The Trees of Hope event is in just a few days!
Have you downloaded the Handbid App yet?  Download it today & save time at check-in!

SPACEBALLS PRESENTS: The Top 5 Reasons to Download the Handbid App Before the Event
  1. You can get to the bar faster! 
    If you have the app downloaded we can speed you through check-in allowing you to grab that first drink and get a look at all of the amazing trees faster!

  2. You won't remember your iTunes password. 
    We all forget our iTunes password and if we capitalized it and which kids birthday we included. And since you need that password to download the app, get that figured out before you arrive so you can start bidding right away.

  3. You won't remember your iTunes security questions to reset the password that you don't remember. 
    Because when you're under pressure... who can remember the city their father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate was born in? 

  4. Preview items!
    We will open our items for preview on the app so you can strategize all of your bidding ahead of time!

  5. When you're in a hurry, apps take forever to download
    While we do have high speed WiFi available, we will be having a record crowd this year and if everyone is trying to download the app at the same time it will not be at ludicrous speed. 

Happy to help.

We are happy to help you get the app downloaded and an account set-up before the event! If you have any questions please contact

We can't wait to see you on Saturday!! 

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