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Why do I bother screening films in my community? It's expensive, time consuming, and nerve wracking. Wouldn't I rather be outside on this sunny day instead of typing this note inside? I could be taking a nap, exercising, or visiting with friends. But no I'm here promoting a film festival taking place in 1 week instead. Why?

Because I am surrounded by caring people who are sick about the state of our natural environment. And I am surrounded by concerned people who are angry about the state of healthcare in our country. And I'm surrounded by loving people who want to expand compassion in our culture and around the globe. I see these people. I hear them. I am among them. And yet there is a vast disconnect between our dying planet, suffering humans, lack of compassion for each other, and the way we treat animals...all animals, not just the ones we tag for food.

That is why I bring screenings like this to my community. These films educate and inspire. They give people solutions to what keeps them awake at night. Films like these give people actionable steps to quell the worry, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and despair they often feel when looking at the state of our world. Films like these reduce the disconnect so that these problems can start to finally be resolved. I want to see resolution, don't you?

This film festival features 12 short films about the vegan ethic from animal rights, environmentalism, health care, and compassion for all species including homo sapiens. In these films you will learn about mink farms polluting waters in Nova Scotia, a vegan military soldier and his thoughts on violence, the importance of bearing witness to tough issues instead of looking away, the devastating impacts of animal agriculture on the natural environment, how meeting your living meat may alter which meal is chosen, commentary on the myth of humane meat, analysis of the many excuses people use to justify hurting of animals, the exploitation of the female reproductive system, the outdated practice of animal testing, transformed animal farmers, and the atrocity of using captive animals for entertainment all told in narrative form, cartoon, still images, and video.

I have watched these 12 films. I have pre-screened them for you to assure you that there are no bloody, violent, or horrific scenes of slaughter. There are images of unsanitary living conditions for animals, moments before slaughter, enslavement of animals, laboratory testing conditions, and happy, joyful animals.

The evening will include a screening of these 12 riveting short films with an intermission. It will take about 2.5 hours. There will be a Q&A afterwards. During intermission we will enjoy each others potluck movie snacks, water sold as a fundraiser ($1 cash per can) by the Savannah Veggie & Vegans group, a raffle prize, and a silent auction of baskets filled with treasures and treats.

Tickets are available now online for $10 here:

Tickets can be purchased at the door for $15 cash only. Doors open at 6:00pm. The screening starts at 6:30 pm. Open seating. I hope you will join us to gather together to learn about & discuss an issue that impacts us all: how we collectively decide how animals are treated.

If you are one of the generous people who have told me that they're planning to purchase the $15 ticket in order to help raise more funds, thank you! Please purchase your $10 ticket online and plan to make a donation in our donation jar at the event. Online ticket sales numbers will help us with seating & planning.

This event is a fundraiser for the Palmetto Plant Eaters Club/Lowcountry VegFest and the Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry chapter at the UU Congregation of the Lowcountry.

Potluck vegan movie snack ideas: popcorn, cookies, dark chocolate, fruit, pretzels, chips, muffins, cupcakes, etc. Please nothing with butter, milk, eggs, whey, honey, gelatin, or meat.

Did I cover it all? If not, let me know your question/s. I really hope that I'll see you there. Let's be a community who cares about these issues and discusses them.

Facebook event page HERE - your RSVP helps spread the word among your network.

Festival trailer & film descriptions HERE

If you are already planning to attend, thank you. Please invite your friends and/or forward this email. Your help to promote the festival will be much appreciated.

Best, Carla Golden
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