IRS Changes regulations on Trust Audits.  What you need to know!
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Masters Copyrights is Hosting an Online Event About How to Use Your Trust and Trust Taxes!

IRS Has Made Major Decision That Will Affect YOU!

Your Options
Many have asked me how my health is doing, and what I have been up to recently.  The simple answer is that I have  moved on.  I am feeling somewhat better, but still await a major infusion of cash so that I can have tests and treatment done as per my wishes.  Tests alone will be in excess of $5,000 and without sufficient coverage on insurance, I still wait!  

I have a new domain name that will give you a hint as to what I will be doing in the future! is up and running but I still need to write content for the website.  if you need to get in touch concerning your Masters Trust, please email me at

To be clear, I have come out of the shadows to inform you of things happening because they are that important.  I want to see each and every one of you succeed in purchasing your Masters Trust and placing all of your assets into the Trust correctly!

My temporary contact information is and my temporary phone number is: 480-630-5534.  I'm hoping we won't have to use this number for very long!

Masters Copyrights is Hosting an Online Event About How to Use Your Trust and Trust Taxes!
Masters Copyrights has advised me that they will host a conference call  on June 4 to give instructions on how to use your Trust and what Tax implications there will be for you and your Trust.  I will send out at least 1 or 2 newsletters to remind you as the day approaches.  You can email them your questions at  Please note: it would be easiest for them if you put "Conference Call Question" into the subject line of the email.  I hope to make a recording of the call and make it available to all of you

IRS Has Made Major Decision That Will Affect YOU!
Yes, that's right.  As many of you may have heard, there was a Masters Trust Agent (as I am) that used to sell Masters Trust before he started selling illegal copies of the Trust.. To date, he has sold over 12,000 copies of the stolen intellectual property.  Although Masters Copyrights LLC prevailed against the thief, the damage has been done, because the IRS received complaints and now the IRS has determined that it will closely examine the application date, payment date, creation date, conveyance date of assets into the Trust, etc when it does audits.  Essentially, anyone who has their Trust and pays for it in full before the RV is safe.  Those of us who have not yet paid for the Trust in full do have a couple of options, but you will have to consider carefully what you do, and in which order!

Obviously, we have our Trusts so that we can a) protect assets and b) defer taxes until a time when the Trustee finds it's appropriate to make payments to Beneficiaries.  Placing assets into the trust prior to the RV without first paying at least a significant amount owed on the Trust takes events out of sequence, thus making the Trustee suspect as far as tax evasion goes!  Don't put yourself into this position!  You may pay dearly.

Simply put, if someone purchases a Trust and does not do things in following in this order, they may be both audited and found criminally guilty as a tax cheat.  Here are the steps:
  • Order a Trust
  • Pay for the Trust
  • Set up creation date of the Trust
  • Set the Execution date of the Trust (when the papers are signed to activate the Trust)
  • Convey assets into the Trust
  • and finally, Exchange assets from one currency into another currency in Trust accounts
You can see that the route that many of us are taking would put a target on our backs even before the RV takes place.  You DO have options, and I'd like to clearly share them with you!

Your Options
First, I have to say that the Master Trust is the best, most solid Trust I have ever read through.  I run multiple interests in one of my many Trusts and am very pleased with the results.

There are two options that yo can choose from:

Option 1 - Abandon Your Trust altogether
Walk away from your Trust altogether.  If you do this, you will pay taxes on what you get from the RV. 

Option 2 - Make a $500 Minimum Payment Prior to the RV 
Masters Copyrights LLC requires that you pay $500 or more as a significant down payment prior to the RV in order to keep your Trust Creation Date that is prior to the RV. Paying the minimum 10% will keep you safe.

Send your payment to:

Master’s Copyrights LLC
C/o Rosen & Rosen Law Firm
Att: Jeremy Rosen
6750 West Loop South
Suite 800
Bellaire, Texas 77401

Please note, the requirements for submitting your payment have changed too.  You will have to include a copy of your Trust application with your payment(s) including your Serial Number.  If you cannot produce one or two copies of your Trust application, you may go here to reproduce your application.  There is no fee and no credit card payment will occur if you use the online method of application recreation.  The day you send your payment, please email and tell them the serial number of the Trust and amount you are sending.  This will help expedite the process.

Once the RV has happened, you can pay the remaining $4,500 to have your Trust sent to you.

WARNING: If you still choose to send Masters Copyrights your order for your layaway Trust after the RV, the Trust Creation Date will come back at the date that the order (including the new application from above), your Trust Creation Date will reflect the new order date post RV, so you must deposit USD, post taxation into the Trust or run into problems with the IRS.  Do this at your own risk!

Trustee, Emmanuel Forever Spendthrift Trust
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