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Dear yoga buddies and fitness friends,

Winter greetings! I hope this message finds you warm and safe.

I'm writing to you at the completion of one month of my recovery post car accident on January 15th.

I've been in rehab at St John's Home for a few weeks, and this past Monday was my first day standing on my right leg - with assistance of a walker. In the past week I've gotten up to about 100 foot distance with the walker. Every day brings a new victory!

The process of healing bones and strengthening muscles is underway and with it comes time for deep inner healing.  I alternate hard work with hard naps.

Right now I am giving myself permission to “check out” from the outside world in order to put my full focus on recovery. I am determined to get myself home and therefore I'm practicing my bed yoga every morning and breathing exercises every afternoon.

I have been offered so much support and I am asking for my friends to keep Daniel and I in your positive thoughts and send prayers and good vibes over this way. Visualizations of us walking and talking would be great too. Be happy and grateful for your awesome legs! Stretch and dance and sing with me on this journey.

See you soon.

In gratitude,


Genevra Petito, yoga instructor, fitness trainer, and owner of Supergirl Fitness

Genevra Petito teaches yoga and fitness classes in Pittsford, NY, and specializes in fitness program design for women 55 to 75 years young. Client Testimonials...

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