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Happy holidays from the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation!

Foundation News

We are extremely pleased that Claude Généreux has accepted the invitation to join the Board of the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation and that he will continue to guide us in our evolution.

We congratulate Sauvé Scholars Foundation Board Member Tim Brodhead on his recent appointment as interim President and CEO of the Trudeau Foundation. We regret that this appointment also means his departure from the Sauvé Foundation Board, but gratefully acknowledge his guidance in our strategic planning.

We also wish to thank Liam McHugh-Russell for his contribution as Alumni Representative to the Board of Directors of the Sauvé Scholars Foundation. We will miss him, but wish him the best of luck with his doctoral studies in Italy. He will be replaced by Jonathan Sas, 2012-13 Sauvé Scholar, who currently works as Director of Research at the Broadbent Institute.
New Partnership with Concordia University

We were thrilled to have a formal partnership between the Sauvé Scholars Foundation and Concordia University in place this year.

Although McGill University remains the academic home of the Sauvé Program, our new academic partnership with Concordia allowed the 2012-13 Sauvé Scholars to also receive academic mentoring from Concordia faculty members, to audit courses, to take part in Graduate and Professional Skills (GradProSkills) seminars, and to access Concordia student services.

The 2012-13 Sauvé Scholars made the most of these opportunities. We look forward to building this partnership and are very grateful to Concordia University for their commitment and support.

Learn more about this partnership here.
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“Sauvé Year” Update

Last year, at the recommendation of the staff and the Board of the Sauvé Scholars Foundation, the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation decided that it would be using the year ahead as a “Sauvé Year” – a timely opportunity to step back in order to step up – just like the opportunity we afford our own Scholars: a period of reflection, planning, and reengagement. Our goal is to make sure that the Foundation continues to evolve while also remaining true to the values and mission espoused by the Right Honourable Jeanne Sauvé.

We are pleased to announce that we have now completed our Strategic Planning Process. We are grateful to the Foundation’s dedicated Staff and Senior Fellows as well as our fellow Board Members, whose talents and hard work were essential to our success. In particular, we’d like to highlight the leadership of Sauvé Board members Tim Brodhead and Donat Taddeo.

Many partners, advisors and friends of the Foundation have helped us to see more clearly where the strengths and potential of our Foundation lie. We are also grateful to Claude Généreux, a Director with McKinsey & Company, who provided invaluable guidance throughout our strategic planning process.

Thanks to a survey designed and administered by our resident experts in youth engagement, Apathy is Boring, over 80 Sauvé Scholars Program Alumni, representing all 10 program cohorts and over 30 countries, reported on the Program’s impact on their lives as well as their impact, in turn, on the world. Twenty alumni also participated in in-depth interviews with us, helping us to further refine our understanding of our impact. Their experiences were as diverse as the alumni themselves, but the overall picture informed our efforts going forward.

Building on this, we undertook an environmental scan and benchmarking exercise and 2 sets of consultations with stakeholders and other experts.

On behalf of our fellow Directors, we encourage you to read below a summary of our areas of focus following the successful conclusion of our strategic review.

We hope that you enjoy the news shared here, and that you are as optimistic about the future of our foundation as we are.  We look forward to your continued support for the work we do.


Jean-François Sauvé
Chairman, Jeanne Sauvé Foundation


Désirée McGraw
President and Executive Director, Jeanne Sauvé Foundation
Announcing our new focus on public leadership and global challenges 

Following the completion of our Strategic Planning Exercise, the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation confirms its undertaking to: connect, convene, engage and empower the next generation for public leadership in Canada and the world in order to address the key global challenges.

This mission reflects a refinement of our previous mandate in two key ways: a focus on public leadership in Canada and around the world and a focus on key global challenges.

We will be guided by our conviction that:

Public leadership is an essential mechanism for positive social change, and lies at the heart of Jeanne Sauvé’s vision for Canada and the world. Public leadership is leadership that is in the public sphere and/or in the public interest. It includes social innovation, advocacy, governance, politics and communications.

Public leaders of the future will be called upon to respond to ever-more complex and systemic global challenges in ways that are creative, courageous and connected. Our goal is to develop young leaders capable of rising to meet those challenges by communicating across cultures and thinking across traditional disciplines. Our mission going forward is to equip the next generation with the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to take the lead in solving global challenges.

Supporting inquiry and action around one key issue at a time will empower participants to cultivate their leadership knowledge and skills in ways that they can later apply to skilfully tackle a wide range of challenges within the public sphere. Going forward, the Foundation will therefore be structuring its activities around a few global challenges.

Please stay tuned to learn how our refined mission will shape the next iteration of the Sauvé Foundation’s residential leadership program, as well as what new programming initiatives it sparks.
2013 Jeanne Sauvé Address

On Thursday 5 December 2013, the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation hosted the 2013 Jeanne Sauvé Address, Faith and Freedom: Promoting Religious Diversity and Gender Equality in Canada, delivered by Dr. Sheema Khan.

