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This Sunday we will have a special video message from Rev. Pat Jobe.  This message will be posted on our Facebook page at 10:00 a.m.   There will also be a video Prelude and Postlude each featuring John Sheppard on piano, as well as a Musical Performance featuring John Sheppard and Jana Stiles.   

We encourage Facebook users to reach out to non-Facebook users to learn how to view the videos.  The videos will be saved to our Facebook page and can be viewed at a later time or date if needed.  You can also the 'share' button or copy the link above the video and email it to friends if you wish.  

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Sunday May 10, 2020 10:00a.m.

A Special Video Message from Rev. Pat Jobe


May 10th is Mother's Day, which of course, we remember was originally advocated by a Unitarian. 

Do We Need A Deeper Dive?

And will that deeper dive bring us closer to an experience of what is really going on? Can we think our way into a richer and more meaningful spiritual walk? Is that even something we’re interested in? We don’t want to end up babbling and crazy like some spiritual seekers, but would a deeper diver into our own inner life bring us more of a sense of confidence in all that is going on? And could we use silence to get there?

Best to all in these troubled times.


   Click Here to download a PDF Copy of the Order of Service.

Sunday May 10, 2020 Order of Service
A Series of four videos each posted to beginning at 10:00 a.m.
Do We Need a Deeper Dive?
Rev. Pat Jobe
110 Malphrus Road, Bluffton, SC 29910
Phone: 843-837-3330    Email:
A series of 4 videos posted on
Video 1
Sounding of the Gong 

Lighting the Chalice
We light this Beacon of Hope,
Sign of our Quest for Truth and Meaning,
In Celebration of the Life we share Together

Prelude     “Arietta”      Edvard Grieg      Performed by John Sheppard
*** A Time for Meditation and Centering***       

Video 2                                                             
Sermon     "Do We Need a Deeper Dive?"     Rev. Pat Jobe
Video 3   
Musical Performance     “Eli, Eli (Walking to Caesaria)”      Senesh and Zehavi                                         
Performed by John Sheppard and Jana Stiles
Video 4                                                                                                    
Postlude      "Good Night”     Leos Janacek      Performed by John Sheppard
Extinguishing the Chalice                                                                                                 
We extinguish this flame but not the light of truth,
the warmth of community, or the fire of commitment.
These we carry in our hearts until we are together again.
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Pastoral Minister
Rev. Charlie Tyler

Charlie’s telephone number is 803-473-6048.  You can call him to schedule an appointment for pastoral counseling. Please be mindful that Charlie is the chaplain for Hospice of the Lowcountry, a full-time job.  He is not able to engage in lengthy telephone conversations when he is working.  


A Weekly Message from our Pastoral Minister 
Rev. Charlie Tyler

Charlie has placed a new video on our Facebook page.  (

Click here to view the video.

Below is the reading Charlie discusses in the video:


Surrender to This Life
By Gretchen Haley

Give up the fight
For some other moment
Some other life
Than here, and now
Give up the longing
for some other world
The wishing
for other choices to make
other songs to sing
other bodies, other ages,
other countries, other stakes
Purge the past; forgive the future—
for each come too soon.
Surrender only to this life,
this day, this hour,
not because it does not
constantly break your heart
but because it also beckons
with beauty
startles with delight
if only we keep
waking up
This is the gift
we have been given:
these “body-clothes,”
this heart-break, this pulse
this breath,
this light,
these friends,
this hope.
Here we re-member ourselves
All a part of it all—
Giving thanks, Together.
Come, let us worship

About the Author

  • Rev. Gretchen Haley, in robe and stole, preaching on a church chancel.
    Gretchen Haley
    Gretchen Haley is relentlessly curious about most things, especially the big stuff of theology, the magic of collaboration, and the great joy of pop culture. She has an audacious ambition for the liberal church, believing in its capacity to transform lives and our world by way...

Our Minister Emeritus - Rev. Manuel Holland

Manuel sends his love to the all in the congregation. 

He would appreciate notes or cards. If you would like to write him, please use the following address:

Manuel Holland 
c/o Carol Stephens
64 Hidden Lakes Circle
Bluffton, SC  29910


This week, our Pianist John Sheppard offers Maurice Ravel's 'Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte.'

Click Here to view the video





A Time For All Ages...

Ann Harrison, our UUCL Director of Religious Education, presents an inter-generational video message for the young and young at heart.

This week Ann presents "Prinderella and the Cince."  (This retelling is a composite based on several versions from New Jersey folks including Carol Phillips, Betty Butler, Alice Yucht and Judy Freeman) 

Click here to view the video


This is National Nurses week!   May 6th - May 12th.

Our team of three rotating ministers (Rev. Dick Hood, Rev. Charlie Tyler, Rev. Pat Jobe) share a moment together.

                                           Photo by Molly Hood
****UUCL Office Hours****

Please email if you need access to the building. 

