HUSKY WEEKLY: Friday, April 14, 2017
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Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences
Friday, April 21
Team 5 Language Arts

Explicit Instruction

As Principal, I am often asked about de Paul instruction and how it is different. Students with learning differences need very specific, research-based methodologies and curriculum to remediate and develop those academic, social, and critical thinking skills which lead to independence and success – both at home and at school.

In a quest to maximize students’ academic growth, one of the most effective tools is that of explicit instruction. It is called explicit because it is a clear and direct approach to teaching that includes both instructional design and delivery procedures. Explicit instruction is characterized by a series of supports whereby students are guided through the learning process with clear statements about the purpose for learning each new skill, clear explanations of how to apply the skill in their area of study, demonstration of the instructional outcome, and supported practice with feedback until independent mastery has been achieved.

- Lisa Stepp, Principal

Microbes in the Murk

Team 5 Science
Microscope View
For homework, Team 5 students collected samples of murky water from nearby ponds, streams, lakes, and home aquariums. Back at school, they examined the samples under the microscope, looking to identify the microbial protists – amoeba, paramecium, vorticella, and euglena – they've been studying.

To complement their microbial studies, Team 5 students read Uninvited Guests: Invisible Creatures Lurking in Your Home during their Language Arts class (pictured above "Explicit Instruction" article).

Regarding "Spinners"

*Image courtesy of
A new fidget, known as a “spinner,” is on the market and has captured the attention of many of our students. It is an enticing item to hold and spin with one’s fingers. "Spinners" are being marketed as a tool to help people with ADHD to focus, but there is as yet no research to support these claims. There are many items touted to help students focus, but they do not always have the desired effect and can be very distracting in class, so de Paul evaluates such tools carefully before approving them for use.
de Paul has investigated spinners to determine their potential impact on learning. Our guiding questions have included:
  • Does the item increase or decrease the student’s on-task behaviors?
  • Is the item effective after the novelty wears off?
  • Does the item cause distraction to others?
  • Is this an item that will help the child to integrate into future classroom settings?
  • Are there other strategies or more typical classroom items that can achieve the desired effect?  (We generally try to avoid the use of unconventional items and instead teach strategies that students can use inconspicuously in future classroom settings.)   
Spinners do not meet de Paul standards on several of these questions. They are less likely to help our students at de Paul and in future settings, as compared to tools and strategies we are already teaching. Students who own a spinner should keep these at home for their enjoyment.
- Phil Howell, Dean

Spring Book Festival

Spring Book Festival
Carmichael's Bookstore

The library's Spring Book Festival is scheduled for Friday, April 21st during the Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences. The festival will be operating from 8am – 5pm in Room 107, across from the library. We would love to have you come visit us at this time and purchase any item(s) your child has selected.

We are excited to partner again with our local independent bookstore – Carmichael’s – for our Book Festival. This event supports a local business and also provides a variety of book selections for our students and their families. 

The objective of the Book Festival is twofold: to help raise funds to purchase essential classroom and library resources and to encourage reading among our students. We appreciate your support of our school and the library. Hope to see you at the Festival!

To see a list of some of the titles that will be featured at the upcoming Book Festival, please click HERE!

Elementary Spring Carnival!

Husky Chef
Student Council invites you to our Elementary Spring Carnival on Friday, April 28 from 5-7pm. de Paul students (Teams K-5) and their siblings, parents, and extended family are invited for a night of food, laughter, and games! We will start with a pancake supper in the cafeteria, and then we'll move into the gym for games and prizes.

Please RSVP by Friday, April 21st so we can offer ample food and prizes!

Alumni Update

Trinity High School shared that 25 de Paul alumni earned Third Quarter Honor Roll recognition. Well done, Huskies!

Be A Flexitarian

Salad Bar
A flexitarian is someone who actively incorporates meatless meals into his/her diet but isn’t necessarily a vegetarian. Being a flexitarian is not only about subtracting from your diet, but adding to it. Eating more whole grains, beans, lentils, and vegetables on your meatless day offers many health benefits including preventing heart disease, certain cancers, and type 2 diabetes. Incorporating meatless meals into the diet can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
By making a slight change in our diets and simply eating one meat-free meal a week, we can make an impact on both our health and the environment. How easy is that?
 - Chelsea Anderson MS, RD, LD
Senior Wellness Coordinator, FLIK Independent School Dining

The de Paul School: Month At A Glance

Weds, Apr 19 - 3rd Annual T8 Legacy Putt Challenge, Day 1, 7:30-8:30am, Gym
Weds, Apr 19 - T8 Chicago Parents' Meetings: Chaperone Meeting, 5:45-6:30pm; Parent Meeting, 6:30-7:45pm; Husky Hall
Thurs, Apr 20 - 3rd Annual T8 Legacy Putt Challenge, Day 2, 7:30-8:30am, Gym
Thurs, Apr 20 - Teacher Appreciation Day
Fri, Apr 21 - Parent-Teacher-Student Conference Day & Spring Book Fair
Fri, Apr 21 - Summer Program Enrollment at Conferences
Fri, Apr 28 - Elementary Family Carnival & Pancake Dinner, 5-7pm, Gym
Weds, May 17 - NOON DISMISSAL: Professional Half-Day
Fri, May 19 - Field Day
Fri, May 19 - T8 Retrospective, 6-7pm, Husky Hall
Thurs, May 25 - T8 Recognition Ceremony, 7-8pm, Gym
Fri, May 26 - Final Day of School Year
*Check our website calendar by clicking the Full Calendar button below to see all that's going on at de Paul! We update our website calendar regularly to reflect any changes in our schedule.


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