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Reporting Complaints: Please report any snow removal complaints, sidewalk or otherwise, to our 24 hour non-emergency dispatch number: 801-629-8221.

Comp Boys and Girls Basketball Leagues: We will be holding competitive youth basketball sign-ups for Boys/ Girls grades 3rd-9th from Feb 1. – Feb. 28, 2016.  The season will run March – May. Cost is $350 per team.
Adult Winter Basketball Leagues: South Ogden City will be running an adult Men’s and adult Women’s Winter Basketball League.   Registration will run Feb. 1 – Feb. 28, 2016.  We also have registration open for adult Dodgeball (Women’s and Coed) and adult Volleyball (Women’s and Coed) that will run through the same time.

Youth Baseball: Registration for Co-Ed T-ball grades Pre-K/K, Co-Ed Coach Pitch grades 1st/2nd, and Boys and Girls Baseball/Softball grades 3rd-9th will begin Feb. 29 and run through March 27, 2016. The season will run May-June.
Registration Information: If you are interested in any of these leagues, please call us at 801-622-2950 or go online to for more information.

"Hunting for Better Health" Annual Easter Egg Hunt: It’s that time of year again for the Easter Egg Hunt! The egg hunt will be at Friendship Park (655 E. 5500 S.) in South Ogden on Saturday, March 26 from 9am-11am. For this year’s egg hunt we have added a few new and exciting activities including a children’s yoga class before the event and Easter arts and crafts! South Ogden City is looking to use this event to support the “60 minutes of active-play each day” initiative, encouraging children to become more active each day. As a result, this event will focus more on providing children with opportunities to play and less on candy. Many of our prizes this year will be activity-centered (balls, hula hoops, jump ropes, etc...)If you are interested in donating items for this event or volunteering, please contact Jill via email at or call 801-622-2705.  More information is also available online at 
Emergency Preparedness: Knowing when, where, and how to turn your utilities off can be lifesaving in the event of a disaster and may help reduce damage to your home.
    Take the time now to locate and map where the gas, water, and electricity lines come into your home. Know how to operate the electricity circuit breakers as well as the natural gas and water control valves. If necessary, ask a trusted person to show you how.
     As you practice emergency drills, go through the movements of shutting off these utilities, but don’t actually shut off the gas lines. They are easy to turn off, but only qualified technicians should turn them back on. Simply use a wrench to turn the valve a quarter turn in either direction. Always keep a wrench stored near the gas line where it will be immediately available. Gas should be shut off only if you smell natural gas, hear gas leaking, or if there’s a fire and you can safely access the valve. Electrical sparks have the potential of igniting natural gas if it is leaking. Remember to always shut off all the individual electrical circuits before shutting off the main breaker.
     A falling water heater risks breaking a gas line or water line, so secure your water heater to nearby wall studs with at least two straps, one on the top third of the tank and one around the bottom third. The water stored in your water heater can be a critical source of extra water that you may need in an emergency.
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