Dr. Khan's eloquent Address challenged the audience - and all Canadians - to embrace an inclusive approach to religious and cultural diversity.

Her Address was followed by a lively panel discussion with three Sauvé Scholars: Saman Ahsan (2003-04 Sauvé Scholar), Mirwais Nahzat (2009-10) and Sadia Rafiquddin (2011-12). The conversation was moderated by Dr. Khalid Mustafa Medani, professor of political science at McGill University and a former Sauvé academic mentor. The discussion reflected on human and women’s rights globally as well as within the Muslim world.

This discussion was followed by our lively annual holiday celebration.

Thank you to all who attended for making this event a success!

2012 Jeanne Sauvé Address

On Thursday 29 November 2012, the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation hosted the 2012 Jeanne Sauvé Address, Truth and Reconciliation in Canada: Lessons Learned from Canada’s Residential Schools Experience, delivered by Commissioner Marie Wilson.

Commissioner Wilson’s moving Address, which can be read in its entirety here, challenged us to engage in solidarity with survivors of Canada's residential schools system and to support justice and healing. The Sauvé Foundation was honoured to support the work of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission by providing a platform for this important message.

Commissioner Wilson's talk was followed by a panel discussion with four Sauvé Scholars: Éloge Butera (2009-2010), Najme Kishani Farahani (2012-13), Tairah Firdous (2012-13) and Jonathan Sas (2012-13). Drawing on their personal lived experiences, they explored the relationships between culture, trauma, healing and diversity.

Following the Address, the 2012-2013 Scholars were motivated to volunteer at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Québec National Event in Montreal in April 2013. There, on behalf of the entire cohort of Sauvé Scholars, Scholar Gerald Bareebe delivered a formal Statement of Solidarity with Canada's residential school survivors and their families, which can be read here.
2012-13 Sauvé Program Highlights
Sauvé Scholars (2012-2013)

The 2012-13 Sauvé Scholars formed what was perhaps the most diverse cohort of Sauvé Scholars that the Foundation has ever hosted, hailing from 11 countries in the Caribbean, Europe, North America, francophone and anglophone Sub-Saharan Africa, and both Central and Southeast Asia. Each Scholar brought insights and perspectives shaped by their different countries of birth, cultural identities, educational backgrounds, careers, visions of change, and remarkable professional and personal experiences to date.

Learn more about this group of exceptional people here.
The Sauvé Way: a 360° Approach to Cultivating Leadership 

We believe that the strongest leaders are those who have aligned their personal, professional, and intellectual values and pursuits. We take a “360° approach” to cultivating leadership potential, aiming to support Sauvé Scholars in their development as whole people. Each Scholar’s Sauvé experience is therefore unique, and shaped by their individual learning objectives, priorities, opportunities and challenges.

This year, we launched new program initiatives and continued to refine all program elements in order to implement this approach.

See our program year in photos here.
Sauvé Projects

From our very first workshop on project management to the very last project presentation in May, Scholars’ individual project goals shaped the 2012-13 Program.

We are very proud of what they accomplished, and have every faith that their success while in residence at Sauvé House is just a small indicator of the contributions they will make in their respective communities and countries over the course of their lives.

Here is a snapshot of what they each accomplished:

Gerald Bareebe, an award-winning investigative journalist from Uganda, spent his Sauvé Year researching mechanisms to strengthen his country’s parliament and judiciary. In March 2013, he presented the culmination of this work in a report entitled “The State of Democracy in Uganda: Charting a Path from Strongman Politics to Strong Institutions” as a public lecture at McGill University.

Handy Acosta Cuellar, a Cuban environmentalist and educator, spent his Sauvé Year developing a community of practice for local leaders, students and academics in Cuba concerned about climate change adaptation. He launched this community online and in person in Cuba in May, 2013. He also collaborated with his fellow Sauvé Scholar Gioel Gioacchino to design and launch ‘Cuba All Inclusive: The Climate Change Challenge'. That project, summarized in video form, here, aims to connect young environmental leaders in Cuba in order to collect and share best practices on grassroots climate change adaptation.

Najme Kishani Farahani, Iranian civil engineer turned peace educator, used her Sauvé Year to co-found the POYA Foundation for Education Development and to launch a new initiative called “Schooling for Peace and Emotional Literacy.” She designed a complete curriculum, oversaw its pilot phase in Iranian schools, and, based on early success, created plans to scale up its implementation. In April 2013, she chaired a lively panel discussion at Sauvé House with experts on education and diversity.

Tairah Firdous, a documentary film maker from Kashmir, used her Sauvé Year to produce an in-depth report on the cases of ten Kashmiri minors who had been abused by Indian state forces. She also completed a documentary film on torture victims in Kashmir and, after many months of intensive editing, screened this remarkably powerful film, Cargo, to a packed Sauvé House in May, 2013.