UUA Logo

A Special Announcement from our UUA President 

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray


April 2020

Dear UUCL,

What is giving you comfort, courage, and compassion these days? How are you caring for your well-being and resilience?

Two weeks ago, it became clear to me that my normal spiritual practices were not cutting it. I felt so worn down. I had a longing for more time to be present to the emotional realities all around me. I realized I was compartmentalizing my grief and fear – putting it away in order to stay focused on tasks at hand. While this strategy works in the short term, I’ve learned if I don’t make time to return to the pain I set aside, it finds its way in – generally as exhaustion, short-temperedness, forgetfulness, even depression.

This week marked 50 days that my family and I have been sheltering-in-place with the exception of infrequent trips to the grocery store and walking the dog. The adrenaline of the urgent transitions of the beginning of the pandemic is giving way to the grief over the loss of loved ones, the pain of distance, the fear of what is to come, the anger at the mismanagement of the crisis at the highest levels, and a weariness that comes with understanding we will have to live with social distance and virtual community for a long time.


Remember that you are enough and that rest and joy are essential for resiliency.


If you are weary, prickly, exhausted, angry – you are not alone. This is a time when care and compassion are primary – and that includes offering it to ourselves. As leaders, we too need extra compassion and care. We too need time to do things to nurture and replenish our spirits – even if that means time to do nothing at all. As Maya Angelou writes:

We need joy as we need air.
We need love as we need water.
We need each other as we need the earth we share.

It’s easy to feel anxious and overwhelmed at this time. Remember that you are enough and that rest and joy are essential for resiliency. They are a source of our creativity and compassion. And just as others are in need of compassion, so are you. As staff and lay leaders of communities, making time to tend to your own well-being is necessary so that you have the capacity to be compassionate and caring to others, particularly as others are weary and quick to criticism and sharpness.

Recognizing this need in my own heart, mind and body, I’ve lengthened my time for morning meditation to make more space to feel and to be attentive to all that is in my heart. I’ve pulled out poems that make me smile and remember the beauty and joy in life. And I’ve started listening to more music and singing aloud to my favorites. I’m also trying to teach our dog to dance. It’s not going well, but it is getting me to dance!

In these difficult and painful times, we need joy. Joy is life-saving. Joy helps nurture our resilience. Above all, I pray you are making time to care for your well-being because you are a good gift. You are valuable, needed and loved. Taking care of yourself matters.

Yours in love and care,


P.S. As some states and municipalities consider “re-opening,” the UUA continues to recommend that congregations not gather in person and continue to meet virtually. In addition, the UUA has postponed, canceled or moved to virtual formats all scheduled events through Sept. 1, 2020. The UUA is currently seeking guidance from public health officials about what questions should guide congregation’s risk assessment and readiness plans before beginning any moves to begin gathering in person.

Care for Self: Spiritual Care & Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

Care for Justice: Calls for Action

  • A May Day Action: Call Congress and sign the petition to support the 5 Principles of the People's Bailout.
  • On Sunday, May 3rd, light a candle in a prayer of protection for the Mashpee Wampanoag and their homelands. The court hearing to safeguard their lands is on May 7th. #StandWithMashpee
  • Join UU the Vote for “How We Thrive!” — a LIVE virtual event.

Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray spends her days strengthening the thriving mission of this faith. In her spare time, she enjoys being with her family and playing with their dog, Hercules.

Canvass Update: 

We are about $46,000 short of our goal for pledges for UUCL 2020-2021. We have pledges totaling $84,000. 
Please return your pledge cards ASAP. The Finance Committee will prepare a budget based on the amount pledged very shortly.  They will also start to follow up with the members & friends who have not yet returned their pledge cards. There are 63 pledge cards outstanding.
The Congregational Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, March 31.  It will not be an in person meeting.  By May 17 you should receive the proposed budget and slate of nominees for the Board of Trustees. 
We would so appreciate getting all of the pledge cards in.




May 17th: Rev. Charlie Tyler
The Third Principle:  Acceptance of One Another and Encouragement to Spiritual Growth in our Congregations.  

“Spiritual growth isn’t about a vertical ascent to heaven but about growth in every dimension at once. It’s spirituality in 3-D. Growth in spirit doesn’t measure one’s proximity to a God above, but rather the spaciousness of one’s own soul—its volume, its capacity, its size."  

Rev. Rob Hardies, All Souls Church Unitarian, Washington, DC   

May 24th: 
Nancy E. Forrester, BCC

Shining Some Light on Our Third Principle

Our Third Principle – that of acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth - is a Big Deal. Through sharing some of a personal journey, Nancy will explore some of the thoughts, feelings, and other sensations that accompany the phenomena of feeling accepted by others, by the Spirit of Life, and by self. We will also think about how encouragement to spiritual growth is woven together with acceptance in the same Principle.

