Tee Time Updates
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Dear Members,

A member’s failure to arrive at a reserved tee time without prior cancellation results in harm and disrespect to Club members who do adhere to the rules set by golf courses worldwide.

The Club's tolerant enforcement policy regarding non-arrival for reserved tee times (in accordance with a message sent to members on January 24, 2019) has proven to be insufficient.  Unfortunately, we are forced to tighten the sanctions on members who reserve tee times and do not come to play. Following is the updated version of the rules regarding tee times.  We ask that you pay attention to the change in Section 7!

Procedure for determining and enforcing tee times:

1. It is mandatory for all members to reserve a tee time in advance before arriving for their game.

2. Reserving tee times is only through the ONLINE system, and is on the basis of first-come-first-served. For help in installing / operating the app, contact Adva Oren at the Club's offices.

3. A player who has not reserved a tee time may find himself without the opportunity to get on the course.

4. Single players may not reserve tee times. A single player must come to the first tee and contact the starter to be teamed with another player.

5. You may not start on the tenth tee without the starter's permission. A player / group teeing off without permission may be removed from the course.

6. In the event that a member does not arrive for play, it is absolutely mandatory to cancel the scheduled time at least 24 hours in advance, whether through the ONLINE system or by means of a message to the Proshop.

a. If a tee time is reserved by a member on behalf of his or her partner(s), the cancellation responsibility will apply to both the member who reserved and the member(s) for whom the reservation was made.

7. In order to protect the rights of all members regarding this important issue, the following rules will now apply to anyone who does not appear for play and did not cancel the reservation as stated above:

a. First time - the member will receive a warning message about the violation as stated.

b. Second time – tee time reservation rights are suspended for a month.

c. Third time – reservation rights are suspended for three months.

Club Management requests the cooperation of all members in adhering to the above rules, the purpose of which is to safeguard your rights and enjoyment of play at the Club.

Best wishes,
Golf Club Staff