February 17, 2017
Guenevere by John Richardson 

Guenevere: Miranda Broumas
Chorus: Sarah Spicer, Brooklyn Melnyk, and Erin Forwick-Whalley
Percival/Mordred: Jesse Harlton
Lancelot: Derek Kaye
King Arthur: Kohl Littlechilds
Bedivere: Austin Kumar
Elaine of Astelot: Catherine Wenschlag

Portrait of a Family Dinner by Tessa Simpson

Basil: Amir Shah
Kristy: Vina Nguyen
Dorian: Julian Stamer 
Sybil: Samantha Woolsey
Victoria: Anglia Redding
Chris: Rebecca Ponting 

Production Team 

Festival Coordinator: Vlady Peychoff
Guenevere Director: Eric Smith 
Portrait Director: Laura Ly
Portrait Mentor Director:  Bethany Hughes
Guenevere Stage Manager: Rebecca Sokoluik
Production Manager: Catherine Wenschlag 
Set Designer/Head of Paint: Joan Hawkins
Costume Designer: Jaimie Lievers 
Lighting Designer: Karlie Christie 
Sound Designer: Nicholas Juba 
Master Builder: Alan Westen
Costume Mentor:   Geri Dittrich 
Walterdale Theatre Associates
Follies - July 5-15, 2017 
Director/Choreographer: Barbara Mah 
Assistant Choreographer: Christine Maydew
Music Director: Michael Clark  

Audition Location: Walterdale
Audition Dates: Mar 10 & 12, 2017
Callbacks March 19 (Location TBA)
Rehearsals Begin April 4, 2017

Set in a crumbling theatre on the eve of its date with the wrecking ball, the “follies girls” that used to dance at this theatre come for a final reunion with husbands, and baggage, in tow. With such memorable Sondheim songs as “Broadway Baby,” “Losing My Mind,” and “I’m Still Here,” Follies is a poignant look at what is, what was, and the choices that led from there to here.

Audition Requirements:
Please prepare a Sondheim piece NOT from the show. Choose a piece that would complement the character you wish to audition for. 

Please bring sheet music (in the key you are singing), or an mp3 accompaniment track (phone or ipod). We may not have cd capability. No self accompaniment, no a capella, please.

There is a mandatory dance/movement audition for all roles. Please book a dance time adjacent to your singing time.  If you tap, bring your tap shoes. Please come dressed to dance/move. We are not expecting professional dancers, but need to ascertain how well you move (unless specified in the roles)

Callback requirements
Scenes will be provided for on-book auditions. For those auditioning for specific “follies girls”, you will be asked to sing “her” song in the key of the show. Sheet music will be provided and may be requested ahead of time.

Rehearsals begin in April and run Tuesday/Thursday nights (7-10 pm), Sunday afternoons (1-5 pm)

Tech week beings June 26, prepare to be in the theatre every night.

Please bring any conflicts with rehearsal dates to the audition including vacations, concerts, jobs to the audition.

Sign up for auditions here:
Look for our Facebook Event 



Character Breakdown: Ages are relative -- will adjust as necessary. The Walterdale is committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, the director will consider all submissions,

Please note that the Walterdale is an amateur theatre and we cannot consider applications from members of Canadian Actors Equity.

Sally Durant Plummer (Female, 45-55 yrs. old | Range: F3 - G5 
Phyllis Rogers Stone (Female, 45-55 yrs. old | Range: F3 - E5) 
Buddy Plummer (Male, 50-60 yrs. old | Range: C3 - F4) 
Benjamin Stone (Male, 50-60 yrs. old | Range: A3 - F5) 

Young Sally (Female, 18-25 yrs. old | Range: C4 - Gb5) 
Young Phyllis (Female, 20-25 yrs. old | Range: C4 - F#5) 
Young Buddy (Male, 20-30 yrs. old | Range: C3 - Gb5) 
Young Ben (Male, 20-30 yrs. old | Range: C3 - Fb4) 

Carlotta Campion (Female, 45-55 yrs. old | Range: Eb3 - C5) 
Stella Deems (Female, 55-65 yrs. old | Range: E3 - F#5) 
Max Deems (Male, 55-65 yrs. old | Speaking Role) 
Hattie Walker (Female, 65-75 yrs. old | Range: G3 - B5) 
Emily Whitman (Female, 65-80 yrs. old | Range: A4 - D5)  dance background useful
Theodore Whitman (Male, 65-80 yrs. old | Range: A3 - D4) dance background useful
Solange La Fitte (Female, 65-75 yrs. old | Range: A4 - G5) 
Heidi Schiller (Female, 65-75 yrs. old | Range: D4 – A6).
Young Heidi (Female, 18-25 yrs. old | Range: E4 - Ab5) dance background useful
Dimitri Weissman (Male, 70-80 yrs. old | Speaking Role) 
Roscoe (Male, 55-65 yrs. old | Range: D3 - A5) 
Vaudeville Margie - Dancer (Female - 35)
Vaudeville Sally  -  Dancer (Female - 30-45)

Dancers/.Ghosts/Dance Chorus (Females 18-25 yrs) 
Young Hattie
Young Emily
Young Solange
Young Carlotta
Young Stella

Ensemble/Waiters/Party Staff (all ages, all genders)
Our outgoing Artistic Director, Anne-Marie Szucs, has built a wonderful program whereby members and volunteers going that extra mile can be acknowledged and praised for their additional contributions to our community. While the Member Of The Month has been a delightful addition to Walterdale's culture, the details of the nomination and selection process are not necessarily common knowledge. For anyone wondering about the award (and how they might bring attention to potential candidates), here is some information:
-One member is awarded each month.
-The winning member and their contributions are profiled on our website, on Facebook and Twittr, and here in the Belltower.
-The winners are given two complementary tickets to the next production's opening night, where they will be publicly recognized by the Artistic Director during their welcoming speech.
Each month has a designated group from which nominees may be drawn, with the final decision being made by an appropriate adjudicator. Here is the breakdown for each month of the year, with August being skipped due to Fringe:
MONTH                         GROUP                              SELECTOR                         PRESENTATION
September              Tech Department                     Tech Director                   1st Production opening
October                1st Prod. Cast/Crew                 1st Prod. Director              2nd Production opening
November                     Publicity                         Publicity Co-Directors         2nd Production opening
December             2nd Prod. Cast/Crew               2nd Prod. Director             3rd Production opening
January                    Front of House                      FOH Co-Directors             3rd Production opening
February               3rd Prod. Cast/Crew                3rd Prod. Director              4th Production opening
March                         Membership                   Membership Co-Directors      4th Production opening
April                      4th Prod. Cast/Crew                4th Prod. Director              Cradle to Stage opening
May                        CtoS Casts/Crews                 CtoS Co-ordinator              6th Production opening
June                       Board of Directors                       President                      6th Production opening
July                      6th Prod. Cast/Crew                 6th Prod. Director             1st opening (next season)

Hopefully this information helps clear up some of the mystery, and provides some overdue credit to the unsung heroes in our midst!
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