Gioel Gioacchino is the co-founder of Recrear, an organization aiming to ensure that young people are involved in community development. She devoted her Sauvé Year to developing a model to ensure Recrear’s financial sustainability while continuing to focus on the organizations’ programs and vision. She also launched, with fellow Scholar Handy Acosta Cuellar, ‘Cuba All Inclusive: The Climate Change Challenge (see above).

Micah Grzywnowicz is a Polish-born activist focused on empowering of LGBTQ individuals. As a Sauvé Scholar, zie completed a submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture addressing forced sterilization of trans* persons. Micah's submission had a significant impact on the Rapporteur’s thematic report on torture in health care and led the Rapporteur to call upon States to "outlaw forced and coerced sterilization in all circumstances", which was a ground-breaking statement for the rights of trans persons globally. In April 2013, Micah chaired an expert panel discussion at Sauvé House exploring the question of how to transfer rights into practice.

Naomi Kincler, a Montreal-born epidemiologist, used her Sauvé Year to co-found and launch Trudat, an online platform for collaborative data discovery and analysis. In April, she and her partner organized the first Open Data conference in Montreal – Open Data Exchange 2013 at Sauvé House, which brought together over 100 people from government, academia, business, technology, and civil society.

Guy Milongo is a social worker and founder of the first street-youth led advocacy group in his native Democratic Republic of Congo. As a Sauvé Scholar, Guy studied best practices in social reintegration and international advocacy for the protection of the rights of street children, and presented his findings to a rapt audience at Sauvé House in April.

Mame Diarra Bousso Ndiaye, from Senegal, is the founder of Solidarité Active, an association that provides socio-economic support to women during and after incarceration. As a Sauvé Scholar, she researched for and designed her dream initiative: “Second Chance Academy”, a full-service and educational centre for her beneficiaries. In April, she presented her work and hosted a dynamic panel discussion entitled “Empowering Women Through Social Entrepreneurship and the Social Economy.”

Thinh Nguyen is the founder of Better Life Vietnam, a charity focused on basic human rights of Vietnamese people in rural areas. While in Montreal, she partnered with McGill business students to create a strategic business plan focused on generating revenue for this charity through community-based eco-tourism. Thinh pitched her proposed social enterprise at Sauvé House in April.

Oluwatosin (Tosin) Omole is a Nigerian medical doctor passionate about creating healthcare delivery systems that meet the needs of the developing world. As a Sauvé Scholar, Tosin co-authored a policy paper and designed Maternal Health Plus, a project that uses mobile telephones to reduce maternal mortality in Nigeria. Tosin presented this project in April at Sauvé House. He launched the pilot phase, which is presently following 200 pregnant women in rural Nigeria, in the summer of 2013.

Jonathan Sas, a Canadian journalist, took on two projects as a Sauvé Scholar. He wrote a media criticism column for The Tyee that focused on the future of independent journalism. In May, he presented what he learned as part of an evening of debate with experts in the field, Journalism on(the)line, at Sauvé House. He also used his Sauvé Year to develop a blueprint for a collaborative digital media space designed to amplify the reach of progressive political content. He recently launched this project in the form of Press Progress.
The Art of Persuasive Speaking

Leadership is not only about vision. It is also about persuading others to share that vision, and inspiring them to take action.

To help the 2012-13 Sauvé Scholars master the art of persuasive speaking, we partnered with two expert speaker trainers: Steven Lecky and Elissa Bernstein. They designed a training program especially tailored to the needs of Sauvé Scholars and to the pace and public speaking requirements of the Program.
Steven Lecky is creator of the Vox Method, a groundbreaking technique designed to bring the energy, passion, nuance and variety of real human expression to a prepared speech.
The collaboration between Sauvé and Vox was fascinating, and the results very encouraging. We look forward to partnering with the Vox Team in the future.

To learn about the secrets behind the Vox Method, read on here.
Personal Coaching: Pilot
This year, we piloted a new “personal coaching” program element to support Scholars in their journeys of personal reflection.

