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Metrisquare News October 2014

Free Android app

From now on, our Metrisquare Android app is available for free. Naturally, our app comes with the test development module. The development module enables you to design an experiment, test or training task which runs through the app on your tablet or mobile device. Also, the IOS version of the Metrisquare Mobile app is being developed at the moment and will be expected to be available soon.
The Metrisquare app is an addition to our current product range. This app can be used to administer simple screening tasks, questionnaires or training tasks, while the Wacom tablet is more suitable for comprehensive and accurate cognitive assessment. The app can be used for eHealth purposes as well.

Since the Metrisquare Mobile app is available for free, it is an interesting way to become familiar with our platform. The app will eventually be distributed through Google Play, but for the time being it can be requested by e-mail.
New tests
The digital Block Tapping Task, an adaptation of the Corsi Block Tapping Task (Corsi, 1972; standardised by Kessels et al., 2000) will become available soon. It is a visuospatial short-term memory task in which a client has to mimic a sequence of highlighted blocks in the same or backward order. A client is tested to the limits by increasing the length of the sequences.
Also, a new questionnaire is added to our database; the Symptom Questionnaire (SQ-48; Carlier et al., 2012). This questionnaire measures psychological distress, and also examines vitality and work functioning. Since its questions are short and clear, it is easy for a client to complete the questionnaire. The SQ-48 is available for free and can be used as a screening tool in clinical settings.
In November, a spatial working memory task, the Box Task, (Kessels et al., 2004) will be added to our database. In this test, clients are asked to search for certain objects hidden in boxes. Since the boxes only contain one object each per trial, client will have to keep spatial information online actively during the actual search. Also, information has to be stored over a longer period of time to prevent from choosing boxes that contained an object in earlier trials.
Software updates
We have improved the features that enable you to review a test after having administered it. In the November release of the software, it is possible to re-open a test afterwards and to replay a drawing process or verbal answers, which are required to score drawings or verbal answers respectively. These replay and re-open features facilitate the administration process, which leaves you with more time to observe the client. Please also see this video.

In the questionnaire module a routing feature has been added. With this new feature, specific answers can lead to relevant questions, while skipping irrelevant questions. From now on, it is also possible to add open-ended questions in the questionnaire module.
From now on, the multi-touch feature is completely integrated in the Metrisquare DiagnoseIS software. With this feature it is possible to generate responses with multiple fingers simultaneously on the screen, enabling the use of a virtual response box or using multi-touch to manipulate objects on the screen (turning or moving them). This is very useful in tasks like the Tower of London. The software plug-ins also support the multi-touch feature, making it possible to design multi-touch tasks yourself.
Furthermore, the eye tracking device has been integrated into our software. As of now, the eye tracker can be used to register eye movements during every test administration. This is very interesting in tasks that are used to examine patients with visual neglect. It also provides extra information on tasks that require clients to focus on certain points on the screen, like sustained/divided attention or visual search tasks. In addition, eye tracking can be useful in for example EMDR, the visual administration of the 15 Word-Learning Task and the Stroop Colour-Word Task, to investigate whether a client’s performance is reduced due an attention or visual deficit.
Please visit us at one of the annual events so we can demonstrate our solutions to you or have a look at our video.
November events
In November, Metrisquare will attend several annual events. On November 3rd we will be at the Hersenletsel Congres. On November 7th we can be found at the Autumn Conference of the Flemish Society for Neuropsychology (VVNP) and on November 21st we will be present at the Autumn Conference of the Dutch Society for Neuropsychology (NVN).
Of course, we will demonstrate our new eye tracking device, our new tests, and our newest tablets. The newest tablet runs on Windows 8, is very powerful and easy to carry along. We also offer a 24 inch tablet that responds to both the stylus pen and multi-touch. In addition, we will demonstrate the Metrisquare app.
The main subject of the Autumn Congress of the VVNP will be digital assessment in neuropsychology. Prof. dr. C. Lafosse, dra. N. Vaes and Prof. dr. H.van Waelvelde will present their test results and findings, which are collected using Metrisquare DiagnoseIS. This conference covers various fields of research, and aspects of the use of digital neuropsychological testing. It is absolutely worth visiting.
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