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I hope this email finds you doing well, it has been quite some time since my last newsletter. Life got busy, 2020 happened, and here we are staring at the start of a new year. My hopes are that 2021 treats us all better, 2020 was a rough one!

This time of year always brings around head & chest colds. Cough & Snot B-Gone is our natural version of the commonly known vapor rub. Nothing synthetic, just oils, beeswax & essential oils.

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Sore Muscle Balm contains lots of pain reducing essential oils, great for after shoveling the driveway.
Ache Away is our herbal sore muscle balm. Containing only herbal infused oils & beeswax for those wishing to avoid essential oils.

Our Ache Away & Sore Muscle Balm’s work great applied after shoveling the driveway! Sore Muscle Balm contains lots of pain relieving essential oils, while Ache Away is made with herb infused oils making it less scented then the SMB.

Join me on my latest venture of Color Street! I never used to paint my nails because it never lasted, I reluctantly tried a set I purchased from my cousin and fell in love. They’re easy to put on, they last for D-A-Y-S (sometimes weeks!!) and they are relatively inexpensive. Interested? Join me in my VIP group on Facebook for all the details, games, giveaways and the latest new releases!!

Beautify Your Nails with Mama B
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