Since its creation ten years ago, the Sauvé Scholars Program has strongly valued reflection as essential to the leadership journey. We observed, however, that simply providing time and space for reflection was often not enough to enable Scholars to truly assess their pasts and reflect upon their futures.
To help them maximize this potential, this year’s Sauvé Scholars were paired with trained life coaches for regular meetings over the course of the Program. The life coaches supported the Scholars with a wide range of specific personal or professional goals, including:
-          Reflecting on their pasts and on their learning as Sauvé Scholars
-          Clarifying values and identifying priorities
-          Charting out future activities and setting goals
In their feedback about this pilot program element, Sauvé Scholars were extremely positive about their coaching experiences. Several Scholars reported that their relationship with their coach was a defining element of their Sauvé experience, adding great value to their year. We have no doubt that introducing life coaching enabled us to elevate the Sauvé reflective experience to a new level, and we hope to significantly expand this program element in future years.
We are extremely thankful to all our volunteer life coaches for their generous and skillful contribution to the Scholars’ lives. In addition, coaches Kim Archibald, Francois Héon, Isabelle Marin, Colin Robertson also generously led coaching workshops for the entire cohort. We also wish to thank Anita Nowak (Sauvé Senior Fellow) and Carlos Rueda (Sauvé Scholar, 2010-11), who were instrumental in helping us to launch this pilot.
Sauvé Senior Fellows Program

In recent years, we have strengthened our Senior Fellowship Program.

Sauvé Senior Fellows are mid-career professionals whose work and goals are aligned with ours. They work at Sauvé House to advance a particular project and, in exchange, support our Foundation’s work and the Sauvé Scholars directly.

Sauvé Senior Fellow in residence Brett House is a macroeconomist in the final stages of his PhD at Oxford. Brett brings to the Sauvé community his impressive and varied experience in the international public sector.

Visiting fellow Anita Nowak is the Integrating Director for the Social Economy Initiative at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management and is currently writing a book with the working title The Power of Empathy.

Brett and Anita offered Sauvé Scholars regular office hours and professional development workshops to support them in their personal and professional goals. Reflecting on his experience mentoring Sauvé Scholars, Brett remarks that “I was inspired by a new sense of possibility and reinvention as I mentored the Scholars through their year in Montreal.”

Both Fellows continue to contribute their expertise to support us here at the Foundation. In reference to this role, Brett remarks: “I appreciate the bravery of the Foundation’s approach: there are few institutions or programmes willing to experiment in the way that the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation does, that puts as much trust in its participants, and that sees success stemming from its efforts in such a diversity of forms.”
Mapping What Matters: Sauvé Scholars partner with Kahnawake Survival School Students 

In March, 2013 the Sauvé Scholars implemented a community reflection project at Survival School, a school situated in Kahnawake, a Mohawk community just outside Montreal.

The Scholars led a series of workshops with students that brought to light students’ stories and feelings about their community. The goal was to “give students an opportunity to reflect about the historic and contemporary value of their community and how they personally relate to it." The results were published in the form of an online blog.

Every year, Sauvé Scholars collaborate to design and implement a project intended to benefit a local community. In recent years, Scholars have chosen to build on the Sauvé Foundation’s longstanding partnership with Survival School.

We value this partnership as it allows us to introduce Sauvé Scholars to the richness of Canadian aboriginal cultures and to expose them to some of the challenges that these communities face. “This kind of exposure,” says Program Director Simone Hanchet, “is essential to understanding Canada's history and diversity.”

Early in the year, Sauvé Scholars were officially welcomed from their respective countries into Mohawk traditional territory, upon which Montreal is built. Scholars participated in a traditional Longhouse Ceremony, a great honour, and then joined the community for a traditional dance party.

Learn more here.
Visit to Canada's National Capital

Once again this year, Sauvé Scholars met with leaders in a wide range of fields.

In addition to hosting regular “tea talks” with leaders at Sauvé House, the Scholars visited Ottawa in order to meet with top leaders in government and the non-profit world. Learn more and read their report here.

Sauvé Scholars with Thomas Mulcair (MP), Leader of the Opposition
Sauvé Scholars (2003-2013) News
Over the past decade, the Sauvé Scholars Program has supported 126 Sauvé Scholars hailing from 50 countries. These Scholars are extremely diverse, yet share a passion for social change, a talent for making it happen, and the unique bond that comes from participating in our program.

We believe that engaging them, not merely as “alumni” but as partners, will magnify the impact of our Foundation’s work in the decade ahead. We intend to launch additional initiatives that connect, support and showcase the remarkable Sauvé Scholars – and their achievements – in Canada and around the globe.

This year, Sauvé Scholar reunion gatherings took place in London, New York, and Toronto. The Foundation expects more similar gatherings to take place around the world in the year ahead. Stay tuned!
Video: In their own Words...

We invite you to view our recent conversations with four Sauvé Scholars from three different Program years about our Program's impact on their lives.

Recent Sauvé Events
Public Discussion on Climate Change

On November 7, 2013, the Sauvé Foundation partnered with Canada2020 to host a public discussion on climate change policy in Canada. At this event, Canada 2020 released the results of a new poll tackling Canadian opinion on climate change
An Intimate Evening with Economist Jim Stanford

On 19 November 2013, we hosted a lively, intimate conversation at Maison Jeanne Sauvé with Jim Stanford, one of Canada’s best-known economists and strongest progressive voices. Dr. Stanford fielded questions from guests on everything from the politics of austerity to the tension between unionization and globalization. Read more here.
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