Masters Trust Updates - Ordering New Trusts, Payments, etc
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Masters Trust Updates - Ordering New Trusts, Payments, CPA Services, etc

To All Clients of Masters Trust

By popular demand, has been reopened.  This has several benefits for both new clients and those who have outstanding layaway orders with Masters Trust.  We invite all who have a Masters Trust layaway to use the website and all of the information on the site to their benefit.  Whether you purchased your Masters Trust from Masters Trust directly, Dr. Von Ehrenkrook, Marcus Laubli, or Richard Howard, you are welcome to  use this website and all of its available resources and information.
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Ordering New Layaway Trusts
First, and foremost, Masters Trust has reinstated the layaway program.  The difference now is that layaway orders must be accompanied by a minimum down payment of $500.  You can order new Trusts here.  When you order your Trust, you can pay as much as you like as a down payment as long as the minimum payment is $500.
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Paying The Remaining Balance On Your Trust
When the time comes, and you are ready to pay the remaining balance for your Trust, you will need a few pieces of information, and a credit card.  You will need:
  • Your Trust Serial Number
  • Your Agent Code (Marcus' and Dr. Karla's is ML101ST) Otherwise check with your agent
  • The Name of Your Trust
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Phone Number
  • The Outstanding Balance to be paid to Masters Trust.
We have been told that those who get their payments in first, will have their application processed first.  This means that if you send a check to Masters Copyrights instead of making your payment online here, you will be farther back in the line of many others who are waiting for their Trust documents to be created!.

We already know that the price of the Masters Trust is set to go up, so order soon and lock in your price today!
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Access to a CPA Who Has Experience With Masters Trust Accounting
We are thankful that we can announce to both our readers and our clients that Mr. Richard Stimson is offering his services to anyone who has a Masters Trust.  Mr. Stimson has over 25 years of experience working with the Masters Trust instrument and is making himself available to answer questions.  Use this link here to ask your question of Mr. Stimson and watch this page on the website for your answer.  Please ask only one question per submission so that we can easily break things apart according to topics on the website!  Thank you.  Mr. Stimson has agreed to start a newsletter where he will address CPA type questions regularly.  It is possible that we will take his content and send it out via this Masters Trust newsletter.

Now, for the best part of this newsletter!  Mr. Stimson is asking anyone who needs his services to go to this page on the website and enter your Trust information for purposes of sharing it with the CPA.  This will streamline things after you have paid for your Trust because Mr. Stimson will already have all of your information.  We will take all of the CPA requests that are entered on this website and 1) email them to Mr. Stimson and my staff, and 2) periodically update a spreadsheet for Mr. Stimson with your new information.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The information you put into the CPA Request Form can be changed... i.e. if a Beneficiary or a Settlor has died, or you have new family members, just add them to this CPA Request form and we will then forward it to the Masters Copyrights LLC people so that your new information can be used to create your Trust documents.  If you do NOT want us to send this to Masters Copyrights, LLC leave a note in the comments field at the end of the Request form.

In closing, many have asked how they can stay in touch with me.  As you know, I have become more difficult to contact.  My phone number is 480-630-5534 and my email address is  This will all change after events that we are all waiting for!  Therefore, I encourage you to sign up as a member of and look for my name, Marcus Laubli.  I will accept contact requests until such time as the events we are waiting for happen.  After that, I'm going incognito!

In the meantime, we are here to serve you!

The Team
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