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This Sunday we will have a Live streamed only service beginning at 10:00 a.m. 

This service will be streamed on our Facebook page.  We encourage Facebook users to reach out to non-Facebook users to learn how to view our services.  It is best to access Facebook just before 10:00 a.m.

These services will be saved to our Facebook page and can be viewed at a later time or date if needed.  You can also the 'share' button or copy the link above the video and email it to friends if you wish.  

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Sunday May 3, 2020  10:00a.m.

A Live Streamed Service with Rev. Dick Hood

"These Roots Were Made for Walkin' Part 2 - Our Unitarian Roots"

One God, Mother's Day, truth seeking, the neighborhood of Boston...these are a few of our Unitarian roots



 Click Here to Download a PDF of the Order of Service

Sunday May 3, 2020 Order of Service
10:00 a.m.
These Roots are Made for Walkin', Part 2 - Our Unitarian roots
Rev. Dick Hood
110 Malphrus Road, Bluffton, SC 29910
Phone: 843-837-3330    Email:
Sounding of the Gong 
Prelude     “Mystic Danse #2”     Karen Ball                                       
*** A Time for Meditation and Centering***
Welcome and Announcements and Opening Words      Rev. Dick Hood
Special Speaker     Patricia Friedman      
Lighting the Chalice                                                            
     We light this Beacon of Hope,
     Sign of our Quest for Truth and Meaning,
    In Celebration of the Life we share Together                                       
Sermon      These Roots are Made for Walkin', Part 2 - Our Unitarian roots”      Rev.  Dick Hood                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Musical Performance     “Hello In There”      John Prine              
Closing Words     Rev. Dick Hood                    
Extinguishing the Chalice                                                                                                 
     We extinguish this flame but not the light of truth,
    the warmth of community, or the fire of commitment.
   These we carry in our hearts until we are together again.
Postlude     “Rag – Time Dance”      Scott Joplin       

Please submit Order of Service and Weekly Email
announcement updates by noon on Tuesday.



Pastoral Minister
Rev. Charlie Tyler

Charlie’s telephone number is 803-473-6048.  You can call him to schedule an appointment for pastoral counseling. Please be mindful that Charlie is the chaplain for Hospice of the Lowcountry, a full-time job.  He is not able to engage in lengthy telephone conversations when he is working.  


A Message from our Pastoral Minister 
Rev. Charlie Tyler

Charlie has placed a new video on our Facebook page.  (


Once you view Charlie's message, be sure to click the Youtube link at the top of the post to see a dramatic video of the poem Charlie is referencing.  



Our Minister Emeritus - Rev. Manuel Holland

Manuel sends his love to the all in the congregation. 

He would appreciate notes or cards. If you would like to write him, please use the following address:

Manuel Holland 
c/o Carol Stephens
64 Hidden Lakes Circle
Bluffton, SC  29910


This week, our Pianist John Sheppard offers a Prelude in C Major from Bach as well as Chopin.

Click Here To View The Video



A Time For All Ages...

Ann Harrison, our UUCL Director of Religious Education, presents an inter-generational video message for the young and young at heart.



Our team of three rotating ministers (Rev. Dick Hood, Rev. Charlie Tyler, Rev. Pat Jobe) share a moment together.

                                           Photo by Molly Hood
****UUCL Office Hours****

Please email if you need access to the building. 

Canvass Update: 


We are behind in the collection of our pledges. Last year at this time we had pledged $101,000 and this year we are at $64 thousand. Our goal is $130,000.  We have the annual meeting coming up in May and we cannot present our annual budget to the congregation until we know how much money we have to work with. SO Please Turn In Your Pledge Cards ASAP. You know all the good work the UU Church does. Next we are not going to have rent from Weight Watchers for awhile and we will not have proceeds from our Concerts. If you can increase your pledge that would be very helpful.  

Thank you for your attention.
Gordon Stamler, Pledge Drive Chairman.



May 10th: Rev. Pat Jobe

May 10th is Mother's Day, which of course, we remember was originally advocated by a Unitarian. 

Do We Need A Deeper Dive?

And will that deeper dive bring us closer to an experience of what is really going on? Can we think our way into a richer and more meaningful spiritual walk? Is that even something we’re interested in? We don’t want to end up babbling and crazy like some spiritual seekers, but would a deeper diver into our own inner life bring us more of a sense of confidence in all that is going on? And could we use silence to get there? Rev. Jobe returns via Facebook, or maybe we will be able to gather? Best to all in these troubled times.

May 17th: Rev. Charlie Tyler
The Third Principle:  Acceptance of One Another and Encouragement to Spiritual Growth in our Congregations.  

