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Metrisquare News May 2014

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality provides us with numerous opportunities in neuropsychological testing and rehabilitation. By using virtual reality it is possible to simulate real life situations, making tasks less abstract. Consequently, this way of testing, ensures higher ecological validity than the more  conventional ways of testing and training. In order to accomplish this, Metrisquare is going to cooperate with Ramon Reinders and Lars Kerff. The 3D  instruments they  develop  together with  our  scientific  partners,  will  be distributed through the Metrisquare platform.
Lars and Ramon share the same interests: virtual reality and health care. Ramon studied 'Applied Psychology' and Lars 'Communication and Multimedia Design'. Together, they are experienced in both sectors, which enables them to look at their work from different perspectives.
Metrisquare mobile App
Whereas the Wacom tablet still is our absolute number one when it comes to neuropsychological testing, we are also very interested in testing on-the-go.

A few months ago, we announced that we were developing applications for both the iPad and Android devices. After a feasibility study, the iPad turned out to be less convenient due to limitations in data security. Therefore, we focused on developing the app for Android devices only, which turned out to be particularly suitable.
All tests and experiments created in the Metrisquare DiagnoseIS test development module will function in the App. Anonymous, random  login  codes, only known  to  the  assessor  are  provided  to  the  client  in  order  to  guarantee  absolute privacy. After testing, reports can be generated on a computer using Metrisquare DiagnoseIS software. This mobile App enables you to take Metrisquare with you, wherever you go. Patients can also complete tests/questionnaires at home, or use the App for cognitive training or other eHealth purposes.

In order to clarify the differences between the mobile App and the Wacom tablet, some comparisons are made below.
Wacom tablet
A4 or A3, full size testing.

Very suitable for cognitive tests.


Runs on Windows: easily connected to EPD, Microsoft Office, and hospital information systems.

Suitable for clinics and institutions.

Professional complete cognitive assessment.

High performance, very sensitive.

Testing, training and reports all on one device.
Android tablets and phones

Smartphone size or A4.

Suitable  for  screenings,  forms, questionnaires, training, experience sampling  and  eHealth.

Runs  on  Android.  Almost  no installation  efforts,  the  client only  needs  an  anonymous  code to  log  on.

Suitable for patients. Can be used at home or bedside. Or even by care takers and family.

Quick testing on the go.

Less  accurate  than  our  Wacom Tablet,  however  very  flexible, mobile and light-weight.

Assessment and screening only. Results are sent to the clinics computer for reporting.
New tablet and its advantages
The new Wacom tablet has an integrated computer with Windows 8. After testing, Microsoft Office applications can be used for writing reports or updating the EPD, with this tablet. It has an SSD (solid state drive), and starts up very fast: press the 'on' button and testing can commence.
The tablet has also a powerful battery. It is portable: there are no cables attached to it, is lightweight and has a size comparable to A4. It also supports multi-touch, a virtual response box can be created that can be customized to the needs of your patient (e.g. small hands, missing fingers, dysfunction of a part of the hand).

A demonstration video of this product by Ben Vaessen can be found here.
Social Media, can it be useful for you?
At Metrisquare, we value Social Media and the interaction we get through the different networks. The picture (click for a larger version) illustrates that Social Media has developed magnificently since 1969. Nowadays, Social Media are an easy way to obtain and share knowledge from professionals and clients around the globe.
For example, the LinkedIn Group of NIP (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen) can be used to gather information or ask for advice about difficult diagnoses or insurance-related issues.

Metrisquare takes part in Social Media very actively. By following us, you can get the latest news and other useful information. At the end of this newsletter, you can find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest by clicking the buttons.
Did you know that...
  • ... a lot of  classic (neuro)psychological tests are available within Metrisquare DiagnoseIS?
  • ...we can make all kinds of tests for you and that you can create tests yourself by using the test development module?
  • can ask us to come over for a workshop or demonstration?
  • ...Metrisquare is actually a complete community, like a social network, in which professionals (for example psychologists, ergo-therapists, scientists and doctors) can cooperate, communicate and exchange tests?
  • ...we really appreciate it when you have questions, remarks, issues or ideas and that you can just contact us about it?
  • ...the Metrisquare team is working hard every day to make our products as user friendly and efficient as possible?
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