoma Season Dining restaurant inside the Hotel & Residnence Roppongi to help tell the story of their amazing menu, rich history and attention to healthy ingredients and perfect ambiance. With a new private lounge opening in the building this month, we expect this Nishi-Azabu restaurant to become a popular gathering place of internationals in Tokyo. Stay tuned for more information. Also, check our special offer for a chance to enjoy a lunch at this lovely restaurant on us!
Special Gifts from Jarman International KK
(Please write directly to Ruth at to enter the drawing for these fun prizes. We don't have that many people receiving this newsletter, so there is a good chance you will win :)

1. One free lunch for two at Coconoma Season Dining at Hotel & Residence Roppongi. A perfectly delicious treat for someone working in the area.

2. Two pairs of free entrance passes for the Enoshima Island Spa.
JI is lucky to be working with this amazing place and we can give two lucky winners free day passes to cover the entrance fee!

By the way, anyone can purchase a gift certificate online to treat someone special to a special spa treatment for any special occasion. For our male readers out there who want to impress a lady friend, here's the way to do it: Enospa Gift Certificates!


Email to enter the drawing for these gifts. We will wait a few days until everyone has let us know they are interested, then we will select and contact the winner. Special gifts go fast so contact us asap :) Please take a moment to see the Ginza Aster Facebook Page we operate on their behalf. 
Please help us support our partners!
If you've ever visited either Enoshima Island Spa or H&R Roppongi, we invite you to write about your experience at TripAdvisor. Thank you in advance, we appreciate your effort!

Coconoma Season Dining

Enoshima Island Spa 

Ginza Aster

H&R Roppongi

Kusatsu Onsen
H&R Group
We have signed an NDA with one of the leading nuclear safety experts from the US. With Staffing Japan, the staffing arm of the H&R Group, we will be visiting various general contractor and/or electric companies to see if we can assist them by providing consultants from the US to advise on how to make nuclear power plants in Japan safer under cutting edge safety protocols used in the US and Europe. Along with our partner H&R Group, we hope to bring expertise into Japan and raise the level of safety in decommissioning and re-start as much as possible.
H&R Group
If you should happen to pass by this historical building in Nishi Azabu (just up the street towards Roppongi Hills from Gonpachi Restaurant), drop in and take a look at the amazing art on display. There is a new up-and-coming Japanese artist's work presented every month -- we love the unusual and compelling underwater photos presented by Tomohide Ikeya this month. His art adds to the special ambience of Coconoma Seasonal Dining for a lovely and refreshing lunch or dinner meal with someone special.

This display will continue until September 11, but you can always stop by, as there will be new art up soon after!
H&R Group
Another amazing Aqua Disco night is planned for September 22. The new huge outdoor pool and the lights, music, and food already in place will definitely inspire you towards bigger and better things. It's wonderful how working out in water is so much less taxing on the body, yet you still feel your muscles have been stretched and worked just as much when you wake up the next morning. CEO Ruth will be there, so please come over to the Enoshima Island Spa on the evening of the 22nd and Boogie Down with us!
Our Entrepreneur of the Month: Jakob Edberg

“Business is like tennis -- you don’t need to win all the points, not even all the sets, as long as you win the match.”

For entrepreneurs, the path to their first successful business venture typically begins with a decision. Where that decision will lead isn’t always immediately clear, but it can chart the course for their personal and professional future.

For Jakob Edberg, a native of Sweden, making the decision to come to Tokyo as an exchange student was one he made with only hours before the application deadline. Looking for something different following his military service, the international relations and political science major decided to enroll at Tokyo International University, a decision that would set him on the path to founding GR Japan, a highly successful government relations and public policy advisory agency located in Tokyo.

By working with a variety of clients on their public affairs needs, helping navigate all the ways business and government are inextricably linked, Edberg has established a well-trusted business of his own, which is why we’ve chosen him to be our Featured Entrepreneur of the Month.

He was kind enough to share some of his experiences and insight with us.

Read the full article here...

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