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Metrisquare News September 2014

New version of Metrisquare DiagnoseIS available

Due to all the new features we have been working on, Metrisquare DiagnoseIS has been improved tremendously. Therefore, a new version of the software will be released: version This new version is more user-friendly and allows you to administer tests on a Wacom tablet, as well as on an Android device.

Many improvements have been made in the development module. It is much easier to integrate moving images in the new version of the software. From now on animations with .gif filename extensions can be loaded and presented as stimuli. An example of a test battery in which .gif files are used is the Leuven Perceptual Organization Screening Test (L-POST; Torfs & Vancleef et al. 2013). Some of the subtests of the L-POST have been integrated into Metrisquare DiagnoseIS and will be administered through scientific research in which visual disorders after acquired brain injury are studied in collaboration with Koninklijke Visio and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Furthermore, a feature has been developed which enables patients to rotate objects with the pen or by touch. In short, these new features contribute to a vivid and interactive test procedure.

Our questionnaire module underwent some improvements as well. From now on, it is possible to implement six scales per question into your questionnaire, making it easier to generate a full report with all the different variables needed. Also, generating a report of multiple participants has been improved, since a progress bar keeps you updated of the time left. Furthermore, our Metrisquare App and website enable patients to complete questionnaires at home and enable you to monitor participation from another location.
Finally, it is possible to present Metrisquare DiagnoseIS in your own corporate identity by integrating you own company logo into the software, with just a few clicks in the settings panel.
The improved Metrisquare DiagnoseIS version can be downloaded through our platform on
Taylor Complex Figure Test
The Taylor Complex Figure Test has been developed in 1979 by L.B. Taylor as a parallel version of the Rey Complex Figure Test (CFT; Rey, 1941; Osterrieth, 1944, translated by Corwin and Bylsma, 1993). Both tests measure perceptual organisation and visuospatial memory capacity.
Because the figures differ significantly from one another, it is possible to administer them on different time points, without interference taking place. Both tests can be administered using Metrisquare DiagnoseIS. Drawing with the pen on the Wacom tablet is well comparable to the more conventional paper and pencil procedure.

Moreover, it is possible to review the whole drawing procedure of your patient with our replay function and to re-open and score the figure at a later moment.
Improved Metrisquare platform
On our platform, all available tests and tasks are shown in a schematic overview. On both the Metrisquare website and the platform the author can change information concerning a test. Test description and an additional thumbnail can be changed to your own wishes.

Also, you can update your own profile information and profile photo in order to provide your colleagues with the correct data.
On our platform website all authors and their own available tests and tasks are shown in a schematic overview. Also, author can change information concerning a test on this website. Test description and an additional thumbnail can be changed to ones’ own wishes. Profile information and a profile photo can be updated as well to provide colleagues with the correct data.

On our platform it is possible to see and communicate with all other members. This enables you to review tests that are created by others and ask them to share these tests. On the other hand you can share your own tests with colleagues as well. The advantage of this way of sharing is that copyrights remain with the original author; Metrisquare only functions as a distribution channel.
Article dr. Marc Hendriks in De Psycholoog
In the September edition of ‘De Psycholoog’, the magazine of the Dutch Association of Psychologists, clinical neuropsychologist dr. Marc Hendriks wrote an article on neuroscientific aspects of epilepsy surgery. It is of great importance to guide patients through the whole process of epilepsy surgery. Therefore, a multidisciplinary team of experts, like clinical neuropsychologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-physiologists and neuroradiologists, is of great importance.

Cognitive functions are evaluated through the whole process of epilepsy surgery. Not only pre- and postoperational neuropsychological evaluations are performed, sometimes cognitive performance is monitored during the surgical procedure while the patients stays awake. In most cases language functions have to be monitored in order to prevent the surgeon from operating on brain parts which play an important role in executing those functions.

During the surgery these brain parts are stimulated with small electrical shocks in order to temporarily shut them down to explore their contribution to language functions. The patients’ language functions during the surgery are compared to the patients’ own preoperational performance level. Based on the patients’ performance, the surgical team decides whether or not to surgically remove certain brain parts in order to spare crucial cognitive functions. Metrisquare DiagnoseIS is used to determine these levels of functioning.

In his article, Dr. Hendriks pointed out the advantages of using a tablet computer during the process of epilepsy surgery. His idea is to incorporate all tests used during the process of epilepsy surgery into Metrisquare DiagnoseIS. This would enable all neuropsychologists involved to share tests and administer them as standardised as possible. At the same time, data collection for scientific purposes is enhanced. Dr. Hendriks also favours connecting the software to the stimulation protocol of the clinical neurophysiologist. In this way different data sources can be incorporated which enhances the whole surgical procedure.
Metrisquare suits your wishes!
Tests which are created in our test development module can be administered using different devices. The different devices are suited for different situations, which enables you to use the device that suits your own wishes. An illustration is shown below.
Upcoming events and conferences
Metrisquare and our products will be presented at the following upcoming events:
  • November 3rd, 2014: Hersenletsel Congres, 'de Reehorst', Ede.
  • November 7th, 2014: Najaarsconferentie Vlaamse Vereniging voor Neuropsychologie (VVNP), 'Het Pand', Ghent.
  • November 21st, 2014, Najaarsconferentie Nederlandse Vereninging voor Neuropsychologie (NVN), 'De Vereeniging', Nijmegen.
  • March 18th until March 20th, 2015: Zorg en ICT, 'Jaarbeurs', Utrecht.
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