Let's take a moment to get to know Nancy a little better:

Nancy’s personal, professional, and faith development have influenced her journey to find a home in the UUCL. Originally from Maine and the third child of parents who divorced when Nancy was five, Nancy grew up as a Quaker Church drop out. Her spiritual formation came from Nature and contentedness with summer beach combing, exploring, and boating on the ocean. When Nancy was in her twenties she learned that both sides of her family were assimilated Jews – Polish and German on one side and Russian on the other. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s Nancy began a conversion experience that called her to a spiritual life through the new age spirituality of Shakti Gwain. She was in the midst of a career of much travel as a statistical and behavior psychological professional engaged in process and quality improvement consulting work with companies in remote places – Yukon and Northwest Territories of Northern Canada, as well as Baffin Island. As the Spirit called to her increasingly, she found home in the gifts of faith in Christianity and the Catholic Church.

After many years as a Catholic convert, she was called to the profession of chaplaincy and in 2017 completed a several year education journey to become a board-certified Catholic chaplain. In addition to her full-time employment as a hospice chaplain, she began to do service work for her parish as a chaplain. Shortly in the process of helping the Church, Nancy’s sexual orientation as a lesbian got caught in the cross hairs of a powerful enough homophobe in the Catholic church to set Nancy adrift and feeling spiritually bereft. Lucky enough to continue her life as an explorer, she continued to search for a place to give her spiritual life form. She came to the UUCL service one Sunday with friend Martha Girardi somewhere in the Summer or Fall of 2018. She continued attending on a somewhat regular basis until a permanent return home to Maine in December 2018. After a few months in Maine she learned that South Carolina and Bluffton – not Maine - had become home. As explorers are prone to do, Nancy returned in July of 2019 and soon became a name tag carrying member of the UUCL. The sense of belonging and acceptance that Nancy feels at UUCL makes today’s message a punctuation mark in a wonderful continuing spiritual journey.

This Week’s Contemplative Meditation Theme

Until we can gather again here are some thoughts for your meditation time at home:

“When you were first conceived, you were just a double strand of DNA in a fertilized ovum. It divided fifty times. In only fifty replications, you had a hundred trillion cells, which is more than all the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. And each cell is estimated to do about six trillion things per second, and every cell instantly knows what every other cell is doing. 

How does a human body think thoughts, play a piano, kill germs, remove toxins, and make a baby all at the same time? And whilst it’s doing all that, it tracks the movement of stars and planets, because your biological rhythms are actually the symphony of the cosmos. You have a Circadian Rhythm that has to do with the rotation of the earth; a seasonal rhythm that has to do with the planet going around the sun; a tidal rhythm that has to do with the complex gravitational effects of the sun and the moon and other heavenly bodies on our planet and its waters; you even have lunar rhythms. There are at least a hundred biological rhythms, and all these rhythms are woven into each other with such exquisite correlation. 

There’s an inner intelligence in your body, and that inner intelligence is consciousness. It’s the ultimate in supreme genius, which mirrors the wisdom of the universe. 

Consciousness is a field of awareness, where there are non-local, what are called acausal, quantum-mechanical correlations. So, if you don’t like the word ‘God,’ you can say ‘acausal, non-local, quantum-mechanical interrelatedness.’ ‘Acausal' because it’s without cause; '‘non-local’ because it transcends space-time; ‘quantum-mechanical' because it’s a very fundamental level of our existence; ‘interrelatedness’ where everything is correlated with everything else, and not only is everything correlated with everything else, that correlation does not require the exchange of energy or information signals, because it operates with simultaneity.”  

 ~~Deepak Chopra MD from a video transcript “The Wonder of You"

Please note that until further notice, all Music on Malphrus shows have been postponed.  Watch this space for updates.



Check Out Some Of The Groups That Use Our Facility:

Lowcountry Indivisible
Compassionate Friends
Palmetto Plant Eaters
Helping Parents Heal
Narcotics Anonymous

Weight Watchers
Musicians Unite

Can you sing a song?  Do you play an instrument?  Would you like to share this talent with the congregation?

If you would like to work with any of our regular musicians when we resume regular live services please contact UUCL.OFFICE@GMAIL.COM to discuss options.  


                                                        Photo by Ron Titus

                                                   Photo by Carla Golden


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Last Weekend Rev. Dick Hood presented "These Roots are Made for Walkin' - Part 2 Our Unitarian Roots."  This service was live streamed on our Facebook page.  An audio recording of the service can be accessed on our website.  
This and other videos can be viewed at

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And Now We Look At May

5/9 Indivisible (Cancelled) Contact George Kanuck for info.
5/10 Pursuing art (Cancelled) Contact Tom Duff for info.
5/10 Finance committee (Virtual) Contact Patricia Friedman for info.
5/13 Worship associates (Cancelled) Contact Cheryl Kanuck for info.
5/14 PPE Event (Cancelled) Contact Carla Golden for info.
5/21 Board meeting (Virtual) Contact Carol Stephens for info.
5/22 Women dining out (Cancelled) Contact Tish Honse for info.
5/27 Membership committee (Virtual) Contact Val Bridges for info.  




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