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Council Meeting Updates

JUNE 3, 2014

 A. Consideration of Ordinance 14-08 – Approving an increase in surcharge for bail fees

B. Consideration of Resolution 14-16 – Approving a letter of concurrence and match agreement with Wasatch Front Regional Council

C. Consideration of Resolution 14-17 – Approving the South Ogden Automall

Community Development Project Area Interlocal Agreement By And Between The South Ogden City Community Development and renewal agency and South Ogden City

D. Discussion on Highway 89 and Harrison boulevard interchange

E. Discussion on South Ogden Days funding

F. Discussion on previously passed Ordinance 14-07 - Unsafe transfers in a roadway

G. Discussion on Utah League of Cities and Towns Conference
Click the link below to view the Agenda


JUNE 17, 2014 

A. Consideration of Ordinance 14-10 – Adopting the FY2015 Budget

B. Consideration of Resolution 14-18 – Approving an agreement with Second District Juvenile Court for graffiti removal

C. Consideration of Resolution 14-19 – Ratifying a moratorium on receiving or processing development or building applications for the area of the city generally defined as east of Adams Ave., West of 1550 East and South of Highway 89 Extending to the southernmost boundary of the City

D. Discussion on Community Committees

Click the link below to view the Agenda


 P O L I C E   D E P T.

Auto Burglaries:  With school out for the summer and temperatures on the rise, we typically see a spike in residential and auto burglaries. Despite a welcomed decline in these types of crimes so far this season, we’d like to encourage you to continue in your attentiveness in securing your homes, vehicles and belongings. With our recently increased residential patrol saturation and your vigilance, we hope to see this decline in these crimes continue. If you see something suspicious, please contact law enforcement immediately.

So remember, don’t become the easy victim; continue to lock and secure your doors and property at all times. And if you see something out of place or suspicious, report it immediately. Together we can keep South Ogden City a safe place to live, work and play.

U T I L I T Y    B I L L I N G

Switching to Xpress Bill Pay South Ogden City is excited to announce our new online payment provider. Xpress Bill Pay is the premier local government payment provider. We are making the switch to provide you with many new and enhanced features like full bill presentation, billing history, auto pay, payment wallet, email notifications, and many more. Starting July 1, 2014 you will be directed to the new website when you select the wallet under the "Online Services" section on the front page of our website at, or you can access Xpress Bill Pay at You will need to visit the site to establish an account. If you had recurring payments setup with our previous provider, you will need to re-establish the auto pay with Xpress Bill Pay. Online payments will be unavailable from June 26 – July 1, 2014 while we are making the transition. If you need to make a payment during that time, you can call our office at (801) 622-2700 to pay with a credit card. If you need to pay with a check, you can mail it or bring it to City Hall at 3950 South Adams Ave. If you have questions you can reach Xpress Bill Pay via email at or via telephone at 800-766-2350. As always you can contact us at (801) 622-2700.

S P E C I A L   E V E N T S

South Ogden Days: Thank you to all who came out to support South Ogden Days 2014. It was a great success and we appreciate the support of our sponsors, partners, volunteers and city staff who help make this event possible. Here are some numbers from this year’s South Ogden Days:

82 Wonderful Volunteers, 46 Giving Sponsors, 80 Great Vendors, 27 3on3 Teams with 108 players, 162 Runners in the 5k Fun Run, 120 Runners in the Kids K race, 25 Competitors for South Ogden’s Got Talent, 67 Participants in the Car & Motorcycle Show, 59 Floats in the Parade, 32 Mud Volleyball Teams with 192 players total, 38 Golf Tournament Teams with 152 players total, 20,651 Community members at the Festival!

Open Mic Nights: South Ogden City recently received a grant to host Open Mic Nights at the South Ogden Nature Park Amphitheater. This will be open to the community to come and enjoy or to perform.

Performers are encouraged to express themselves through a musical or vocal talent, poetry or dance. All ages are welcome to attend or register to perform. Each evening refreshments will be provided. Mark your calendars now and follow South Ogden City on Facebook for updates regarding these activities.

Tentative Dates for the Open Mic Nights: July 23rd, August 13th, September 10th


Fun Water Facts: Approximately 85 percent of U.S. residents receive their water from public water facilities. The remaining 15 percent supply their own water from private wells or other sources.

Indoor Water Conservation Tip: Don’t flush things down the toilet to dispose of them. Throw away tissues and other bathroom waste in the garbage can, which doesn’t require gallons of water. (The average person in the United States uses anywhere from 80-100 gallons of water per day. Flushing the toilet actually takes up the largest amount of this water.)

