Allergy season will be here soon!

Aches & Pains Be Gone!

Spring is coming (it has to get here sometime soon right??) & that means cleaning up the yard, turning over the garden & using all those muscles that we haven't used in a while. Pain Relief Balm is a blend of peppermint, camphor, cajeput & arnica oils, as well as menthol crystals.
Apply PRB to sore achy muscles, or muscles you've overworked, can also be applied to temples & across the forehead to help alleviate headaches. The warming effect will help relax muscles & the essential oils will penetrate deep into the muscles. Apply morning & night or as often as needed, may also help with arthritis & will help open your sinuses from allergies or colds. All of essential oils used in our products have multiple benefits.

"The key use of Cajeput is to relieve stiff, aching joints caused by rheumatism. Cajeput oil is traditionally mixed with camphor as an external rub for arthritis and gout.
Cajeput is antibacterial and clears congestion making it a good inhalant oil for colds and sinus infections. The sweet scent of cajeput uplifts the spirit while it cleanses the air.
Apply the cajeput oil externally as first aid for burns, cramps, colic, earache, headache, muscle pain, and toothache. Cajeput is an astringent oil that can benefit oily skin and help clear eczema.

Camphor oil has a duel action of hot and cold, when first applied camphor numbs and cools the peripheral nerve endings, then warms the painful area as it stimulates circulation to cold, stiff muscles and limbs. This analgesic effect of camphor makes it a favorite oil to be used in pain relieving massage blends for sore muscles, low back pain, and arthritic pain.
Camphor also acts as an expectorant and a febrifuge, meaning that it cools fevers and helps clear lung congestion. Camphor is a very useful ingredient in inhalations for coughs, colds and difficulties in breathing. These actions, along with camphor's anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties make it a very useful and popular remedy for colds, flu, and bronchitis.

Peppermint is a first herb of choice for treatment of colds and flu because it acts to relieve multiple symptoms at once: congestion, headaches and muscle aches, nausea and fever. You can drink a hot cup of peppermint tea, diffuse the essential oil in the sick room to ease the breath and kill germs, and use the oil in chest and throat massages. Peppermint also makes a good additive for a foot bath." -



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Essential Oil Highlight

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Try using essential oils to relieve your symptoms & get the added benefit of the oils, plus they smell great!
Lavender is one of the most versatile oils, from allergies to skin care & insomnia lavender can help replace many items in your medicine cabinet.
Peppermint as mentioned above is great for soothing sore muscles, upset stomachs & can help boost your mood.
Lemon helps break up mucus, can also lift your spirits, is cleansing when taken internally (I only recommend Young Living Oils to be taken internally, they are 100% pure oils), add a few drops to your drink for a refreshing treat.

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