HUSKY WEEKLY: Thursday, October 5, 2017
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Friday, October 6 - NO SCHOOL, Fall Break
Monday, October 9 - NO SCHOOL, Professional Development
Skate Night 1
Skate Night 2
Scenes from Skate Night, courtesy of Mrs. Vogel

A Teaching Difference

"A teacher has to be a prophet who can look into the future and see the world
of tomorrow into which the children of today must fit."
- Anonymous

The greatest strength of The de Paul School is our teachers! With compassion, expertise, and enthusiasm, they serve as the primary deliverers of instruction and assessment within de Paul. They are responsible for mastering and building upon the specialized techniques and curriculum designated by the school and for meeting high expectations for performance and professional development. The teacher is charged to work with colleagues and administrators to bring the mission, philosophy, and goals of The de Paul School to life.

Why do teachers who could practice their craft in any educational setting choose to teach at de Paul? Let’s ask…
Mrs. Nuckols

Mrs. Jane Nuckols

"The de Paul School is an amazing place to be an educator. I choose de Paul because it’s here that children learn to be successful, become self-confident, and are treated with dignity. The de Paul School changes lives … Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something so special?"
Mr. Dzanko

Mr. Michael Dzanko

"I wanted to become a teacher because I wanted to make a positive difference in students’ lives – just like my favorite teachers did in mine. At de Paul, I can see that difference every day, and for that I’m impossibly grateful.”
-Lisa Stepp, Principal

Practicing Success

Success Circle
Most people have trouble with at least one subject, be it Language Arts, Math, etc. This week in Success, Mrs. Agee’s class reflected on their struggles, and further discussed the fundamentals of deliberate practice and how practice can help. Even talented and elite athletes – Cristiano Ronaldo and Stephen Curry, for example – tell us that practice is essential to what they do. Successful people practice practice practice, be it their strengths or their weaknesses.
Rock Wall
In P.E., all Teams have had the chance to climb up or boulder across the gym wall this year

de Paul Dining 17-18

Flik is in full swing at The de Paul School! We have lots of great programs going on this school year.
Grilled Cheese Plus
  • #FlikSoCheesy as this year's Food Focus will have you head over cheese (ha-ha!) for grilled cheese. Each month we will test your taste buds with a different type of grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Healthy Foods Matter focuses this year on grains! Grains come in all shapes, sizes and flavors, and our goal is to get everyone to try them all. Each new grain comes with a 'How to Cook' card to make trying them at home easy also.
  • Superpower food - Are you ready to explore all the ways super foods help you shine? From tomatoes in August helping to keep you youthful right through to leafy greens in April making stronger bones, these Superpower foods will give you super powers!
-Chelsea Anderson, Senior Wellness Coordinator
FLIK Independent School Dining

The de Paul School: Month At A Glance

Fri, Oct 6 - NO SCHOOL, Fall Break
Mon, Oct 9 - NO SCHOOL, Professional Development Day
Thurs, Oct 12 - Picture Day!
Weds, Oct 18 - Talent Show Auditions, Husky Hall, 3:30-4:30pm
Thurs, Oct 19 - Talent Show Auditions, Husky Hall, 3:30-4:30pm
Fri, Nov 3 - de Party for de Paul, Muhammad Ali Center, 6-10pm
Mon, Nov 6 - NO SCHOOL, Professional Development Day
Weds-Fri, Nov 22-24 - NO SCHOOL, Holiday
*Check our website calendar by clicking the Full Calendar button below to see all that's going on at de Paul! We update our website calendar regularly to reflect any changes in our schedule.


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