GSA NSW Division Newsletter – 19/03/2016
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One Day Course - Core Logging Fundamentals
Wednesday 18th May
Click here to register for Day 1
One Day Course - Core Logging with HyLogging
Thursday 19th May
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The Geological Survey of NSW (GSNSW), NSW Branch of the AIG and NSW Branch of the GSA are pleased to offer a practical core logging workshop and Hylogging course.

These two days of geoscience education are specifically targeted at early career geoscientists, many of whom may be suffering from reduced employment in the current industry downturn. Late career geoscientists may register to attend the workshop, but if it is oversubscribed, then preference will be given to early career geoscientists.

The two days have distinctive objectives and participants may register for either day or for both days. 

The geoscience societies have agreed to provide financial assistance to eligible members. Please contact your society branch representatives for further information.
Register ASAP as numbers are limited to 20 participants per workshop

More information for both workshops here.

One Day Workshop (Wed 18th May)
 - Core Logging Fundamentals

This workshop is a series of talks and practical exercises in logging core.

It is aimed at recent graduates/early career geologists and will cover; the basics of drill site operations, litho-stratigraphic logging, describing mineralised core, and sampling practices.  

The workshop includes hands-on exercises in logging cores from the library collection, as well as viewing core under the guidance of the presenters.
  • An overview of drilling styles and logging core presented by Vlad David
  • Roles/responsibilities of geologists and field assistants
  • Litho-stratigraphic logging
  • Exercise in producing a summary log(s) of cores on display 
  • Logging coal
  • Logging mineralisation
  • Exercises/inspection 
  • Wrap-up session
Young geoscientist (< 10 years experience) $110
Unemployed/Underemployed geoscientist $55
MSc or PhD student $55
Full employment Member geoscientist (>10 years experience) $220
Register for Day 1 here

One Day Workshop (Thurs 19th May)
 - Core Logging with HyLogging

HyLogging is a tool to rapidly and consistently log the mineralogy in drill core using infrared spectroscopy. This one-day, hands-on course will describe the concepts and skills of traditional industry core logging and demonstrate the benefit of using HyLogger data to empower geologists and improve core logging. The aim is to compare and contrast what the eye observes and what the HyLogger ‘sees’, to arrive at a more objective and standardised interpretation. TSG-Core software will be used for the data analysis and licences will be provided for the day.
  • Welcome and outline of workshop (brief talk) - objectives of the day.
  • Introduction to HyLogging – principles, what, why and how.
  • Practical 1. Guided traditional core logging exercise by participants. Three drill holes from NSW ore deposits will be laid out and participants will be divided into small groups to log the core over 1-2 hours. Geological background will be provided. An outline of how to log core traditionally will be provided (to aid the less experienced). 
  • Spectral characteristics of rocks and minerals.
  • Demonstration of the GSNSW HyLogger-3 in action.
  • Navigating TSG-Core software (practical + talk), working through the screens in lockstep with participants who will be provided with dongle licences and datasets.
  • Overview of HyLogging/TSG results derived from the drill core assessed during workshop.
  • Practical 2. Drill core analysis exercise by participants with their laptops, working through the processed TSG results either in the classroom or on the laid-out cores to compare and contrast the traditional core logging results and the new HyLogging/TSG results.
  • Wrap-up discussion by all reviewing; the HyLogging technology, TSG-Core software, how the technology empowers geologists (NOT replace them) and how the new mineral infor-mation/knowledge extracted can be applied in the exploration and mining industry.
Young geoscientist (< 10 years experience) $88
Unemployed/Underemployed geoscientist $55
MSc or PhD student $55
Full employment Member geoscientist (>10 years experience) $110

Register for Day 2 here

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