June 23, 2016
Are you interested in directing at Walterdale Theatre?  We are looking for assistant directors, as well as Cradle to Stage directors, for Season 58.  Send Anne Marie Szucs, Artistic Director, an email at if you would like to be considered.
Walterdale Theatre 2016/17 Season

By John Logan
Directed by Bethany Hughes
On Stage: October 12-22, 2016
Audition Dates: July 10 & 11, 2016

John Logan’s Red follows the apprenticeship of Ken, a young painter, under the volatile and famous abstract expressionist Mark Rothko.  He mixes paint, runs errands, and clean s brushes, but he ends up being the audience for Rothko’s beliefs about art and the world.  When Rothko is commissioned to produced a grand piece of art, Ken turns the table of Rothko and his beliefs.

“There is only one thing I fear in life, my friend… One day the black will swallow the red.”


By Oscar Wilde
Directed by Martin Stout
On Stage: December 7-17, 2016
Audition Dates: August 31 & September 1, 2016

A dramatic comedy of menners, Lady Windermere’s Fan sparkles brilliantly with Wilde’s trademark witticisms and irony. A lost parent, a love triangle, a scandalous secrete, and reputations ruined or regained form the basis of a truly Victorian yet surprisingly contemporary plot. Style matters more than substance, appetites are indulged regardless of the consequences and the only real sin is to be found out.

“In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.”


By William Shakespeare
Directed by Anne Marie Szucs
On Stage: Feb. 8-18, 2017
Audition Dates: Oct. 16 & 17, 2016

A classic tragedy infused with jealousy, ambition, love, deception, and betrayal, Shakespeare’s Othello will be transported to a post-apocalyptic, muscular,  survivalist, gender-bending future. Iago sets a vengeful trap for Othello that eventually destroys everyone in their paths. Equal parts classical excellence, Mad Max, and David Bowie – definitely not your parents’ Shakespeare!

“I had rather be a toad, And live upon the vapour of a dungeon, Than keep a corner in the thing I love For others’ uses.”

By Gary Kirkham
Directed by Liz Cook
On Stage: Apr. 5-15, 2017
Audition Dates: Dec. 11 & 12, 2016

Based on a true story, a chance meeting between the Duke of Windsor, Edward VIII, and Milli in her home of Galt, Ontario, leads to a merry war of wits and, eventually, love. In Milli, Edward sees escape from a life of obligation and duty, but Milli is not so quickly captivated by the dashing Duke. Will she succumb to his charms? The romantic comedy Queen Milli of Galt is Walterdale’s donor-voted show for this season.

“I have the most dreadful news. I believe I just might love you! Yes I know, it’s terribly sad, and simply horrid and, and, worse yet…True.”


Submission deadline: Sept 15 2016
On Stage: May 15-20, 2017
Audition Dates: Feb. 12 & 13, 2017

This season, new works running 45 – 60 minutes will be considered, and all submissions must be complete; no unfinished works will be considered. New, unproduced works can be submitted to Walterdale for consideration and must be received in a hard-copy format by midnight September 15, 2016. As always, playwrights selected for the festival will receive the benefit of work with A dramaturg and a workshop production of their new piece on the Walterdale stage.


Book by James Goldman
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Directed by Barbara Mah
Music Direction by Michael Clark
On Stage: July 5-15, 2017
Audition Dates: Mar. 10 & 12, 2017

Set in a crumbling theatre on the eve of its date with the wrecking ball, the “follies girls” that used to dance at this theatre come for a final reunion with husbands, and baggage, in tow. With such memorable Sondheim songs as “Broadway Baby,” “Losing My Mind,” and “I’m Still Here,” Follies is a poignant look at what is, what was, and the choices that led from there to here.

“The door you didn’t try, Where could it have led?”

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