Winter is rough on skin.

Cold dry air takes a toll on our skin, the best way I've found to keep it looking, and more importantly, feeling good is to use a daily lotion or body butter. Our body butter is one of my favorite products, I go thru it like crazy, I use it after the shower, I put it on hands & feet before bed, & of course I use it on the kiddos too.

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We keep things simple.

We use quality ingredients & have taken things back to basics. Olive oil is a great moisturizer, along with a bit of shea, & cocoa butters, your skin will thank you. And since this is oil based, a little goes a long way.

Of course we can't forget your face.

Our facial cleansing oil came around only after I had tried it for several weeks. I had read multiple articles saying how great washing your face with oils was for your skin, and I just couldn't get it through my head that using oils on your face would be good. SO, what do you do when you doubt something? You try it of course! And let me tell you, I still get the occasional pimple, but overall I love the way my skin looks & feels.
To use our facial cleansing oil, you put a few pumps of oil in your hands, rub hands together and apply to your face. Then get a warm/hot wash cloth & lay it over your face for a minute or so, til the washcloth starts cooling off, then lightly wipe your face with the washcloth & you're done. You can also use a small amount as a moisturizer, I find myself using 1 pump from time to time through the winter when my face feels a little dry.
I've also find it helpful during & after a cold when my nose gets red & irritated. It helps calm the skin & keeps it from peeling if I'm blowing my nose a lot.

Last but not least, those kissable lips.

Keep your lips kissably soft with our selection of lip balms. From peppermint tingles of our Lip Tingler, to cocoa citrus scents of our Sun Kissed Citrus, we like to think that we have a scent for most anyone. Of course we're always open to new scent suggestions!

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A few ideas I've been throwing around are:

*How to use tinctures
*Herbal Preparations
*Mixing your own teas
*Herb ID
(I need to get back to my monthly herbal highlights!!)
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