5 Ways Self Love leads to Better Health.
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5 Ways Self Love leads to Better Health

Hi Everyone,

This email may come as a surprise but I have decided to send monthly newsletters so that you can have more information and inspiration to help you on your journey to great health.
These will cover a mixed range of topics from loving ourselves to the use of essential oils to information about various health issues. Please feel free to make suggestions about anything that you would like to discuss or learn more about.

I believe that really loving ourselves, not in an egotistical way, but in a truly caring way, is the first step to creating great health.
Here are 5 ways in which we can achieve this.
1)Loving our thoughts. Every thought we think, whether consciously or subconsciously affects our mood, the way we view our life and how we perceive ourselves. It has been said that out of all the thoughts we think on a daily basis, only 5% are conscious thoughts while the remaining 95% are subconscious ones. This means that when we are not specifically concentrating on something, our minds race ahead thinking about a million other things. Research has shown that positive thoughts reduce stress so can you imagine the impact on our overall health if we could train our minds to think more loving and positive thoughts. One way of doing this is through affirmations, as advocated by people such as Louise Hay. By telling ourselves every day that “I love and accept myself” or “I love and respect myself” or “I am worthy of the very best in life", our brains slowly start to accept this as normal. Although it can be quite confronting and feel quite silly at first, you do become more comfortable with it over time.

2)Loving our Space. Taking time out every day for relaxation or meditation, has been scientifically shown to reduce stress, improve your focus and mental alertness, stabilise blood sugars and improve digestion and immunity. Having time out in nature, space away form the busy routine of our daily lives, having time to just ‘breathe’, enhances feelings of wellbeing and reduces stress, fatigue and feeling overwhelmed.

3)Loving our Food. If we really care for ourselves and our health, we need to think carefully about the food we put into our bodies. Eating healthily with an assortment of fresh (preferably organic) fruit and vegetables, lean meats, fish, a predominantly plant-based diet and avoiding sugar and processed foods and any foods that upset our digestion, will have a dramatic affect on our energy levels and the health of our cells. Eating foods high in sugar, drinking too much alcohol and consuming highly processed and salty foods, ultimately leads to gut disturbances, skin problems, fatigue and immune issues. Think carefully about what you eat and why you are eating it and whether it is doing you any harm or good. Love yourself enough to make sure that it’s beneficial for you and give gratitude for every mouthful that you take for it is nourishing every cell in your body.

4)Loving our Body. Moving your body every day, whether it be a workout at the gym, pilates, yoga or even a short walk will have huge benefits for your wellbeing. It will lead to an increase in circulation and heart health, more oxygen for your cells and will help to maintain a healthy weight. Learn to love your Body. We are all different shapes and sizes and none of us are the same. Make the effort to exercise regularly, not because you fear being ill but because it makes you feel good. Don’t be swayed by what everyone else is doing. Choose something that feels right for you and that you enjoy.

5)Loving your assertiveness. Learning to be assertive and saying ‘No’ is perhaps one of the hardest things we need to learn, to show real love and respect for ourselves. We are often brought up to ‘give to others’ first and this was certainly true for me throughout my life. Although it is important to be generous and helpful, if we are constantly giving to others and not ourselves, we are giving away our energy. Ultimately this leads to fatigue, exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed and resentful. If you find it hard to say ‘no’ when asked to do something or be somewhere, don’t give an answer immediately. Say ‘I’ll get back to you’ or ‘I’ll think about it’ and this gives you time to decide whether you really want to do what’s requested, whether you have the time or energy or whether it is good for you. Value your time because you are worth it! Avoiding overwhelm and exhaustion is your right. Each and every one of us is equally important and you owe it to yourself and your health to love yourself enough so that you give yourself permission to say NO. If you then say ‘yes’ to things that really matter, you will enjoy them so much more.
So consider the ways that you love yourself every day and if this is difficult for you, then try and implement some of the above suggestions. It may take some effort but after all, YOU ARE WORTH IT.
With love,
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