How Toxic is your Daily Skincare?
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How Toxic is your Daily Skincare?

 Hi Everyone,
Every morning I apply face cream to my face and usually some makeup. Most women do this. But have you ever thought about what actually goes into that cream, foundation or mascara and what harm it may be doing to your body.

The skin is our largest organ and completely covers the body. It helps regulate our body temperature, contains nerve endings for sensations of pain, touch and temperature and protects underlying structures from injury and invasion of bacteria. It also acts as a barrier from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun through the production of melanin, and maintains water and electrolyte balance.

It consists of two main layers, the outer epidermis and the inner dermis under which lies more tissue and varying amounts of adipose or fat tissue. Hairs and secretions from sweat glands pass through the epidermis and its cells are constantly being rubbed off and replaced. The underlying dermis contains collagen which gives the skin its strength and this is where wrinkles develop as we age. Blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerve endings are also widely distributed throughout the skin. It is truly an amazing organ.

Although it has many wonderful protective functions and does act as a barrier, the skin will absorb certain drugs and chemicals that may be toxic to our health. Many creams and cosmetics claim to be 'natural' or 'plant-based' but if you read the list of ingredients they contain, you may be quite surprised. 

Shampoo: Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a detergent often found in shampoo, soap and toothpaste and some cosmetics. It is an industrial cleaner which is contaminated during its processing with 1,4-Dioxane, a carcinogenic by-product. It can also cause skin and  eye irritation, organ toxicity and hormonal disturbances. Shampoo may also contain Parabens and Aluminium.

CosmeticsParabens are synthetic preservatives found regularly in cosmetics, personal care products such as deodorants and even in baby lotions. They inhibit the growth of bacteria and moulds so preserve the shelf-life of products. They have been shown to mimic the actions of oestrogen and hence interrupt normal endocrine function. Cosmetics may also contain Toluene, a by-product of petroleum. Chronic exposure has been linked to anaemia, lowered blood cell count and kidney and liver damage. Petroleum slows cellular development leading to early signs of ageing and has been linked to cancer and hormonal imbalance. Lead is often found in Lipstick and is a highly toxic metal which stays in your system. It has been associated with neurological problems, depression, blood disorders and behavioural and learning problems in children.

Deodorants: Aluminium is a toxic metal that is found in many products such as antiperspirant deodorants, skin lotions, shampoos and sunscreens. It has been shown to disrupt the hormonal system, with links to breast cancer and neurological disorders, particularly Alzheimer's.

Creams and Lotions: Many face and body creams contain Synthetic Fragrances which are made with petroleum-based oils such as Phthalates. These have been linked to fertility issues and birth defects. Petroleum (see above), is also found in many creams and lotions.

Nail Polish: Synthetic Formaldehyde is a highly toxic and volatile organic compound often found in nail polish. It is toxic to the liver and linked to cancer. Toulene may also be present in nail polish. See above.

Okay, so this list may sound very daunting and you may wonder if avoidance is all that necessary. The danger lies in the fact that chemicals absorbed through the skin, directly enter the bloodstream and accumulate over time and slowly but gradually cause damage to our organs. Try and replace your old products with new healthy ones, gradually. That way it won't seem so difficult.

There are healthy and organic alternatives and I have listed some of the brands that I know of or have used.
Cosmetics: Innnika, La Mav, , Zuii organic, Ere Perez, Alexami, Adorn
Face Creams and Cleansers: Puredestiny Aromatics, Mutki organics, La Mav, Sodashi, Kora organics, Sukin
Shampoo: Mutki, Nature's Symphony, Mineral Energy, Be Genki, Sukin.
Toothpaste: Weleda or other brands found in health food stores
Deodorant: Weleda, Herb Valley, Crystal deodorants or others found in health food stores. This can be a challenge and it's a matter of personal preference.
Sunscreen: Wotnot
They can be bought online or found in health food stores or if you look up individual brands, they usually list stockists. Prices vary as some are more expensive than others but you can shop around.
A great resource to check for checking the safety of your products is: Environmental Working Group).

Remember, that we have a lot of control over our health. We can eat nutritious, organic food, exercise, meditate and generally look after ourselves but the products we use on our bodies contribute greatly to how many toxins enter our body. If you can't spell it or pronounce it, chances our it's not good for you. Remember that our skin reflects our internal state, so what's good for the skin is also good for the body.

Take care,

With love,

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