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This Sunday we will have a Live Streamed only service beginning at 10:00 a.m. 

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Sunday May 17, 2020 10:00a.m.

Rev. Charlie Tyler
The Third Principle:  Acceptance of One Another and Encouragement to Spiritual Growth in our Congregations.  

“Spiritual growth isn’t about a vertical ascent to heaven but about growth in every dimension at once. It’s spirituality in 3-D. Growth in spirit doesn’t measure one’s proximity to a God above, but rather the spaciousness of one’s own soul—its volume, its capacity, its size."  

Rev. Rob Hardies, All Souls Church Unitarian, Washington, DC   


Click Here to Download a PDF Copy of the Order of Service. 

Sunday May 17, 2020 Order of Service

10:00 a.m.
The Third Principle:  Acceptance of One Another and Encouragement to Spiritual Growth in our Congregations.”                                                                                                                         
Rev. Charlie Tyler
110 Malphrus Road, Bluffton, SC 29910
Phone: 843-837-3330    Email:
Sounding of the Gong

Prelude     “Prelude in B-flat Minor (WTC I)”      J. S. Bach                                       
*** A Time for Meditation and Centering***
Welcome and Announcements and Opening Words     Rev. Charlie Tyler
Special Speaker     Lynne Nordenberg                                                                                                                                       
Lighting the Chalice                                                            
     We light this Beacon of Hope,
     Sign of our Quest for Truth and Meaning,
    In Celebration of the Life we share Together                                       
Sermon  The Third Principle:  Acceptance of One Another and Encouragement to Spiritual Growth in our Congregations.”      Rev.  Charlie Tyler                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Musical Performance     “The Impossible Dream (The Quest)”      Mitch Leight & Joe Darion                                                     
Closing Words      Rev. Charlie Tyler                    
Extinguishing the Chalice                                                                                                 
     We extinguish this flame but not the light of truth,
    the warmth of community, or the fire of commitment.
   These we carry in our hearts until we are together again.
Postlude     “Fugue in B-flat minor (WTC I)”     J. S. Bach       

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Pastoral Minister
Rev. Charlie Tyler

Charlie’s telephone number is 803-473-6048.  You can call him to schedule an appointment for pastoral counseling. Please be mindful that Charlie is the chaplain for Hospice of the Lowcountry, a full-time job.  He is not able to engage in lengthy telephone conversations when he is working.  


A Weekly Message from our Pastoral Minister 
Rev. Charlie Tyler

Charlie has placed a new video on our Facebook page.  (

Click here to view the video


Our Minister Emeritus - Rev. Manuel Holland

Manuel sends his love to the all in the congregation. 

He would appreciate notes or cards. If you would like to write him, please use the following address:

Manuel Holland 
c/o Carol Stephens
64 Hidden Lakes Circle
Bluffton, SC  29910



Last weekend, Manuel celebrated his 90th birthday.  Thanks to Carol Stephens for sharing pictures of this milestone.

A message from Carol Stephens UUCL President

Allow me to share some thoughts on isolating at home, which is growing increasingly difficult for many of us. 

Millions of people don’t have a home in which to to shelter: people in detention centers, refugee camps, and those who are homeless.  Millions more are not able to comply with social distancing: those who are incarcerated, our indigenous peoples who live in Pueblo’s and Hogan’s; and those who live in tenements and slums. We are inconvenienced by having to wash our hands so often; yet there are millions who do not have access to water including the Navajo who have severe water shortages in the best of times; people living in slums around the world; and those living in African villages.  For those of us who have enough money to meet our needs, forced isolation at home is an annoyance, an inconvenience, or perhaps an opportunity to contemplate and grow. For much of the world, the pandemic is deadly, and there are few or no defenses against it.  We stay home so that we and others may live.  We are fortunate in this unfortunate time.  


Carol Stephens

President, UUCL Board of Trustees 


This week, John Sheppard presents a familiar song in a new way.  From The Wizard of Oz we have 'Over the Rainbow' as arranged by George Shearing. 



Our team of three rotating ministers (Rev. Dick Hood, Rev. Charlie Tyler, Rev. Pat Jobe) share a moment together.

                                           Photo by Molly Hood
****UUCL Office Hours****

Please email if you need access to the building. 


May 24th:  Nancy E. Forrester, BCC

Shining Some Light on Our Third Principle

Our Third Principle – that of acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth - is a Big Deal. Through sharing some of a personal journey, Nancy will explore some of the thoughts, feelings, and other sensations that accompany the phenomena of feeling accepted by others, by the Spirit of Life, and by self. We will also think about how encouragement to spiritual growth is woven together with acceptance in the same Principle.

