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Hello youcubians,

It's a new school year! We are so thankful for all of your support with our "Week of Inspirational Maths" lessons - now 10 lessons available with 10 accompanying mindset videos. If you are using the lessons, we hope you and your students are enjoying them.We continue to be inspired by all the twitter shares of students working on the lessons - go youcubians!

We are experiencing record breaking traffic on our website, which is a wonderful thing. When we started youcubed just a couple of years ago we had about 5000 views a month. This past month we have topped 2 million views a month. We are working hard (on our limited budget!) to keep things up and running, but we have run into some issues, that we are working to fix. If you experience an error message or a page that is running slow please try again soon. We will be taking the site down at 4pm PST today. It will be down between 1 - 2 hours. After that the site should be running at high speed again.  

One tip for ease of use is to download the materials outside of class time -  even the videos are download-able. We have also just added sub-titles to the videos, so if you downloaded an older version I would re-download those.

In other news, in next month's edition of Scientific American, Mind magazine, I have a new article, written with a PISA analyst, on the dangers of memorization. It shares the important brain science pointing to the need for number flexibility and number sense, over "blind" memorization of math facts, which we continue to see encouraged in schools. Math facts are important, but the best way to learn them is through number flexibility, not rote memorization.  Look out for paper copies of the magazine, we will let you know when the online article becomes available.

Other news - We are offering two day workshops here at Stanford for teachers and math leaders who are interested in learning about our summer school curriculum and teaching. I will kick off each of the sessions and my youcubed team will also be teaching them. Those attending will receive a copy of our curriculum for their own classroom use. We have dates in January, February and March. We will be adding more dates soon for the months of April, May and June. If you would like more information click here.

Our summer leadership summit was a big success. For those of you who were unable to attend we are offering another one in the spring. We will be sending out more information soon.

I have been overwhelmed by the response to my Mathematical Mindsets book, which is really helping the spread of youcubed ideas, thank you to all the readers and sharers of that book-

Please stay in touch, we love to read your emails and tweets,

Viva La Revolution,


Students working on WiM2 graphs.
Thank you Caitlin Starkey at St. Clare Catholic School in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Students enjoying WiM2 finger discrimination activities. Thank you Kryssie Pratt @teacherkpratt
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