April 2016

DVMTA April Brunch

Friday, April 29, 2016
9:30 a.m. at LDS Church 633 S Higley Rd. Mesa

This Friday marks the end of our DVMTA General Meetings for the year.  We hope that you can make it! 

To make things a little more fun for Friday, please bring one photo of yourself during your younger years.  It can be a photo of you while performing something musical.  If you don't have one, please bring a photo of yourself preferably when you were young.  Please print your name on the back.   Give your photo to me (Beth VanDewerker) when you arrive.  

Give and Take Table:

Bring any unwanted music or musical items on Friday for our annual "Give and Take" table. You can take home something new for free!!  This is your chance to give any unwanted or seldom used music or musical items a new home and come home with something new, for free.  Items leftover will either be donated to our DVMTA library (accessible online at, or sold on Amazon with the profits going to the Janeen Noble Award fund.  

The year end surveys will be due on Friday.  These surveys continue to help us improve.  To complete and send the survey via email please click here

To download and print the survey, please click here.

I really enjoyed the last meeting!  It was really interesting to see how the remote lessons via Skype worked!  Watching those darling English students was a hoot.  Also, I thought the group lessons are a great idea, using the keyboards for all of the different orchestral instruments.  It looked like a lot of fun to be a part of that group!   Thank you so much, Jeanette and Gene Cline for catching us up on how new technology can empower our teaching!!!  

I can't wait to see what our fabulous brunch committee  is cooking up (Meredith Ferrin & Tamara Pew)!  They never disappoint!  The April Brunch will be bittersweet for me.  We will celebrate both the out-going and the in-coming boards at our April Brunch.  I cannot begin to say enough to thank each of board and committee members.  I have learned from every one of them.  They have all been so helpful and patient with me as their leader.  I hope that each of you gets the chance to serve with these wonderful people.   You are all truly a blessing.  

Beth VanDewerker,

DVMTA President

Awards in Excellence

Congratulations to  the teachers and students who participated in this year’s Awards in Excellence competition!  A special “thank you” to Jason Sipe at Arizona Piano Company for generously hosting the event, and to Lori Weidemann, Charles Newton, Hong Zhu, Fei Xu, Ede Yarter, and Yali Luo for organizing and running this event. The Winners recitals were held on Saturday, April 23, 2016 at 1:30 and 3:00 p.m. at AZ Piano Co. in Phoenix.  All in attendance were inspired by these fine, young musicians!

Level 1:
Winners                              Teacher   
David Liu                              Hong Zhu                

William Montgomery             Shannon Payne

Rhoda Ray                           Claire Westlake

Aurora Ray                          Claire Westlake

Jaxon Wilson                       Claire Westlake

Level 2:
Winners                              Teacher   
Abby Foster                        Claire Westlake    

Ryan Kaupie                       Lori Weidemann                           

Roe Allen                              Claire Westlake    

Claire Zhan                          Fei Xu     

Level 3:
Winners                              Teacher   
Claire Liu                              Yali Luo

Annie Jo Jarvis                  Claire Westlake    

Lynnea Brinson                  Claire Westlake    

Aubrey Michaels                Lori Weidemann   

Level 4:
Winners                              Teacher            
Norah Ma                             Hong Zhu                

Mitch Coombs                    Claire Westlake    

Zhen Tao                              Yali Luo      

Level 5:
Winners                              Teacher            
Nathan Han                         Hong Zhu 

Level 6:
Winners                              Teacher            
Sarah Li                                Hong Zhu

Calista O’Barr                    Claire Westlake      

Level 7:
Winners                              Teacher            
Katherine Shi                      Hong Zhu                                                               

Level 8:
Winners                              Teacher            
Jonathan Qin                      Hong Zhu                

Level 9:
Winners                              Teacher            
Mark Kellogg                      Hong Zhu               

Level 10:
Winners                              Teacher          
Ryan Chen                           Fei Xu                    

Level 11:
Winners                              Teacher          
Ryan Stover                        Fei Xu                       

Ariel Law                              Yali Luo   
Level 14:
Winners                              Teacher          
Jessica Zhang                    Hong Zhu    

An Phan                                Fei Xu

Level 1:
Honorable Mention               Teacher            
Regan Smith                       Claire Westlake

Devrin Wilson                     Lori Weidemann

Hannah Ware                      Claire Westlake

Tyler Kaupie                       Lori Weidemann

Level 2:
Honorable Mention               Teacher             
Trai Haviland                      Tammy Shorts

Cambri Miller                      Claire Westlake

Tabitha Reimer                  Claire Westlake

Level 3:
Honorable Mention               Teacher             
Mehira Karnik                     Charles Newton

Michael Trendler               Shannon Payne

Sarah Clarke                      Tammy Shorts

Level 4:
Honorable Mention               Teacher            
Jada Lillo                             Claire Westlake

Arella Payne                        Claire Westlake

Level 5:
Honorable Mention               Teacher             
Madeline Douglas             Ede Yarter

Level 7:
Honorable Mention               Teacher             
Daniel Lin                             Yali Luo

Level 8:
Honorable Mention               Teacher             
Katherine Wei                     Yali Luo

Chloe Zhan                          Fei Xu           

Level 10:
Honorable Mention               Teacher           
Audrey Burnett                  Yali Luo

Kelton Winger                    Claire Westlake

Level 12:
Honorable Mention               Teacher           
Maggie Han                         Hong Zhu

Level 13:
Honorable Mention               Teacher           
Kyle Blomquist                   Lori Weidemann

Preston Vongsachang     Yukari Lowrey

Achievement Day Packets available at the April Brunch



April 29

April Brunch
LDS Church
633 S Higley Rd Mesa

May 14th
Achievement Day

May 16 - 
Awards Plus 

Shannon Payne

Vice President: 
Bren Palmer

Toni Tetreau

Shanna Jensen

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