Water Conservation

Landscape Irrigation: Landscape irrigation is the greatest area for potential water savings in the Northern Utah. On average, the majority of water users overwater their landscapes by a significant amount. We value green, well-kept landscapes and know that landscapes create pleasant and needed green areas in urban settings. A few principles that will help you be water-efficient outdoors include:

1. Planning and Proper Design (plants and sprinklers)

2. Understand Soil Characteristics (sand, loam, clay)

3. Appropriate Plant Selection (right plant in right place)

4. Appropriate Lawn Areas (reduced where possible)

5. Efficient Irrigation (proper scheduling)

6. Proper Use of Mulches

7. Proper Maintenance

Free Residential Water Check Program: A water check is a series of tests on your irrigation system, performed by Weber Basin Water employees, to determine how much water the irrigation system is putting out (precipitation rate), the infiltration of water into the soil, and the distribution uniformity (evenness of the application of water). One of our staff will also check soil type, root depth and sprinkler pressure. The entire process takes about one hour and the homeowner is given a customized irrigation schedule which provides recommendations for the best health and care of the lawn and how to make improvements to your sprinkler system.

Free Commercial Water Check Program: Weber Basin Water employee walks through the entire irrigation system with the landscape maintenance staff. Each irrigation zone is turned on and examined for problems. Once the maintenance staff repairs the problems and tunes the system up, the Weber Basin Water employee will return to do a follow-up walk through and perform catch cup test on enough of the zones to represent the entire system. A report is provided with results, suggestions and scheduling recommendations.

Free Events/Classes: Classes and events are FREE to the public and are held at the Learning Garden: 2837 E. Highway 193, Layton For additional information or to sign up for classes, water checks, or any of WBWCD conservation programs or services:
Call 801-771-1677 or visit www.

City Council Updates

A Message from Councilmember Bryan Benard 

Bill Copeland stated: "The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score." Boy was he right. Now that many of our New Year’s Resolutions have come and gone (yes I have a gym membership, no I did not meet my resolution…), it’s time to refocus and set goals. Spring is the time for re-birth and the perfect time to dust ourselves off, set goals and go out and achieve those goals.

Recently we as City leaders were able to have a retreat in my offices in Salt Lake City. It gave us a chance as leaders to hear about each City Department’s successes, shortcomings, aspirations, budget, and what ways the elected officials could help that department. Once again we were amazed by the many wonderful things our city employees and departments are doing for the citizens of South Ogden. And once again, we are faced with many budgetary challenges in order to provide and even maintain the quality services we have.

The most exciting time of the meetings for me was reviewing and revising the City’s Strategic Plan—seeing the goals that we have achieved, ones we are still working on, and setting new goals for the improvement of the City and betterment of our community. I’m sure many of you did not know we have a Strategic Plan. It was a great process three years ago when we created the Strategic Plan and updated the City’s Mission Statement. This living document has helped keep the employees, departments and city officials headed in the right direction and accomplishing goals. We have carefully thought through these goals and are now working hard to achieve them. I only wish I was so good with my own exercising goals!

Click here to access full meeting agendas online
P O L I C E     D E P T.

OFFICER OF THE YEAR "GERARDO VAZQUEZ": Officer Gerardo Vazquez was named "Officer of the Year" for the South Ogden Police Department. Officer Vazquez possesses and demonstrates on a daily basis, integrity, a strong work ethic, professionalism and dedication to duty and sacrifice. His many accomplishments in 2014 exemplify each of the above listed. Officer Vazquez represents both the Patrol and Traffic Division. He is devoted to the department’s Motors Division and takes pride in his teamwork concept which shows with his squads’ performance and effectiveness. He earned his Field Training Officer Certification, and his Field Motor Training Certificate, proving his proficiency in riding as a Motors Officer. Officer Vazquez is supportive of his peers, kind and generous with the public, efficient with his assignments and has a great sense of humor. For this and much more, we are proud to call him the 2014, South Ogden Police Department, Officer of the Year.

SOUTH OGDEN CITY YOUTH COMMUNITY COUNCIL - NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS : South Ogden City sponsors a Youth City Council for youth in grades 9-12 to provide the youth of our community an opportunity to get involved with city government and offer opportunities for service and education. Regular meetings are generally held once a month plus service activities associated with City Events (South Ogden Days, Trunk or Treat, Old Fashioned Family Holiday, Easter Egg Hunt, etc.) All members must live within South Ogden City boundaries or live in a local community that does not offer a Youth City Council. There is a $10.00 filing fee for all South Ogden City applicants and a $100.00 fee for non-resident applicants. Fees will be returned to unseleted applicants should all positions be filled.

This is an opportunity to serve your community, develop leadership skills, interact with elected officials and participate in educational experiences. Participation looks great on resumes and scholarship applications and is simply a lot of fun! Applications available online,

S P E C I A L   E V E N T S

SOUTH OGDEN DAYS 2015: Save the date for South Ogden Days 2015! We have lots of fun things planned for this year! South Ogden Days 2015 activities include:

  • 6/16: 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament 
  • 6/18: South Ogden’s Got Talent 
  • 6/18: 5k and Kids K Races  
  • 6/19: Rock n’ Rods Car/Motorcycle Show  
  • 6/19: 60’s Dance Party in the Park!  
  • 6/19: Movie in the Park  
  • 6/19: SOFI Awards Presentation  
  • 6/19 & 6/20: Vendors & Entertainment  
  • 6/19 & 6/20: Carnival 
  • 6/20: Music Experience Tent  
  • 6/20: Parade  
  • 6/20: Mud Volleyball Tournament  
  • 6/20: South Ogden’s Got Talent   
  • 6/20: Concert & Fireworks Show  
  • 6/22: Golf Tournament
Access ALL THINGS SOUTH OGEN DAYS 2015 on our website at:
P. W.  &  P A R K S

Senior/Disabled Spring Curbside Cleanup: Sign-ups for the Senior and Disabled Citizen Curbside Spring Cleanup will begin on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 until Monday, April 27, 2015 at the Senior Center located at 580 39th Street. Please bring proof of age or disability with you when you sign up. A detailed instruction sheet will also be available at that time. Pickup will begin Monday, May 4, 2015, please refer to the instruction sheet for specific instructions. If you have any questions, please call 801-622-2901.

CLEANUP PROGRAM: South Ogden Cleanup Program and Mixed/Green Waste Trailer/Rolloff Rentals are now available to rent. Fees are $45/$55 for a green waste trailer/rolloff and $80/$100 for a mixed waste trailer/rolloff. A $100 deposit is required with each rental. The Neighborhood Cleanup Program requires a $100 deposit plus five signatures from neighbors participating in the cleanup. Applications are available on our website at or at the Public Works office located at 5590 S 600 E. If you have any questions, please call 801-622-2901.

Business Spotlight

The Good Life Group @ Keller Williams Success Realty is a full service real estate team that keeps the focus on the family and their goals. Our mantra at The Good Life Group is, "We help families find their way home." With every decision we make, we ask the question, "How is this decision going to help the family." Our team consists of 2 buyer specialists, a listing specialist, a commercial specialist, a leverage specialist (leverage through systems, tools, and people), an attorney who negotiates our short sales, and our 7 admin, each with their unique focus. By structuring our team as a team of specialists, and highly systematizing our business, we ensure that our clients receive a first class experience every time. The next time you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate, call The Good Life Group!

The Good Life Group
5711 S. 1475 E.
South Ogden, UT 84403


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