Carnival Information for Narooma Nippers

Narooma Surf Club pays your entry fee. You must be a registered and proficient member. We are all about having fun and having a crack. Not high stakes competition, come and join our Narooma team spirit - support each other, shake your competitors and teammates hands. You can pick and choose the events you wish to compete in, one or all of them!

All competitors need to wear a hi-vis singlet and club cap. Without these the officials will not allow you to compete. Arrive by 8am and look for the red Narooma tent. Get your name signed off the clipboards and mark your arm and opposite leg with your age group in black texta.

The entire program depends on a lot of factors but generally the day will wrap up at about 1pm. Some age groups will finish earlier than others. 

Majority of events are same sex (all females or all males) Exceptions; any relay combination, march past. 

U6 & 7’s do not compete. These age groups are ‘participation only’.

U8’s don’t do board races - just wade, sprint and flags. 

Top 6 placings get points for the club, water events are worth double points. These names will be recorded at the end of a race so be sure to line up in your finishing order and give your full name. The top 3 will receive a ribbon and these points will combine over the three carnivals to an overall Branch Champion for each event. * Age Managers - please remember to write down relay team combination names and placings so that we know who to issue relay ribbons to at the end of the season.


The flags event will be run very similar to how we do it on Sundays, you might even find that Youngy and Jenni will be your officials!  It is an individual, same sex event of elimination. If you break at the start you will get just one warning. Concentration and listening to the starting official is vital. 


All ages can enter a same sex individual sprint race, 70m. If there are lots of competitors, the fastest kids in each heat will run again in a semi and/or final. Parents at the finish line may be asked to assist with placing, please do your best to help our volunteer officials. If everyone helps out for the races that they are watching, then no-one gets ‘stuck’.

Relay baton races for each age group will follow after the individual races are complete. Age managers will form relay combinations (can be any sex). It can be heartbreaking for any child who misses out on a relay team so please support age managers decisions. Multiple teams can be entered, we can form teams with other clubs so that no one misses out.

We can enter only three All Age Relay teams. A team consists of one child from each age division from U8’s to U14’s. Seven kids in each team will participate in a baton race, starting with the youngest to the oldest. Kristy has been paying attention to the Nippers who have been attentive and well behaved on Sunday sessions. Good sportsmanship, attendance as well as performance will have a big part to play in who is selected to represent the club. 


Officials will be counting individuals as they enter and leave the water. Please do not let your child walk away from the finish line or competition area until all competitors are accounted for.  

Water safety will be in the water during all events to support those in need of assistance. Note to water safety - do not handle a competitors board unless required, as that child will be disqualified from the race.


  • U9’s - important - competitors can choose to either do the wade OR do the surf (swim) & board. 

  • U9 & 10’s Swim is 150m course (70m out around 2 buoys 10m apart then 70m back to shore, with a run to the green flags finish line on the sand.)

  • U11-U14’s Swim is 288m course (120m out then across 48m past 9 buoys then back 120m into shore, again with a run to the green flags finish line on the sand.)


In some cases, depending on how many competitors we have, you may have to share. Look after our equipment, don’t leave them face up to cook in the sun and please don’t take club boards for a paddle in your spare time as someone may need it. Be aware some kids will have their own personal boards at the carnival. U9 and 10’s - foam boards U11, 12, 13’s - fibreglass boards. U14’s can use longboards if they have attained their SRC. 


Proficient U11 to U14 Nippers can enter this event. It usually starts with a swim around the buoys, back to shore, run to collect your board, followed by a paddle around the buoys and back to the finish line. Be sure to listen to the official at the beginning of the race to understand which buoys to go around and which flags to run around, where the finish line is etc. Handlers are asked to be mindful of all competitors when collecting goggles and boards as they are discarded.


We need to provide 5 water safety people (Bronze or SRC members) and 2 recorders or officials (must be registered members and have their WWCC). You will not be expected to be fulfilling this role all day but the more volunteers we have, the less time for those that have put their hand up. Please let us know if you can assist, the kids respond well to having a few familiar faces at the events, especially out on the water!

At either end of the day we will need help setting up and packing up the tent and carnival gear such as boards, clipboards, march past gear. If you are able to tow the board trailer, please put your hand up. We just need the car to be towing it to be comprehensively insured.

Parents please support your age managers and follow your kids around - in many cases our age managers, officials and water safety personnel will have multiple children at the carnival and will want to watch their own kids compete. You will still be responsible for your child especially between events.

There will most likely be a BBQ but bring plenty of snacks and drinks to keep you going throughout the day. 

And yes, it will be on if it’s raining!

December 2019
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NOTE: 1km 
starts at 8am
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