Important details for keeping up with biochar content and colleagues
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Final Symposium Details 
Presentation Content, Social Media and More!

Three weeks ago you and over 300 biochar enthusiasts gathered at the University of Massachusetts Amherst to share, explore, and celebrate the benefits and uses of biochar - along with the many details of feedstocks and production methods, the best practices for scaling and responsible marketing of biochar, and the important factors of policy and community engagement for advancing the biochar movement.

Click HERE for our collective ideas about how to keep the work advancing.

Most of the presentations from this USBI conference hosted by the Pioneer Valley Biochar Initiative have been uploaded to the ScholarWorks portal hosted by UMass. For your convenience, the list of sessions and direct links to them have been put on this spreadsheet (in column J).

You'll note that this is also our running list of video content to be edited. A team of volunteers is working together on this and it is indeed a long labor of love - particularly given the amazing quality of the footage (i.e. HUGE files that take enormous amounts of time to download to edit and convert in order to upload to the USBI YouTube Channel

Please subscribe to the five new PLAYLISTS on this YouTube channel so that you can receive notification when each new video is uploaded (you'll need to adjust settings to receive email notification). These links will also be added to the sessions on ScholarWorks, and the idea is to also include actual footage you can download, but we're suspecting that you'd rather watch the streaming content rather than take LOTS of time downloading it.

If you gave a presentation or Ignite! talk at the conference and do not yet see it on ScholarWorks, PLEASE be in touch. Either we were unable to convert it to PDF format or it was on one of the lost flash drives.

And speaking of lost objects, there were a few things we've not been able to track down - including a fuzzy brown sweater, a red floral scarf, the base of a white apple charger, and a tea kettle cord, If you know the whereabouts of any of these, Karen can put you in touch with a grateful owner!

Lastly, here are additional social media channels through which the biochar conversations can continue until the next conference.

Biochar Listserv: 
USBI Facebook Page: 

PVBI Facebook Group: 
USBI Twitter:  
Biochar Commercialization: LinkedIn Group 
Biochar Offsets: LinkedIn Group

Happy Charring!