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October 24 -

General Meeting 9:30 a.m.
Presentation of Cavalcade Music 
Original Compositions Entries Due

October 25 -
Music Marathon Recitals

November 7 -
Board Meeting 9:30 a.m.

November 21 -
General Meeting 9:30 a.m.
Confident Student Performance Preparation & ABRSM by Kathryn Rood

December 5 
December Luncheon
Join us for a delicious luncheon.  Tickets are $12, available from Corinne Ward.

January 30, 2015 
General Meeting 9:30 a.m.
Master Class with Dr. Barbara Spoelman 

February 9, 2015 
Rehearsals for Cavalcade of Rhythm begin Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at My First Piano

February 27, 2015 
General Meeting 9:30 a.m.
Composing & Self Publishing Workshop
Jennifer Eklund 

February 28, 2015 
Cavalcade of Rhythm
5:15 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
Mountain View High School

March 27, 2015
General Meeting 9:30 a.m.
Charles Newton
Taking Music Performance to the Stage

April 4, 2015
Awards in Excellence Auditions
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Arizona Piano 

April 18, 2015
Awards in Excellence Recitals 
1:30 p.m & 2:15 p.m. at 
Arizona Piano 

April 24, 2015
April Brunch
633 S. Higley Rd Mesa

May 16, 2015 
Achievement Day
7:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

May 18, 2015 
Awards Plus 
633 S. Higley Rd Mesa
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October 2014

Come read through our Cavalcade music selections this Friday, October 24th at our October General Meeting!  We are excited to see you there!  

I really enjoyed the General Meeting in September.   Dr. Schildkret was full of energy and conducting knowledge.   He stayed longer than we planned - I don’t think that conducting is something that can be taught in one hour to teachers with all different conducting abilities.  I would like to thank the many teachers that braved his critique!  I learned so much from each of you!!  There is a meeting recap article (in this newsletter) in case you missed out!
I know that many of you are preparing for Music Marathon on October 25.  This is a great time to check out our pinterest page  to find endless ideas for your studio recitals.  The ideas on pinterest are very clever.  Thank goodness Claire is keeping them all organized for us to use!    
The October meeting is always fun to hear a preview of the next Cavalcade of Rhythm.  This is one event that every teacher and student should try!  If you haven’t participated in it yet, try participating in it yourself as a performer.  It really is fun!   Before you register your students, make sure that you are using the newest edition of the Music List (updated on September 25).    Remember to bring your compositions.
See you soon on October 24th!

Beth VanDewerker

Music Marathon

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

  • The Citadel Retirement Community, Higley & Broadway, Mesa
  •  Legacy Retirement Residence, Higley & McKellips, Mesa
  •  Park Regency, between Elliott & Warner, Chandler
  •  My First Piano, Gilbert & 60 , Mesa
  •  Superstition Springs Mall, Downstairs near Dillard’s, Power & 60, Mesa

Ribbons will be available at your recital location.  Please submit any CHANGES that occur in your registration to the form attached to the envelope containing your ribbons.
Be courteous and respectful of other teachers by cleaning up after your recital and making sure your students are quiet as they wait for their turn.  If your recital is at the Mall, please do not leave the piano unattended. 
If you have any questions, please call (480)-818-3581 or email Lisa Hunt.

Original Composition Festival

Entries are due by Friday, October 24.
No need to wait until the deadline to submit entries!
Send them to Penni now, if they are ready. She has already started evaluations.
Concerts of compositions are
Saturday, November 22 at 1:30 and 3:00
Sunday, November 23 at 3:00
King of Glory Lutheran Church
2085 E. Southern Ave., Tempe 85282
Encourage your students, at all levels, to participate!
Information is on the DVMTA website.
Feel free to contact me with questions.
Debbie Engelsman, Composition Chairperson.

