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Hi dear yogis,

Thanks for all your kind words, thoughts and prayers. They have been gratefully received.

I want to announce to my customers, current and past, with a large group message to make sure that word goes out.

I was in a pretty bad car accident Tuesday morning and I cannot walk, so, this recovery is going to be a while. My right hip was fractured at the upper femur, and my  left tibia was shattered, both put back in place with a lengthy operation Tuesday evening. I am still in the hospital, and scheduled for another surgery on my tibia this Tuesday. 

As of now, all yoga classes and events are currently cancelled until further notice.

Regarding current Winter Classes: I'll be refunding your account, as soon as I can in the next couple of weeks.

I'm staying positive that life will be different soon!

The hospital isn't so bad, I have a view of the U of R library and Mount Hope Cemetery. And I'm impressing my nurses with my upper body strength when I need to move around. Yoga blocks really help to prop yourself up in bed!

Daniel is taking good care of me, bringing my favorite healthy foods and beverages.

Regarding the accident:

I was driving on 490E when traffic slowed down to a stop, and rear-ended at high speed by the vehicle behind me. The impact then smashed my car into tractor trailer in front of me. My poor little Nissan is totalled, but it did a good job keeping me as safe as it could. The first responders were amazing as were the first few days in the hospital.

I'll see you all soon I'm sure. In the mean time keep your self well and healthy and moving!


Genevra Petito, yoga instructor, fitness trainer, and owner of Supergirl Fitness

Genevra Petito teaches yoga and fitness classes in Pittsford, NY, and specializes in fitness program design for women 55 to 75 years young. Client Testimonials...

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