Let's take a moment to get to know Nancy a little better:

Nancy’s personal, professional, and faith development have influenced her journey to find a home in the UUCL. Originally from Maine and the third child of parents who divorced when Nancy was five, Nancy grew up as a Quaker Church drop out. Her spiritual formation came from Nature and contentedness with summer beach combing, exploring, and boating on the ocean. When Nancy was in her twenties she learned that both sides of her family were assimilated Jews – Polish and German on one side and Russian on the other. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s Nancy began a conversion experience that called her to a spiritual life through the new age spirituality of Shakti Gwain. She was in the midst of a career of much travel as a statistical and behavior psychological professional engaged in process and quality improvement consulting work with companies in remote places – Yukon and Northwest Territories of Northern Canada, as well as Baffin Island. As the Spirit called to her increasingly, she found home in the gifts of faith in Christianity and the Catholic Church.

After many years as a Catholic convert, she was called to the profession of chaplaincy and in 2017 completed a several year education journey to become a board-certified Catholic chaplain. In addition to her full-time employment as a hospice chaplain, she began to do service work for her parish as a chaplain. Shortly in the process of helping the Church, Nancy’s sexual orientation as a lesbian got caught in the cross hairs of a powerful enough homophobe in the Catholic church to set Nancy adrift and feeling spiritually bereft. Lucky enough to continue her life as an explorer, she continued to search for a place to give her spiritual life form. She came to the UUCL service one Sunday with friend Martha Girardi somewhere in the Summer or Fall of 2018. She continued attending on a somewhat regular basis until a permanent return home to Maine in December 2018. After a few months in Maine she learned that South Carolina and Bluffton – not Maine - had become home. As explorers are prone to do, Nancy returned in July of 2019 and soon became a name tag carrying member of the UUCL. The sense of belonging and acceptance that Nancy feels at UUCL makes today’s message a punctuation mark in a wonderful continuing spiritual journey.

This Week’s Contemplative Meditation Theme

Until we can gather again here are some thoughts for your meditation time at home:

“When we really want to hear, and be heard by, someone we love, we do not go rushing into noisy crowds. Silence is a form of intimacy. That’s how we experience it with our friends and lovers. As relationships grow deeper and more intimate, we spend more and more quiet time alone with our lover. We talk in low tones about the things that matter. We do not shout them to each other. We may shout about them to others, but quietness is the hallmark of love.”
~~ J. Brent Bill, Holy Silence: The Gift of Quaker Spirituality   (Rev. Pat Jobe shared this quote with us in his Sunday sermon ‘Deeper Dive’)

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”
~~ Buddha


The Credential Manager is now open and your congregation can begin distributing member delegate credentials for General Assembly. These credentials allow member delegates, who register for General Assembly, to vote on business matters.

Access the Credential Manager

This link is for UU Congregation of the Lowcountry only.


Please note: Your congregation is only responsible for assigning credentials to its member delegates. Ministers and religious educators can retrieve their credentials via

Learn more about credentialing and General Assembly.

The global pandemic has created disruptions in all of our lives, including in how we gather for our annual conference, General Assembly (GA). Originally planned to be held in Providence, RI, UUA leadership and the Board of Trustees have decided to transform the onsite event into an all-virtual event, in response to public health guidance discouraging in-person gatherings.

Virtual GA retains many of the important elements that attendees have come to expect and cherish: worship experiences, powerful speakers, learning opportunities, and dozens of interactive programs over five days. Register online to be part of this exciting, nascent virtual experience!

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Please note that until further notice, all Music on Malphrus shows have been postponed.  Watch this space for updates.



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Can you sing a song?  Do you play an instrument?  Would you like to share this talent with the congregation?

If you would like to work with any of our regular musicians when we resume regular live services please contact UUCL.OFFICE@GMAIL.COM to discuss options.  


                                                        Photo by Ron Titus

                                                   Photo by Carla Golden


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Last Weekend Rev. Pat Jobe presented the video "Do We Need a Deeper Dive?"  This and three other videos - a Prelude, Musical Performance and Postlude -  have been posted on our Facebook page.  
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And Now We Look At May

5/14 PPE Event (Cancelled) Contact Carla Golden for info.
5/21 Board meeting (Virtual) Contact Carol Stephens for info.
5/22 Women dining out (Cancelled) Contact Tish Honse for info.
5/27 Membership committee (Virtual) Contact Val Bridges for info.  




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