KBJ Undercarriage

ESP has acquired exclusivity for the KBJ brand of undercarriage. ESP will market the "KBJ" brand of undercarriage alongside that of Berco and ITM, so as to further complement our multi-brand range of undercarriage, similarly as we have done for our GET range of products.
KBJ is a very successful brand of undercarriage that is manufactured by Hoe Leong Corporation, a company that has 4 manufacturing plants in Asia and whose headquarters are based in Singapore on a total land area of 26,000 m2.

KBJ World Market

Presently the "KBJ" brand of undercarriage is marketed through various distribution channels in the international and OEM markets of Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, South America and Australia.

KBJ Idlers

KBJ offers a wide range of idlers and sprockets / segment groups ranging from 6 ton to 125 ton machines.

All bolt on sprockets are steel casted and heat treated using induction method to achieve a pre-determined surface and inner core hardness level. 

KBJ idlers comes in either steel-casting or fabricated welding and are fitted with reinforced sidewalls that are specially heat treated for prolonged durability and so as to ensure extensive resistance to chipping.

KBJ Link Assemblies

 KBJ manufactures track chains ranging from 135mm to 317mm link pitch consisting of traditional dry and sealed excavator track chains to lubricated chains for high performance mining dozers.

KBJ track links, pins and bushings are specifically heat-treated via induction to achieve hardness levels pre-determined by qualified engineers for maximum resistance to all types of operating conditions.  

Sealed link assemblies are fitted with polyurethane seals and sealed with synthetic oil for lubrication purposes to reduce damage from harmful dirt particles and enhance operational life.

Korean Manufactured Undercarriage

KBJ brand undercarriage is used in a variety of bulldozer and excavator models ranging from 0.8 tons to 100 tons for brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco and Hyundai. With the use of modern CAD workstations, KBJ's products are carefully engineered to ensure high production quality standards. Together with stringent testing of materials, frequent quality control checks and in-process quality management, KBJ factories strive to achieve the highest possible quality standards for their products.

KBJ Rollers

KBJ supplies single, double flange track rollers and carrier rollers with operational weight from 6 tons to 125 tons.

Majority of the rollers are forged and welded using friction welding technology for prolonged operational life. and are produced according to original manufacturer specifications.

KBJ rollers are specifically heat-treated via induction hardening and differential method to achieve hardness levels pre-determined by qualified engineers for maximum resistance to operating in tough terrain conditions. 


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