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Metrisquare News November 2013

Replay function available

With this new feature, you are now able to review what happened during a test session. This comes in handy for tests where observations are time consuming but also very important, like the Complex Figure of Rey (see image) or the Trail Making Test.

Wake brain surgeries

In cooperation with M. van Zandvoort and M. Hendriks, Metrisquare is researching how effeciency and quality of neuropsychological assessment during wake surgeries can be improved. On November 22nd, Metrisquare had the opportunity to attend this type of surgery. The unique property of such a process is the required flexibility to adapt a test to the specific circumstances. Metrisquare allows tests to be tailored to individual needs.

Reports improved

Reports generated by Metrisquare are more clear, have better graphs and more relevant tables. In addition, names are displayed more professionaly, with all titles and functions of the responsible psychologist.

Emotion Recognition Task (ERT) used in 8 countries!

The ERT is now used in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Italy, United States and Australia. It is available in the following languages: English, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian and French.The test is developed by B. Montagne, R. Kessels, E. de Haan and D. Perrett (see picture). Thanks to C. Papadopoulos and K. Potagas, the test has been translated to the Greek language.

A demo account for this test can be requested here.

Digital versions of 15 Word Learning Task and 15 Figure Learning Task

These tests were developed in cooperation with A. Serlier (KNP Praktijk Hightech Campus Eindhoven) and are clinically trialed at the moment. Normative data for children and adolescents will be collected during the next months.

New employee: Monique Peeters

Monique Peeters, MSc in Neuropsychology, will be managing social media and the newsletter for Metrisquare. In 2011, she started writing her master's thesis on Metrisquare DiagnoseIS. Together with Jolien de Wolf, she tested a total of 102 healthy participants using the tabletbased version of the MAAS testbattery. The most important conclusions were: 1. On the 15WT participants scored better, 2. On the CST participants were slightly slower, 3. performance on LDST and Stroop were the same and 4. computer anxiety did not affect performance.
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