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Metrisquare News April 2014


Innovasquare uses Metrisquare technology and has the same vision about digitised diagnostics: making diagnostics more efficient by using the latest technology.  Innovasquare does not only develop neuropsychological tests, but also tests patients with these tests at their centre in Wezembeek-Oppem, near Brussels in Belgium.

Emilie Lacroix, neuropsychologist, is the founder of this company. Thanks to her, and her team, it is possible for French speaking users and patients to get support as well.

Virtual reality with the Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is  a  virtual reality  device, originally created for enhancing gaming experience. It is used to  simulate  realistic  situations  in  3D  virtual  reality world. With virtual reality, we can develop tests that can  measure  performance  in  situations  similar  to real-life  and  provide  training  in  'real'  situations.

Metrisquare is looking for people  who  have worked with virtual reality and asking them to share  or co-create  such  tests  or  training  tasks  via  the Metrisquare platform.

Test-Development in DiagnoseIS
The test development module is an essential feature of Metrisquare DiagnoseIS, because we believe that tests should be made by and for psychologists. We want to encourage the members of the Metrisquare community the create tests and share them with other users. In order to help you develop tests, we  provide an updated test-development manual.

In addition, we also give presentations, workshops and trainings on this subject. On May 20th, students from the KU Leuven are coming to RevArte Rehabilitation Hospital in Edegem. As  part  of  the  program   lead  by  Prof.  Dr. C.  Lafosse,  they  will  attend  a presentation on the possibilities of the Metrisquare test development module. In case you  are  also  interested  in  such  presentations  or  workshops,  please  feel  free  to contact us.
Featured Video: Visual Neglect Tests at RevArte

(By clicking the image shown below, you will be redirected to the video.)
Thanks to Prof. Dr. C. Lafosse, we had the opportunity to perform clinical trials with the tablet based Visual Neglect test battery, available in the Metrisquare platform. This video shows a patient performing a line bisection task, a visual search task and a cancellation task, followed by a drawing task performed while being positioned in a standing aid.
PhD Project brain injury in sports
Brain injury caused by sports is more common than previously thought. In 2013, 3200 people were brain injured during sports in the Netherlands. This number might be even higher, since brain injury is not always recognised when it happens. It is important to investigate sport related brain injury and the effect of sports on cognitive performance.

Maud Grouls, PhD student, will investigate cognitive performance in children and adolescents who perform combat sports. Metrisquare is interested in combat sports related head/brain trauma and its effect on cognition and performance. At the moment Maud is working on an article (meta-analysis) about paediatric sport-related concussion, which she hopes to finish this summer.
The aim of the article is to find out how concussion affects cognitive performance of young athletes. Also, Maud will to explore which neuropsychologic tests can be used best to measure cognitive performance after pediatric sport-related concussion.

Moreover, she is developing a neuropsychological test battery (using Metrisquare DiagnoseIS) that can be used to assess young athletes. Once the new academic year has started, she will administer this test battery to children who perform different (combat) sports. For example, she is going to compare young (kick)boxers and judoka. Children who participate in (kick)boxing, in contrast to judoka, often receive ‘blows’ to their head (even though they wear protective gear), and are therefore thought to perform different on cognitive tests.

By exploring these differences, more knowledge about the effects of head blows on cognitive functioning is obtained, which might provide children with a safer sports environment in the future. Aside of her PhD project, Maud assists Metrisquare with more general tasks, such as test development and improvement of the usability of our solutions.
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