On the Green #13
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Caesarea Golf Club
On the Green

Edition 13# - November 2019
Updates from Home – Caesarea Golf Club
Seeding of greens

This is the fifth year that we are performing winter seeding. The seeding has been absorbed successfully, and the maintenance team will now begin gradual mowing to reach full coverage at the desired height. The growth rate is dependent on the weather.  We will open the greens on the day that they are ready for play without danger of damage. Patience and opening of the greens at the appropriate time are critical to the success of this process, and to your enjoyment of the greens for the coming year.
Upgrading the course and esthetic development

In the near future, the Club's maintenance staff will develop the scenic project that creates a challenge to the game and upgrades the appearance of the course. We have already applied the project to the tee areas on Holes 4, 5, 7, 11 and 14.  Our goal is to achieve uniformity throughout the course.
The development of each hole includes arrangement of the tee in the form of an island, replacing the grass with natural landscape elements that are characteristic of the nature of the course such as plants and trees.  In addition, breaking of new trails and installation of new access paths for each tee will facilitate the movement of power carts.
The total duration of development for each tee varies according to the size of the development area.  It is estimated to take several weeks from beginning of the work to completion.
The project is moving ahead. This phase begins at Hole 10.
We will continue to update you on progress as necessary
Lockers for storing electric trolleys

The Club has completed construction of dozens of new lockers for the benefit of our members. The second section of new lockers in the area next to the parking lot is ready for use. Anyone interested in renting a locker to store equipment is welcome to contact Eric or Adva. Please note that the number of lockers is limited. First-come-first-served!
Range balls and ball machine

The Club has already acquired 10,000 balls from Callaway Golf this summer. They will arrive at the Club towards the end of November. Along with the introduction of the new balls, we will also replace the ball machine currently at the range with a larger machine that has the capability of washing balls. The combination of these two will ensure members a regular supply of new and clean balls. We are aware of the recent difficulty in obtaining balls, but would like to remind you that the issue is part of a major streamlining process. We will see the fruits of this process this month and for a long time to come.
Range targets

The Club completed another portion of the project to upgrade the range, and finished laying new artificial grass. We are pleased to present to you the ongoing upgrade of the range with new high quality targets placed at 50-200 meters. The targets are built of durable materials and include a strong wheelbase that will allow them to be moved as needed. We will soon have a special competition to initiate the new targets.
Push carts

A fleet of new push carts was assembled and placed in service. The carts were obtained from Range Servant, a leading golf equipment company.  We also invested thought and resources in self-development regarding the most problematic part of all the carts available on the market - the umbrella holder.
We ask the following of all members:
• Exercise caution when using the cart during play.
• Do not tow carts while traveling in powered golf carts.
• Carts should not be left on the course.
• At the end of the game, the cart must be returned to the area near the clubhouse or to the designated locations in the parking lot. If members do not adhere to this procedure, the Club reserves the right to exercise the option of requiring a deposit for use and return of the carts.

Members who have not yet used the app are invited to contact the Club's professional manager to register and start posting results.
Please note! Aside from exceptional cases, the Club will no longer issue printed handicap certificates for play abroad. Alternatively, because the GOLFBOX platform is recognized throughout the golf world, the app may be used instead of a certificate from the Club to prove your handicap at courses abroad that require such proof.
"Friday Golf"

During the third quarter of this year, we continued to recruit potential new golfers who came to us from different areas of the country after successful marketing of the program. We are proud to inform you that the success rate of this program continues to grow; we even broke a record in recruiting students at the end of the last cycle. The Club invests and will continue to invest heavily in the development of new golfers. This activity is an important element for the future of golf in Israel.
Children in golf

We are pleased to announce that the Golf Academy has grown significantly this year, with new children joining the classes. In addition, as we previously informed you, beginning in early September we started teaching 70 fourth grade children of Caesarea School. They come once a week for combined Club training. Our goal, of course, is that more and more children will register for the Club's Golf Academy and embrace the lifestyle of the wonderful game we all love. We are initiating extensive activities in the local communities that will combine parents and children, exposing golf to new audiences. We will keep you updated.
The Professional Corner
A little song in the heart that will improve your swing.
Here's a must-watch video! How to get out of trouble like a pro and not get into even more trouble. Please watch the attached video to see how you can easily avoid the holes that result in an "X" on your scorecard.
You are always welcome to approach any member of the professional staff who will be happy to help you apply these tips and improve your game.
Competitions and Events
Coming Events
Ezer Mitzion Tournament
We are pleased to host Ezer Mitzion's charity competition for the 11th consecutive year. Club members who are interested in participating in the tournament are invited to enter the link below:
2019 Chanukah Family Tournament
The tournament will take place on Tuesday, December 24, in a Pairs Scramble format. All members of the Club who have a relative who plays golf are invited to participate. We will place registration forms in the Proshop soon.
Past Events
2019 End of Summer Night Tournament
At the end of an enjoyable evening with a full moon the winners were:
First place: James Halimy, Jean-Marc Zamor, Jacques Raffle, Meir Assayag
Second place: Chen Maman, Eliran Tzalech, Gildari and Yossi Kashni
Third place: Guy Topza, Sherry Orbach, Fanny Weiss and Adi Perry
Thanks to all the participants.  We look forward to seeing you at the next tournament.
End of Summer Skins Tournament
At the end of a particularly tense skins tournament as golfers matched the scores of their competitors on virtually every hole, two winners collected the entire jackpot.
Malka Istrick and Karen Avnaim, with a birdie at #17, and Asaf Cohen and Moshe Baumer, with a birdie at #5, were the only ones to achieve those scores on the two holes, and were declared the tournament winners.
Israel Shor and Moshe Baumer won the Closest to the Hole competition.
At the end of the tournament, all participants indulged in fine dining from the kitchen of the Mariposa Restaurant.
From the Golf World: Tiger Woods matches Sam Snead's record
Anyone who thought winning this year's Masters Tournament was an accident should think again. In a stunning show of golf, Tiger burned the course at the ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP Tournament, tying Sam Snead's historic record of 82 PGA Tour victories. Woods's wins span a 23-year period, and it seems that breaking the record is only a matter of time. Here are links to highlights of the tournament: 
Wishing you enjoyable golf,
The Club Staff