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Berco is situated in the north of Italy in Copparo, is based on an area of 45,000 sqm and employs 2,840 people. Every year Berco processes 250,000 tons of steel producing 130,000 track chains, 1,200,000 rollers, 75,000 cast sprocket rims, 29,000 idlers and 5 million track shoes. ESP has been Berco's distributor in South Africa since 1987.

Berco lubricated track chain

A cut away section showing the case depth hardness on the links and bushes of a Sealed and Lubricated Track (SALT). Berco track links have a surface hardness of Rockwell C55 and a depth of hardness of Rockwell C45.

A cut away section of a Berco roller

A cut away section of a Berco roller showing the oil galleries and case depth hardness on the shafts and running rails of the roller. Surface hardness is Rockwell C54 and a case depth hardness of C45.

The roller shell consists of forged half rollers which, before entering the hardening plant, undergo roughing and drilling operations.

Assembly by welding and automatic transfer to the finishing machines, complete the roller shell cycle.

Berco track shoes

An extremely wide range of profiles makes it possible for Berco to produce shoes suitable for any type of chain. Depending on size and profile type, the surface hardness varies from Rockwell C37 to C49.

Berco Sprockets & Segments

Segment style sprocket and sprocket rim drilled and machined to be bolted onto the sprocket flange.

A cut away section of a Berco idler

A cut away secton of a Berco idler showing the cased depth hardness on the idler shafts and running rail of the idler. Surface hardness Rockwell C54 and a case depth hardness of 3mm - 10mm depending on size of idler.


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