“Spiritual growth isn’t about a vertical ascent to heaven but about growth in every dimension at once. It’s spirituality in 3-D. Growth in spirit doesn’t measure one’s proximity to a God above, but rather the spaciousness of one’s own soul—its volume, its capacity, its size."  

Rev. Rob Hardies, All Souls Church Unitarian, Washington, DC   

This Week’s Contemplative Meditation Theme

Until we can gather again here are some thoughts for your meditation time at home:

“But does the root of a flower influence the flower as something fundamentally different from it? No, surely the root and the flower are one process, and like your head and your feet it all goes together. In that sense then, the universe, and what you or I do, all goes together, and so a picture of the universe is really a picture of you. 

We may not recognize ourselves because we think of ourselves as a chopped-off piece surrounded by our skin, and therefore we think of ourselves as separate beings who stand alone and move through all sorts of different places but are cut off from the environment. 

As a result we have an underlying feeling of alienation, of not really belonging in this universe, and we feel that we are being confronted by something that does not really care about us…the feeling that haunts almost everybody is that this ‘I’ is an orphan, here on a visit, and we don’t feel that we really belong here. 

In the same way, what do you feel when you look out at those galaxies? If you go out into a desert or up in the mountains where the sky is clear, you see this colossal affair that you are involved in. It makes a lot of people feel very small, but it shouldn’t. It should make you feel as big as it is, because it is all inseparably connected with what you call you. 

This tremendous whirling of energy is exactly one and the same energy that is looking out of your eyes, that is running along inside your brain, that is breathing, and that makes noises when you talk. The whole energy of the universe is coming at you and through you, and you are that energy.”
~~Alan Watts from Still the Mind; An Introduction to Meditation

Please note that until further notice, all Music on Malphrus shows have been postponed.  Watch this space for updates.



 A Note From the Care Committee

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the member Check-In Phone Buddy calls. We all enjoyed calling you and trust it was enjoyable and perhaps useful for you as well. We had many more folks volunteer to make calls so we will consider how to move forward from here. The good news is that all members seem to be doing well in general, though there were concerns about some family and friends afar. Please feel free to call each other, your contact person, or Jana or Valerie to stay in touch!

The Care and Membership Committees felt this would be a good time to update the Directory and have a Phone Buddy system in place for this current situation but also for hurricane season, storms, and other situations in the future if needed. Your feedback, suggestions, and ideas are much appreciated…so please let us know your thoughts.

 Let’s continue to care for ourselves and each other, stay well, and stay safe.

The Care and Membership Committees

Check Out Some Of The Groups That Use Our Facility:

Lowcountry Indivisible
Compassionate Friends
Palmetto Plant Eaters
Helping Parents Heal
Narcotics Anonymous

Weight Watchers
Musicians Unite

Can you sing a song?  Do you play an instrument?  Would you like to share this talent with the congregation?

If you would like to work with any of our regular musicians when we resume regular live services please contact UUCL.OFFICE@GMAIL.COM to discuss options.  


                                                        Photo by Ron Titus

                                                   Photo by Carla Golden


We Live Stream our services. You can view many of our services from our UUCL Facebook Page. (

We also record audio of our services. You can listen to many of our services on our website.  If you like what you hear, you can request an audio CD of the service.

Last Weekend Rev. Dick Hood presented "These Roots are Made for Walkin' - Part 1 Our Universalist Roots."  This service was live streamed on our Facebook page.  An audio recording of the service can be accessed on our website.  
This and other videos can be viewed at

You can learn more about our services by visiting

 If you would like to request an audio CD copy of one of our recorded services - you will find an order form in the office of our Congregational Administrator.  Leave your name, contact information and date of the service on the form.  For a small handling fee a CD copy of most services can be available within a week of the request.  

Please Note: Due to certain technical and other issues specific services may not be available.
Check out the Services / Sermons page on our website to see which services were live streamed and are now available for viewing.

You can also go directly to the video section of our Facebook Page to view these videos.


And Now We Start To Look At May

5/2 Membership potluck (Cancelled) Contact Val Bridges for info.
5/6 PPE Club  (Cancelled) Contact Carla Golden for info.
5/9 Indivisible (Cancelled) Contact George Kanuck for info.
5/10 Pursuing art (Cancelled) Contact Tom Duff for info.
5/10 Finance committee (Virtual) Contact Patricia Friedman for info.
5/13 Worship associates (Cancelled) Contact Cheryl Kanuck for info.
5/14 PPE Event (Cancelled) Contact Carla Golden for info.
5/21 Board meeting (Virtual) Contact Carol Stephens for info.
5/22 Women dining out (Cancelled) Contact Tish Honse for info.
5/27 Membership committee (Virtual) Contact Val Bridges for info.  




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