Hella Pinay

Founded in 2016 in Brooklyn, NY, Hella Pinay is now based in Oakland, CA with a global team of contributors from Pampanga to Toronto to Los Angeles.

A queer led independent media/events company and platform that was born out of a frustration from the lack of representation in traditional filipino media. They share stories told by the filipino/a/x diaspora through creative culture as a way to amplify / celebrate the nuances of identity within the diaspora and to cultivate spaces for joy and self expression for their community. Proud to offer copies of their first issue as well as the clever jollibae sticker packs. 

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Joel St. Julien - Empathy

Land & Sea's 38th release on cassette. Lush modular meditations that purge the darkness of white supremacy amidst the first year of the pandemic. SF-based Haitian-American composer / sound artist Joel St. Julien transmutes the violence, unrest and sorrows that have unfurled by confronting them head on with unwavering compassion emitted through warm beams of cascading electrosymphonies to pummeling dizzying glitches that twist and turn, feeling the demons that are battled. A raw sonic portrait of an artist's search for global and personal humanity.
5AM - Pre Zz

Longtime friends 5ive, Andry,and Moko come together to create a personal project that expresses the intimacy shared between friends and the imagined lullabies that float their way through consciousness right before the last stages of sleep. "Pre Zz" is a collection of sincere off beat and gentle synth-pop ballads that drift from conceptual reverie to slumber party dancing. Each cassette comes with a sticker in the cover resembling an abstract star shaped candle. Featuring a very lovely hummed cover of Donny & Joe Emerson's " Baby".
Li Yilei - 之 / OF

Delicate ambient compositions from Chinese multidisciplinary artist Li Yilei, combining analog synthesis, field recordings and string instruments such as the violin and guqin. Using sonic metaphors to explore the relationship of time to the experience of physical surroundings.
Ramona Córdova - naïve

Haitian-Filipina, Puerto Rican inter-feminine trans non-binary singer-songwriter Ramona Córdova's elastic falsetto and spoken word act almost as an instrument in their own right, taking the lead over sparse compositions touching poetically on issues such as systemic oppression, racism, misogyny, policing and patriarchy.

Museum of No Art - s/t

The first solo release for multidiscplinary artist Mona Steinwidder, is a focused album that steps away from the more upbeat / dance driven collaborative project, Me Succeeds and pushes further into more exploratory zones, reducing rhythms to continuous textures while also treating vocals as layers that build up to various melodic sonic collages. 


Francesco Cavaliere & Tomoko Sauvage - Virisdiscens

Synaethesia through a site specific performance that conjures all the hues, tones and shades of green; mapping varied associations through water, glass, clay, bamboo xylophones, metallophones and synthesizers. New mystifing symbols, shapes and characters surface unveiling curiosities at every turn while passing through surreal misty landscapes. 

Sasha Vinogradova and Alina Anufrienko - Oko

Ruminant ambient synths provide a base for Alina Anufrienko’s tender cello and Sasha Vinogradova’s ethereal vocals. A hazy memory of a distant dream, dispatches in a forgotten language.


Katya Yonder - Multiply Intentions

An album that serves as a reflection of hybrid upbringings and intersectionality, particular between the European and Asian border told through Russian multi-instrumentalist Katya Yonder. Stepping away from purely instrumental compositions, she uses her voice for the first time, incorporating elements like 80s pop, shoe gaze, Soviet films, and anime soundtracks. Sung in 4 different languages (Russian, English, Japanese and French). 

XVARR - Transitional Being

Aural Medium compiles six tracks of dancefloor-oriented material from London-based experimentalist Zaheer Gulamhusein, Normally operating in a beatless terrain, here the percussion remains, with nods to industrial and new beat sounds.


Brin & Josiah Steinbrick - Bliss Place

Vague rhythms undergird contorted sample glitches extracted from film score sketches given new life in this joint effort from Los Angeles based composer Josiah Steinbrick and sound artist Colin Blanton. 


Jonathan James Carr - Lose Your Composer

Oakland based electronic musician uplifting kosmische space electronic pop atmospheres through live hardware sets. Happy to now offer last copies of this extremely limited cassette of abstract ethereal sci fi daydream.


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Left Hand Path

Thrilled to now offer the full vinyl catalog of San Francisco underground staple Left Hand Path. Showcasing the darker spectrum of 4/4 and beatless atmospheres that range between techno, electro, experimental, noise and industrial among others. Featuring releases that capture an important marker in the dance community, especially in the bay with releases from Nackt, C.L.A.W.S., Michael Claus, Russell E.L. Butler, , Elon, Cube, and Forests 森林. 
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Very excited to now carry Dreamtone, a sublabel of the Jacktone imprint focusing on the more minimal and experimental abstractions of left field dance and the zones that float in and out of this terrain. Run by Chicago based dj, Hi-Vis who also operates the beautiful Beyond/Below mix series. 

Nervous Operator - Chronostasis

Celestial deep reverberations of dub, Spencer Davis presents a sonic recapture of their relocation from Vancouver to Chicago. The soundtrack of introspective highway passing scenes, shifting landscapes and change.

Strategy - Chaotic Era

An audiovisual collaboration between Portland-based experimental producer / composer Paul Dickow and illustrator Lando, a riso-printed surreal sci-fi comic scored with decaying loops and half-melodies punctuated with swathes of white noise static. All tracks are presented as an accompanying digital download attached with the book.

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Kevin Corcoran is a Bay Area percussionist working in improvisation with field recordings and electronics to investigate textures, friction and sustained tones. Excited to now offer three releases from various projects that activate his percussive language in varying degrees. Erosion is a bass drum-focused collaboration with Jacob Felix Heule, Free Percussion is a compliation of 12 improvisations from percussionists around the world put out by tsss tapes, and a project entitled "Invasive Species" with Jon Bafus. 

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Primary Information

Select books from NY-based non-profit that publishes contemporary books by emerging, mid-career, and established artists as well as out-of-print books that remain vital to ongoing conversations around artistic practice. Important works from N.H. Pritchard, Female Concrete Poets from the 60s/70s, critical writings on the Black Artists in America exhibition at the Whitney in 1971 , seminal survey of second wave feminist efforts and a collaborative artist book with PAN featuring texts from Flora Yin-Wong. 
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Record Magazine

A tangible treat for all lovers of vinyl culture. This issue featuring Bradley Zero, Sébastien Tellier, Yu Su, Gerd Janson, June Jones, The Twilite Tone, Eug, Vanessa Worm, Ana Roxanne, Oskar Mann, and the Beats in Space visual feature, “Postcards Through Time and Space." Includes a sweet bonus booklet, “The Second Generation: Chicago House Flyers 1991-2000” curated by Honey Dijon ;)
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Tusk Oil Scent Roller

Tusk is a Chicago based conceptual and experimental project space and retail venue run by Mary Eleanor Wallace.
Now offering their custom signature scent. Notes of sandalwood, palo santo and neroli. A walk through a drizzly eucalyptus forest, v lovely.

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As always, catch Cone Zone live every 3rd Monday at 8:30pm PST on Lower Grand Radio  

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CONE SHAPE TOP is a small arts & music project space + music/book shop + mix series based out of Oakland, CA. 

open for walk-ins every Saturday 1-6 PM
schedule a visit for other days

5200 Adeline St. Apt. #158
Oakland, CA 94608
Door is at corner of Adeline St. & 53rd St.

contact for any other inquiries.

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