Outdoor Water Conservation Tips: Apply water only as fast as the soil can absorb it. Avoid watering between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm and when it is windy. Water dry or brown spots in your lawn by hand. Use a hose rather than running your sprinkler system. This will take care of the brown spots while saving thousands of gallons of water and not overwatering the rest of the entire lawn to take care of the same brown spot.

P W   &   P A R K S

Every year the Public Works Department flushes and checks all hydrants in the city to ensure hydrants have proper pressure and work properly. Flushing will be during the months of July and August. Below are a few question and answers that may be helpful during the flushing.

Why is the water pressure low? Your water pressure may be low due to the flushing of fire hydrants, which lowers the water pressure in the area that is being tested.

Why is my water discolored? Due to the fire hydrant flushing, customers could experience a temporary discoloration of water, which is due to the unsettling of rust in the water main. Run the cold water for about five minutes– this should clear up the water.

My clothes have been discolored from the rust, what should I do? You should clean them with a rust remover, such as "Iron Out" or "Yellow Out" which are available at most home improvement stores. To avoid this, run water prior to doing laundry or avoid doing laundry if the hydrants on your street is being flushed.

Is the water safe to drink? Yes. If the water would be unsafe for any reason to drink, a boil alert would be issued. Before drinking the water, let the cold water run until it is clear.

If you have any questions, please call the Public Works Department at 801-622-2900.

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Upcoming Events & Activities


*July 4: Hot Rock’n 4th at the Ogden Pioneer Stadium. More info: 801-629-8000

*Wednesdays in July: "Kids in the Kitchen" cooking classes at the Marshall White Center. More info: 801-629-8346 FREE

*July 14, 10:30am: Fun and Water Games at the Weber County Library, Main Branch. More info: FREE

*Wednesday in July, 2pm: "Stop Summer Slide" activities at the Treehouse Children’s Museum. More info: 801-394-9663

*July 17, 7pm: "The Rocket" movie at the Egyptian Theater. More info:

*July 17, 6pm: "Story Fiesta" with stories, snacks, games and crafts for the whole family at the Weber County Library, Main Branch. More info:

*July 19, 2pm: Cinema Saturdays "The Pirate Fairy" at the Weber County Library, Main Branch. More info:

*July 24, 11am: RAMPed Up Art at the Treehouse Children’s Museum.


All activity details can be viewed on the Standard Examiner Community Calendar


*July 5, 2pm: Cinema Saturday "Epic" at the Weber County Library, Main Branch. More info:

*July 7, 5:30pm: Teen Frisbee Golf at the Weber County Library, Main Branch. More info:

*July 9, 8:30pm: Country Dancing at the Browning Theater at the Union Station. More info:

*July 11, 7pm: "Baernie Dexter Fashion Show and Autograph signing" at Endless Indulgence Retro Wear in Ogden. More info: 801-540-8390

*July 12, 7:30am: "Jog for Juston" 5K Run/Walk at Sandridge Park. More info: 801-791-5985

All activity details can be viewed on the Standard Examiner Community Calendar


*July 4, 7am - 10am: Breakfast in the Park at Huntville Park. More info:

*Saturdays in July, 8pm: "Comedy Loft" at the Ziegfeld Theater. More info: 1-855-ZIG-ARTS

*July 6, 6pm: "The Earful at Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival" at Snowbasi Resort. More info:

*July 12, 7:30am: "Jog for Juston" 5K Run/Walk at Sandridge Park. More info: 801-791-5985

*Thursdays all Summer, 6pm-8:30: "Oasis Summer Nights" Music Festival and Farmer’s Market at the Oasis Community Gardens on Monroe between 24th and 25th street in Ogden. More info:

*July 11, 8pm: Steve Soelberg at Wiseguys Comedy Club. More info: 801-622-5588

All activity details can be viewed on the Standard Examiner Community Calendar


*July 7, 7pm: Fun Dance Classes at the Ogden Eagles Lodge. More info: 801-399-5581

* Wednesday in July: "Toones at Noon" at the Ogden Municiple Gardens. More info: 801-629-8000

*July 15, 6pm: "An Evening with Ogden’s Undergroud Poets" at the Only in Ogden Store and Gallery.

*July 15, 7pm: Ogden Raptors vs. Billings Mustangs at Linquist Field. More info:

*July 21, 8pm: Movie Mondays "The Smurfs" at the Ogden Amphitheater. More info: 801-629-8000

*Saturdays in July: Ogden Farmer’s Market on Historic 25th Street. More info: 801-629-800

All activity details can be viewed on the Standard Examiner Community Calendar

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