Cavalcade of Rhythm

Get ready to celebrate! Registration for Cavalcade 2015 begins this month at the general meeting on October 24 and continues till November 21. All information and registration materials are available at FORMS WERE UPDATED AND CHANGED WITH DIFFERENT MUSIC AS OF SEPTEMBER 25th. PLEASE REPRINT YOUR FORMS SO YOU SIGN YOUR STUDENTS UP FOR THE CORRECT GROUP!  Please note that you’ll need to turn in the registration form AND the cover sheet stating when you are available to help. On the registration form, you’ll need the students’ ages AND heights. This is crucial for placing the students where they can see the director best. Please read over the forms carefully and make sure parents understand what they are committing to in February. We suggest keeping a copy of your registration forms. Un-partnered students will be matched up with students from other studios. You will be notified by Hillary Bitter when the groups are set. She will verify the parts for un-partnered students with you. Teachers are welcome to play in Cavalcade as well (no fees for teachers, but please include yourself on your registration forms). 

The music is already at the Music Store if you’d like to go down now and take a look prior to registering your students. You can hear and view the music for the songs by Jennifer Eklund (groups A, B, G, H, and K) on her website at PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THE MUSIC FROM HER SITE! Hillary Bitter has the music for those groups along with group L: Dumb Song available for purchase.  
You can also attend our October meeting and actually play through the songs. Remember that the goal is to help the students be successful in an ensemble experience, not to play in the highest group possible. They must be able to play their songs well, listen to the group and follow the director. Please read the directors’ notes before teaching the songs to the students. Some add introductions or repeats, and we don’t want the students to be confused.

A note regarding groups A-D. These songs are all early elementary songs. However, groups A and B are not equal parts. The primo part is to be played by a beginner while the secondo part is to be played by someone more advanced, i.e. an older sibling or student, a parent, or a teacher.  It will be fun to watch a budding musician celebrate music on stage with an experienced artiste! We can’t wait to celebrate music with you!

Chord progressions and arpeggios should be practiced all year long. For Achievement Day, notice that ALL levels play at least some sort of chord along with their scales. From a simple triad for the Primers to a full I-IV-I-V-V7-I for Level 6 and higher, these progressions cement the primary chords and tonality for that key. For variety, try practicing them in root position, then in first inversion, then second inversion, as follows:

My students learn the I-IV-V7-I by rote at first, and even when they don’t really understand the theory behind them, they can use the chords. I will pick a simple melody like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and have them play that with RH, then figure out which block chords LH should use as accompaniment. Once we’ve mastered that in C, I’ll ask them to transpose it (without writing anything down) and see how the same pattern applies.
Arpeggios are required for all students level 4 and above. Double check how many octaves are required at their level and whether it’s hands separately or together, and notice that levels 11 and 12 include major, minor, diminished and dominant seventh chords in arpeggio form. My students often get confused about fingerings, but remembering that thumbs don’t play black keys (except for Gb and Ebm) seems to help. I separate them into four basic groups to practice: W-W-W, W-B-W, B-W-B, and the “misfits”. Seeing that the fingerings for Db, Eb and Ab are the same makes it easier to grasp those fingerings.

The challenge is making them smooth and even. So often they come out in three note “chunks” instead of being fluid. Isolate the problem spots, rocking back and forth between two notes, then picking up the note before or after that spot before going on to the full exercise. There are oodles of online sites and Google images with fingerings and other helps. Here are just a couple:

Awards in Excellence

DVMTA’s Annual Piano Competition
APPLICATION DEADLINE:  February 27, 2015
AUDITIONS:  April 4, 2015
WINNERS RECITALS:  April 18, 2015

Marathon is coming up in just a few weeks.  What a great way to advertise your studio and DVMTA! Just sign up with Facebook and Instagram and you can be well on your way to receiving more phone calls in the future about new students.  Be sure to take pictures of your students individually and as a group, post them on your Facebook and Instagram page (with their parents permission).  Make sure you also tag @dvmta on your photo description for Instagram and  @Desert Valley Music Teachers’ Association for Facebook and it will go to our pages as well. For both Instagram and Facebook, use the hashtag #dvmta and invite your student families to do the same.  Thanks for helping us grow DVMTA!  More students and teachers will help keep all of our events running smoothly.  You may also send your pictures to Claire Westlake.
    Another way you could help us grow is to add the Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram icons to the back of your program along with their url. Black and white will do just as well. Here is one way to do it:

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