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Our wonderful Buddhist Centre has been recognised in the Shrewsbury Mayor Awards 2016. At a glittering ceremony, Saravantu and Jayaratna received the gold award for the Built Heritage. The award acknowledges the achievements of individuals, organisations and companies that own buildings in Shrewsbury and have worked towards enhancing the built heritage.

The Mayor said how impressed he was by the sense of space and light, and the high quality of the decoration. Congratulations to all for our beautiful restoration of All Saints Hall and for transforming it into a place where people can find peace, friendship and meaning.


Wesak Festival

Please clear your diaries for Buddha Day on Sunday May 22nd, the most important day in the Buddhist calendar (and much more significant than Christmas!).

The day will run from 10:00am - 4:30pm, with mainly meditation and chanting until lunch at 12:00, followed from 1:30pm by an interactive dramatic reenactment with audience participation of the Attack by Mara in the run-up to the Buddha's enlightenment. The day will end with (we hope) at least 5 Mitra ceremonies in the context of a special puja from 3 pm.

Please bring veggie food to share.

Garden Taking Shape

Our garden is taking shape with the completion of the patio and footpath. A dedicated team braved all the elements to complete the work. A big pat on the back to all involved.

Compassionate Action

Our noticeboard now features a small corner aimed at being a focus for displaying information (both positive and negative) on things that you really care about and how the smallest change might help. So contact us with any information you would like to share with the rest of the Sangha.

More details and news here.

A New Cabin for Taraloka

This summer Taraloka will build a new Tara Cabin. Beautifully designed and resembling the previous cabin, the Tara Cabin will be a sacred space within their green landscape, among broad skies, bird song and moonlight. They need to raise £20,000 before June, can you be one of a thousand donors giving just £20 to reach our total?

To give, visit our website:, post a donation to 'Taraloka, Bettisfield, Whitchurch SY13 2LD' or phone to give by debit card - 01948 710 646.

Wolf Out of Doors

A Wolf at the Door Buddhist creative writing workshop, in Leigh Woods near Bristol. Saturday 7th May, 10am to 4pm with Dhivan and Vidyacitta.

‘One impulse from a vernal wood
May teach you more of man,
Of moral evil and of good,
Than all the sages can.’

Come and see if Wordsworth had it right. This will be a day of walking in the woods, writing from our experience of nature, spending time in silence, and sharing work in peaceful glades.

Dhivan and Vidyacitta are members of the Wolf at the Door collective.

Book direct with Dhivan at, 07779 842780. Cost £10 to cover expenses. No prior experience of writing or Buddhism required, but boots, warm clothes and waterproofs recommended. Bring writing gear, sitting mat or fold up seat if you need it, mug, and lunch to share.


Triratna Arts and Culture

It is time to apply for the 2017 Triratna Arts and Culture Catalogue! This year we will have an online version of the catalogue linked into spotify, soundcloud and youtube which will make it even more accessible. Even so, we will definitely be keeping the hard copy as there is something archival and even sacred about a book. The fact that it can be looked over in the Buddhist centres during groups and tea breaks for decades to come is my long term aim. This is a project towards archiving our unfolding cultural story. I hope you can join me in that.

Full details here and application form.


Sub 25


Men's Day Retreat

The next Men's Day Retreat will be Sunday 8th May from 10:00am until 1:00pm

Guided Meditations

It’s always a treat when Jayaratna leads a meditation, and now you can listen to him anytime! Click on the new links on the front page of our website ( to hear his guided body scan, mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana. 

Share your sitting...

… even when you’re at home!  The Insight Timer app (for smart phones and iPads) lets you see who else is meditating at the same time as you in Shrewsbury and around the world. And you can set bells for the stages of your meditation. We’ve set up a group for the Shrewsbury Triratna sangha so do join our group if you use this app.


Please be considerate to local residents when parking, especially in evenings or weekends. At these times you could try New Park Road or the car park behind Spar - less than 5 minutes walk away.



20th May (7:30pm)

Join Jayaratna for the Celtic Puja

Men's Morning

An invitation to all men to join for a sit each Tuesday morning at 7:00am followed by a hearty bring and share breakfast.

Buddha Day

Join us on the 22nd May.

Dharma Day

Join us on 24th July

Sangha Day

Join us on 13th November


The Five Prajnas: Wisdom Unveiled

24th June to 1st July at Taraloka (women only)

Led by Maitrivajri (for Triratna Regulars). Wisdom – elusive, ungraspable, invisible. Or is it? Come! Journey deep into the spiritual imagination, the Mandala of the Five Prajnas (the five Female Buddhas). Here transcendental wisdom reveals itself within five realms – each a vibrant aspect of wisdom - through form, colour, element, season, mantra, ritual objects, practice. More...

Sub25 Retreat

1st to 3rd July

Our live are precious and brief. What is the best way to live? In which direction should we pour our energies and youth? This retreat will give us the chance to go into this question in a meaningful and relaxed way with people in the same stage of life. This retreat is suitable for those new to Buddhism and Meditation and for those wanting to go deeper. More...

The Other Side of Insight

14th to 24th October at Vajraloka (mixed)

Insight is often approached through various methods oriented to deconstructing our deep-rooted conceptions that support the idea of a fixed self. However, this approach may sometimes seem to neglect the importance of compassion, love and beauty in preparing the ground for insight to take root. More...

Buddhafield North (mixed)

30th July to 4th Aug

The taste of freedom, an open retreat for all comers. More...

For all Triratna retreats visit Going On Retreat.


Too Lazy to Be Ambitious

Too lazy to be ambitious,
I let the world take care of itself.
Ten days' worth of rice in my bag;
a bundle of twigs by the fireplace.
Why chatter about delusion and enlightenment?
Listening to the night rain on my roof,
I sit comfortably, with both legs stretched out.

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