Metrisquare Eye Tracking, Virtual reality, Video: Visual Neglect Test Battery
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Metrisquare News August 2014

Metrisquare Eye Tracking 

Metrisquare is proud to announce that we are working on the integration of an eye tracking system into our Metrisquare DiagnoseIS software!
Until recently, an eye tracking device consisted of a head-rest, several cameras with a screen or glasses with a camera. However, the newest eye tracking device is much more advanced and both user and patient friendly. It solely consists of a discrete beam, containing three cameras, which can easily be attached to the screen. The cameras register eye movements and the patient's location, by which the software can calculate the patient's exact focus on the screen.
Metrisquare is the first to enable (neuro)psychologists to easily work with this device. By registering eye movements and focus on the screen we can obtain more insight in a patient's search strategy before and during an actual motor response. This will also provide us with more information about the way a patient plans a task, which is very informative in tasks like the RevArte Visual Search Task (RVST), the Trail Making Task (TMT), and mazes. We think that eye tracking is very useful for rehabilitation of visual neglect patients in learning new search strategies.
Virtual Reality with Oculus Rift
As announced in the May edition of our newsletter, Metrisquare started a collaboration with Lars Kerff and Ramon Reinders in order to develop virtual reality software, compatible with Metrisquare DiagnoseIS, that can be used during testing or training procedures.
The advantage of working with virtual reality is that 3D situations can be created instead of 2D. By creating a virtual world that looks as realistic as possible, ecological validity during testing or training can be enhanced. After all, it is most important to explore what a patient is capable of in the ‘real world’, instead of in a testing situation.

Another important advantage is that it enables us to create an environment in which background noise and visual distractors are easily eliminated. In addition, test administration always proceeds equally, independently from where that test is performed. 
Currently, we are creating a virtual world that can be used for various testing and training purposes. As shown in the picture on the left, the first steps towards creating this virtual world have been made. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
New Video: Visual Neglect Test Battery
Besides all innovative features, we also keep working on digitising classical tests and developing new tasks in Metrisquare DiagnoseIS. Of course, this is what Metrisquare is still focusing on.
In the video some subtests of the Ghent University Visual Neglect Test Battery are shown; Drawing, Cancellation, Visual Search and Spatial Memory. These tasks were created by Nathalie Vaes, Christophe Lafosse, Guy Vingerhoets and colleagues. For more detailed information on this test battery you can read the article by Vaes et al. (2014).
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