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Hi youcubians,

I was asked by Larry Ferlazzo, a teacher and Ed Week columnist, if there was a strategy that I thought was missing in teaching, that I could write about. I thought hard about the most under-used strategy and wrote a short piece about it, with lots of teaching examples. You can read it here.  It was published last week in Ed Week, with 2 other strategies shared by experienced educators. I thought youcubians would like to read it – and share it if you like it.
I am also sharing a poster submitted to us, that honors the work of Maryam Mirzakhani. Many of you will know that Maryam sadly died recently. She was the first woman to win the Field’s Medal in mathematics. Maryam’s work was visual and beautiful and other mathematicians talked about how she had connected previously unconnected areas of mathematics. We at youcubed will always keep Maryam’s legacy alive, we know she is inspirational to young girls in particular – and to us. Our poster was designed by one of our younger youcubians and will appear with our other posters. Do you or your classes want to send us posters that you have designed that we can share in our poster section of the site? If you would please submit images of the posters to
In other news I am working with my team to collect examples of inspirational high school teaching, in particular teachers who have shifted the focus from performance to growth and learning. We will be sharing our new white paper soon, so do look out for that.

We are getting great feedback from teachers using our 4th grade book of visual, creative maths tasks – that span across many grade levels. Fifth grade is finished and will be released April 3rd. It is available for pre-order now.  We are anticipating the third grade book will be available in the summer. The plan is to have all K-8 books in the next few years. If you are curious have a look at the 4th grade book, some of the tasks stump teachers as they are innovative and unusual!  We are also working on a set of free visual, creative algebra lessons that will be ready in time for next year.
Keep up the great work youcubians,
And Viva La Revolution,

Maryam Mirzakhani poster
Our curriculum books
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