October 2021 Newsletter

October holds so many possibilities! Students can perform in the Music Marathon and showcase a piece they have been diligently preparing. Original compositions are being recorded and transcriptions are being finished up this month. Duet groups are being decided as the music has been selected and registration for the Cavalcade of Rhythm opens up the end of this month. These events provide added motivation to practice and wonderful opportunities for students to share their music with others!

Working together is the only way all these events are possible. The Committee Chairmen who are at the forefront are the unsung heroes! We all benefit when we come together to accomplish that which we could not accomplish on our own. I’m excited about all the possibilities, and am looking forward to a very rewarding year!

Lori Weidemann
DVMTA President 2020-2022

Upcoming October General Meeting

The October General Meeting and annual Cavalcade Read-Through will be held at The Music Store in Mesa on Friday, October 29 at 9:30am., so that we can hear the music that has been selected and enjoy playing duets together! Masks will be required to enter the store. Registration for the Cavalcade of Rhythm opens that morning.

Music Marathon

Music Marathon is coming up fast. The schedule is almost set. Thanks to Lori Kaye Faler for her hard work. We are still taking registrations, but most spots are filled. If you still want to participate, we'd love to have you. Virtual submissions are also due on or before October 16. We are looking forward to a great Music Marathon 2021!

Charles Newton, Chairman

Original Composition

The Original Composition Festival will be held November 13-14th at the Southeast Valley Bible Church in Gilbert. You may begin turning in your students’ compositions now. The last day to turn them in is October 20th. The fee is $14 per student. Registration forms and more information may be found on

Claire Westlake, Chair


It’s time to get your students excited about 2022 Cavalcade of Rhythm “Music at the Movies!” Registration opens at read-through, Oct 29th 9:30am at The Music Store. Music is available at The Music Store, as well. Spots will fill up quickly, so be sure to have your registration forms filled out ahead of time. This year’s music is so much fun! See the DVMTA website for song list and registration HERE. Any questions, please let me know!

Sara Pratt, Chair

Awards in Excellence

Our auditions are still months away (April 2022), but teachers should always be looking ahead. Participation in Awards in Excellence not only requires much of our students, but of our teachers as well. As you are planning for Cavalcade registration, remember that you need to enter twice as many students into some combination of Marathon and Cavalcade as you plan to enter in the competition. Teachers need to ensure they have fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Be a current active member of DVMTA with all dues paid in full

  • Attend four DVMTA general meetings between March 2021-February 2022

  • Give 10 volunteer service hours to the organization within the same time period

  • Enter twice as many students in Marathon or Cavalcade as you plan to enter in Awards in Excellence

All teacher qualifications will be carefully checked with committee chairs. Those who cannot attend our monthly meetings may provide verification of conflicting school or work schedules and must plan on giving 15 volunteer hours to compensate. Service hours must be completed by February 2022, so helping at this year’s Awards in Excellence (April) will only count toward service hours for the 2023 Awards in Excellence. Every DVMTA event needs many hands to function smoothly, so feel free to contact any event chair or board member if you need ideas on how to get involved. One of the things I love most about DVMTA is the willingness of members to share their ideas, talents, and time to help the organization grow stronger. Contact Lorri McHardy if you have any questions about Awards in Excellence.

Lorri McHardy, Chair

Achievement Day

Did you know that you can sneak preview "sample" Theory tests on the website?

Simply go to "Member Documents" , then "Achievement Day", then "Sample Tests". Give your student a sample THEORY test this Fall, for whatever level they are working on. This is only a sample test (not the real one), but it will give you a general idea of their knowledge.

Then, work on specific areas on the test where they need some help. Make sure they are faithful with their Theory pages throughout the year, then test again in Jan or Feb to see how they are doing!

Remember that the THEORY test will be the same as the level in which you enroll them. If your student is testing for Level 4, make sure they are prepared for that level of Theory. I have some students who are playing at Level 4, but their Theory knowledge is much higher. They will still test at Level 4.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Toni Tetreau, chair

Awards Plus

Did you register your students for Music Marathon? Are you registering them for Original Composition and Cavalcade? These are 3 great opportunities for your Devoted Performer to begin to meet the required participation in 4 DVMTA events per year for 3 out 5 consecutive years. These events can also add points for your Senior Scholar. Make sure you get them signed up and then keep track of every event they are a part of. And, don’t forget that your Letter of Intent is due by December 1st. Please send that in an email to Wendi Heslop at

Wendi Heslop, Chair 480-241-4591

Annual Fundraiser

Teachers! Please pass on this information about Amazon Smile to your families! This is another great way for our families to help our organization by doing something they are probably doing already – ordering from Amazon! Thanks for your support!


16 Music Marathon: various locations
29 General Meeting, 9:30 am, Cavalcade Read-Through at The Music Store, 2630 W Baseline Rd, Mesa 85202
29 Cavalcade registration opens
29 Registration due for Original Composition

13/14 Original Composition Recitals, at Southeast Valley Bible Church
19 General Meeting, 9:30 am, “Presentation & Performance” – Eckart Sellheim
19 Cavalcade registration due

1 Letters of Intent for Awards Plus due (Devoted Performer and Senior Scholarship)
3 December Brunch, 9:30 am

28 General Meeting, 9:30 am, My First Piano “Roots and Wings” – Autum Hunt

25 General Meeting, 9:30 am, My First Piano Hannah Creviston - Clinical Associate Professor of Piano Pedagogy, ASU
25 Awards in Excellence registration due
26 Cavalcade of Rhythm performances

25 General Meeting, 9:30 a.m., My First Piano “Teacher to Teacher” - Buffie Meeker
25 Achievement Day registration due

9 Awards in Excellence auditions, 9:00 AM – 2:00 p.m. at Hammer & Strings
22 April Brunch, 9:30 a.m. at Nancy Chase’s home
23 Awards in Excellence Recitals, at Hammer & Strings Conservatory in Gilbert

14 Achievement Day, 7 a.m. – 12 noon, Mesa Community College
16 Awards Plus Presentations, 7 p.m. Southeast Valley Bible

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